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Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
Direct at the listener with reduced reflections is the best indication of the recording. As you stray from that you are using the speaker dispersion and room response to create a very indeterminate transfer function that often is pleasant, but wo... 
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
@donavabdear If studio speakers were references they would all sound the same but they dont. They are all tuned differently just like with regular speakers. It is just a marketing term. Genelec is a heavily measurement oriented company. The prob... 
Rockport Orion
What makes them better than a cheaper speaker? $130K is a lot for a pair of speakers. Should we take their word for it or don't we deserve a bit of evidence?   
Warm Take on Professional Audio Equipment Reviews
The problem you have is that those speakers were mass produced. They were not custom tuned for you personally. So it is highly unlikely that it will suit each and  every person that buys them given that each listener has different ears, room, pref... 
B&W CM10 Mystery Cap?
so what good is a 0.1uF going to do?  
B&W CM10 Mystery Cap?
what mystery cap? i dont see any mystery cap. That component with heatsink is probably a resistor. The yellow one is probably for the mids high pass filter.   
Green Mountain Audio
Make sure you upgrade those crossovers in there as they were using quite basic and cheap circuits to save money. You might need to use an active crossover  
Interesting situation! Do we need this....
I told you all speakers are the same didn't I  
Trying to hook up Totem 1 Bookshelf’s …..
One pair for the tweeter and the other for the woofer. There are two pairs in case you want to biwire or biamp in which case you remove the jumpers.     
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
  @phantom_av  Quested Studio Monitors would put a lot of high end speakers to shame, They are just wooden boxes with drivers in them. You cant expect groundbreaking performance by using the same old technology.   
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
very flat response on axis, well controlled off axis ie good dispersion and low distortion when the speaker is used within its limits. These are characteristics of all good speakers "studio" or home. Flat speakers dont sound good to most folks ... 
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
What artist wants playback to be anything other than sonically extraordinary?   Most commercial pop records have levels that are clipping and the artists dont care. All they want is the loudest mix so that it stands out. Quantity over quality. ... 
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
And that 3" super midrange dome driver is just an engineering marvel, if you ask me. It would be a marvel if it was a 1 inch dome and could go down to 400hz. Unfortunately it cant so its wrong. And because its wrong, you need to add another dam... 
Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 804 Midrange speaker removal
It should come off with a screwdriver. Is there a slot on the disc?  
Who says studio monitors are "cold and analytical"?
As my skills grew, I started having the common problem of "translation".  Why did my mixes sound great on some systems, and terrible on others?? Because some speakers are horrible and it doesnt matter how good the mixing and mastering is on the...