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Looking for a black brushed mental bookshelf speaker
 Perhaps you can find a used pair of Jern Audio 14ds. 
A system for my college-bound daughter
Powered speakers would be my choice as well. Peachtree m25 is similar to the audioengine which are good as well but the m25’s have bluetooth, digital inputs and phono stage. Get some stands from monoprice and a turntable and your all set.  
Yamaha vs Rotel
RME dac is an excellent choice. Now that Bluesound has roon that would be a great option as well. 
Yamaha vs Rotel
Agree with soix the Yamaha will probably sound a bit warmer, not sure if that is a good thing for your set up but I really enjoyed the 2100 in my system. I also had the R-N 803 streaming receiver and it sounded like a mini version of the 2100. Ama... 
Can you create alerts for used gear you are interested in on Audiogon?
Asked and answered in the first reply to this thread by Yogi. 
Yamaha R-N803 one of the best values in high-end audio?
@perkadin I agree with your comments on the shortcomings, I wish it had variable pre-outs as well. Having space constraints in the system it resides in the one box solution works very well and drives my Meadowlarks effortlessly. However I am curio... 
Yamaha R-N803 one of the best values in high-end audio?
Can’t comment of the Marantz unit but I do have the 803 in my living room system paired with Meadowlark Herron I’s and I think its a fantastic bargain. The sound quality is very good for the money. I’ve had more than a few costlier amps in this sy... 
Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home
Boston Acoustic A series either 200 or 400. Or better yet try and find a pair of the flowing from ADS: L1090/1290/1230/980. I prefer the L980’s. 
Class D
Newly patented, infinitely adjustable system tuning
This is genius Erik!! I can’t believe this has never been attempted before! 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Speaker Art, Bob Gross designed some of the best 2 ways I’ve ever heard but he was a horrible businessman.  
Do chinese tube preamp/amp clones interest you?
Miller how much steel did your boyfriend purchase from China via shell companies?  
My Brief Affair with a Hegel H90 Integrated Amp
That about sums up my experience with the h160, I just couldn’t connect with that amp on any level. 
Throughly disappointed with my new Yamaha A-3000 Integrated.......
I owned an A S2100 and had the same issue occur twice within a week so I sold it.. I now have an R N803 and have had zero problems.  
1000.00 speakers
Speaker Art Super Clefs. Good luck finding a pair.