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New or Old
Derek, message me..i have a great option for you.  
GaN-based Class D power amps
Underwood wally has a GAN out in a few weeks and integr amp early next year. 
Emerald Physics CS2.3
Call wally..he is the owner. He will be more then happy to discuss  
All New Joseph Audio Profile Loudspeakers // The Affordable Reference !
Fwiw, lsa monitors were voiced to sound like the pulsar 1..at a third of the price. Even if they came close...the price is a big difference.  
cost no object integrated amps
Pilium 39k is best that bob at rhapsody in nyc has heard. They are out of greece and bob has customers come from europe to listen to his stuff. He is a huge supporter of pilium..even there dac at 40k is better then other dacs at 100k. Call bob at ... 
Best 40 to 50k used speakers
Vimberg new is under 50, marten speakers sensational.  
Poor Fritz
Best post @jjss49 
Poor Fritz
The lsa were voiced and designed by channel island audio and dan wiggins in usa. Cabinets are from china. This is.not saying lsa is better or not as good as fritz. This thread should of not been created. Tons of great speakers, fritz has a v nice ... 
Poor Fritz
Most ingredients  of rx drugs come from china, i take a decent amount of them daily.  
Can a dac really be future proof?
There is one coming on the market that will have internet upgrades 
Poor Fritz
Fritz will give you trial...lsa i believe wont. Fritz more $$$ in parts 
Poor Fritz
Lsa monitors were voiced to be as close to pulsars as could be, the previous pulsars. They succeedded, but you like what you like right..josephs are eye candy and more $$....people believe more money is better. Fritz has great speakers, as do many... 
Poor Fritz
Every manufacter shows things....sone want to buy from a big eom not a one guy shop. I like fritz, but this is turning into an advertising program..thread. underwood wally LSA are copied from.joseph pulsars...he just won a big award on them..copie... 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
Plenty of choices, Harbeths p3ser are very very nice, dynaudio special 40 
I'm never going to hear a megaspeaker in a good room am I?
If the chase is.not worth it, find something else. This applies to extreme sports fans...in the end not worth it.