These seem a bit pricey $$$

Saw Steve Guttenberg’s review of the Credo 900’s the other day. I realize there is a lot more involved in the cost of a speaker than parts costs - labor, insurance shipping, dealer margins. OK, that’s called business. But 12K for these?
Just seems a bit out of line.
No, I never heard them.  Maybe they're worth it.
Nothing cheap comes out of Switzerland.
Buy USA get more for your money.This guy(Woody Allen dude) knows nothing more than me as a great Audiophile he also has weird taste.He gets everything for free therfore he loves it all.
Yeah , that’s a f ing joke . That speaker should be no more than 3k.

Steve Gutenberg knows more about high end audio than most of us. Your comments about him have no place here. Here is a thought, why don’t you social distance from all of us?
Steve Gutenberg knows more about high end audio than most of us. Your comments about him have no place here ...
I kinda like Steve, but he's no sacred cow. He should be as subject to criticism here as any of the professional reviewers.
Im glad you think he is great i have spoken to him many times he is knowledge.I know a lot as well been in this hobby over 50 years.
I find Steve Gutenberg to be one of the most experienced honest real world reviewers out there, easily. 

However Steve is, like the rest of us I hope, also human. He like all of us has to live in the real world with all its social interaction issues. 

How many of us are able to be truly blunt with all of our friends? Not many, and I don't think Steve is immune either.

Besides, all reviewers should be there to be disagreed with - until our senses can demonstrate otherwise.

bet the mfg. has to charge this big number since they’re hand built and he’ll probably sell just a few. speaker size would be good for typical euro living environments too. BTW, I like and respect SG; he helps keep our hobby alive
If you priced the kef Ls50 for $50k and claimed it was world class, many rich audiophiles would buy it. If you priced a Magico at $400 and marketed it as a cheap speaker for people on a small budget, it would never be regarded as world class. It really is all perception. 

If the LS50 was prices at 50k they would sell exactly 0 of them. 
no, you would sell as many as any other $50k speaker out there now. 
No. No Kenjit you wouldn't

Buy USA get more for your money.

While I'm big proponent of buying USA one thing to keep in mind is that the $USD is beginning to crush international currencies.  Purchasing products outside the US using US Dollars is starting to have a bigger impact than it has in a very long time. 
I watched the whole review. I like Steve personally, and I enjoy his reviews, but as far as this speaker is concerned, I would have to say that it looks like just one more small, boutique brand overpriced also-ran. 
Very ordinary looks with a nice finish, (should be!) and some revolutionary hybrid crossover and 2 tweeked Scanspeak drivers. It really images well...yes of course; all speakers that look like that do. I really can't see how a product like that can make it unless the buyer wants a brand that no one they know owns.
Nice as he is, even Steve couldn't really convince himself about this one.  
Just wondering why OP decided to pick on this brand/speaker? There are so many examples of over-priced products regardless of where they made in HiFi.

Is their a set criteria to determine a product is over-priced? A company puts a higher price on a product and expects customers to think it’s somehow better than the other ones on the market. And at the same time low cost mean low quality but it also means good value for the customers.

We pay premium prices all day on items like,

  1. Greeting Cards. Average Markup: 200% ...
  2. Coffee. Average Markup: 80-300% ...
  3. Bottled Water. Average Markup: 4,000% ...
  4. Printer Ink. Average Markup: varies. ...
  5. Movie Theater Concessions. Average Markup: up to 900% ...
  6. Diamonds. Average Markup: 18-100% ...
  7. Razor Blades.....remember the days Gillette commanded the premium price for their blades.

I always take in account the premium price on products that are hand built and produced in limited numbers. I do not know about anyone else, but to me there is a elevated sense of ownership pride with items that are hand built vs mass produced items built by robots.
You people crack me up. Maybe $12K seems expensive but the proof comes in the sound not the price tag (most don’t pay list price anyway). People pay more than that on cables and IMO that is a waste of time also. I just heard a digital cable that lists for $7990. Yep it sounded better but not $$$$$ better. The guy spent all kinds of money on that digital cable, interconnects from the same company, and $1500 on speaker cables. Swapped out his amps for my kit amp that was rebuilt with basic speaker cables, and interconnects and it sounded better than what he had. I can make a better change with a resistor in any component than most cables can make! On this subject, I did not really look at the drivers or what is in the cross-over but someone mentioned that they should be $3K. Hey if you can make a speaker and market it for $3K I would love to hear it! The shipping box alone will cost over $100, cross-over parts add another $100 to $200, cabinet say $300 for the MDF and wood all around maybe $400 or more. Dealer market-up, time to test, shipping, etc. what you are left with is a buck three eighty profit!

Happy Listening.

Yes $12k is a lot. But these speakers come with a 90 day supply of N95 and hydroxychloroquine, making them a stone bargain.
+1, bigkidz.
BTW.....Credo uses HDF not MDF. Steve G. nails the most important virtues of the Credo speakers which is how it sounds and voice your favorite musicians.

Even a idiot like Kenjit can put together a speaker from off the shelf parts....but to ‘sound’ it heavenly and marketing it to audiophiles across the world is whole different ball game.
I think you guys are forgetting; for every (ok not everyone as they sell away more Chevy's) corvette buyer out there is a person who buys a Ferrari they do close enough to he same thing as its splitting hairs. its all a social status thing and well when you got it spend it.  Just because you can not afford it doesn't make it bad or wrong. just maybe better looking haha. 

Now don't get me going on Over priced cartridges.  
Fifteen minutes of review, minimal time of speakers on the screen and even when they were, angle was odd for the most of it.
Other companies do similar floorstanders from as little as a few hundred bucks and they have all the same costs such as shipping and labor to deal with. So of course its overpriced if it can be done for a fraction of the cost. 
A few hundred bucks for a floor-stander great I bet they are so good sounding that I would swap out my Vandersteens for them right?

I’m trading in my Revel F208s for some $200 floor standers with the same design philosophy... Then I will have them "tuned to my ears"...

First there is no way that a Magico could ever be sold at $400. I had a pair of ls50 and they are good speakers but they are not anywhere near the level of my Magico S1MKII. This is in regards to build quality and sound. 

What toy are saying is that if you sold a chord TT2 FOR $100 and a topping dac for 5K then they would sell the topping to the same folks as the ones that would buy the TT2????
You can"t reason with crazy. People don't seem to lose the effort to try though.
This is why the hobby is crazy, over priced speakers 

I like Scanspeak speakers and High-Density fibreboard. Does it make a 12 k speaker maybe not.The proof is in the pudding which im not willing to shell out to try.
Just saying... even the latest Corvette, which might have similar statistics as any Ferrari it's like a pick-up truck to a Ferrari, I kniw. We don't understand true sports cars because we have so few roads that they're useful on.   
I enjoy listening to Steve’s reviews. I think he’s pretty down to earth, really.

And you know what else? Never, not even once, did he EVER FORCE me to buy anything he has reviewed.
Wow, that is an expensive speaker. Really expensive.. Two drivers, XO (with xtra binding post), port, box, stuffing, finish and a little mod on the bottom.

Yes that is a lot of money. It may sound like heaven, but I'd have a hard time at any price.  Just looks like a speaker at Parts Express competition every year. Not even the unlimited category. 12k, I don't think so...

Lest anybody forget, the very first Magico speaker was a small 2-way standmount. The price - $29K! It made the cover of TAS and was the featured article. Jonathan Valin gave it a rave review, no doubt boosting sales and confirming Magico's reputation as a high-end company.
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The sad truth is that in our capitalist society price = value. Now how about that deal with Tom Brady going to the Bucs for $30M a year, with 2 years guaranteed! Still, his past record does justify that - 9 Super Bowls, 6 wins! 
My pet peeve lately has been the SAT (Swedish Audio Technology) tonearm. Originally it was $29K. Now an "improved" version is available - only a mere $53K! A favorite of MF! Save your pennies, children!
Don't get me started on the prices of high-end phono cartridges!
They are a little unusual. They have a side firing sub and only play down to 30Hz at -3db. Also the efficiency is 87.6. They handle up-to 200W including the sub. Last but not least they are in a rectangle or square box. If you charge that much at least change the angle of the box to disrupt the internal sound waves like Sonas Faber line. I would say no more than $6k. The plinth is nice to isolate the bass. I would love to hear them maybe at Axpona in the late summer or fall. PS Audio has a speaker at that price range but will probably blow it out of the water. Also they developed a bookshelf speaker that plays down to 30Hz that will probably cost half of what the 900s cost. Maybe the dampening material is toilet paper. That stuff is very difficult to find now. 
30hz bookshelf? not likely 
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Depends on the definition of “bookshelf”. And the sensitivity. The AR 3a was marketed as a bookshelf speaker in the 60s. Ditto the Smaller Advent, which was the paradigm for a true bookshelf sized 30 Hz capable speaker...with low impedence and sensitivity to match. 
Don't forget that the dealer takes 40% and the government gets their percentage on paying taxes for the business.  Geez I am going to have to now raise my product pricing again!

Has anyone actually heard a pair or owns them?

Happy Listening?
I was slightly surprised at the pricetag (I say slightly because there are so many very expensive audio products out there that nothing shocks me).  Before he mentioned the price I was guessing around $3 - 4k.  Best of luck to the company.

As far as SG goes, I enjoy his videos.  Mostly because of his enthusiasm for our hobby in general.  I think he does a great job of conveying a 'try it for yourself' attitude and just having a good time listening to music and gear.  Something lacking in many posts IMO.    
No worse than many analogue products.  :) 

Anything Swiss comes with a huge price gouge, they've had centuries to develop the technique. Buy American.
Are these speakers subject to tariffs?
One of the things I like about my oft mentioned Klipsch Heresy IIIs is they’re NOT another "tower with drivers and a tweeter in a box" 89db or so speaker. I’m simply bored with the sameness of the thousands of these things out there (and I’ve owned my share) so it’s high efficiency horns for me for the foreseeable future, with the ability to use pretty much any amp regardless of its output.
My takeaway from Guttenberg's review was the Klipsch Heresy IVs walked the dog all over those Credos.  Use the leftover cash on amps and LPs.
What a Shi$$y video, we don't want to hear this douche talk, show is the rip off speakers!
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