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What's wrong with my speaker?
If you are thinking of saving a bit of money by trying to repair it instead of replacing the driver you are mistaken. 
Jamo concert 11 sound issue.
probably the drivers. Crossovers unlikely. Could even be the cabinets. 
Is the ideal multi-way a 3-way with limited bass?
Wait wait, last week we were all schooled that all speakers sound exactly the same. Now we are being educated in how different speakers sound different depending on how they are built?When will the madness end?? The differences that are report... 
Is the ideal multi-way a 3-way with limited bass?
Perfect sound reproduction requires flat response 20-20khz. Anything less is WRONG. If you want perfect transients you do a 1 way full range cone. If you want more highs you do a 2 way. If you want a bit more mids you do a 3way. Its not rocket sci... 
Kef reference 3
Took a long time for them to break in and, for a while, I thought I made a mistake.   what did they sound like before they did break in? 
Kef reference 3
However, the Blade is a big jump from the Ref 3. In price yes. In any other way no. 
Kef reference 3
If you want more bass get yourself a subwoofer and stop complaining. 
Do active speakers interest you? Also, let's talk directivity
 I don't see a difference between "pro" systems and "high-end" systemsStudio monitors are designed to sound bad. They are a tool used for analysis. Hifi speakers need to sound good. They are for enjoyment. Directivity is a matter of preference. Th... 
Dynaudio Special 40 vs B&W 805 D3
The B&W diamond tweeter is better than Dynaudio’s Esotar2 and likely better than the tweeter in the 40sHow much less distortion does the diamond tweeter have?  
Dynaudio Special 40 vs B&W 805 D3
Both can't do 20hz or even 30hz! At that price point you'd expect flat bass response to at least 20hz.Just remember one thing. There's no such thing as an upgrade. It's all a matter of OPINION! 
Relatively small speaker with a "big" performance: Role Audio Starship SE model
My review has some of the measurements you are seeking. 
Why so obsessed with bass?
Most recordings contain bass below 60hz which bookshelf speakers cant produce so you must use a subwoofer. This should be mandated by now 
change amps or speakers
he has a 60 watt amp with too low input sensitivity 
Poor Fritz
It's knarly because of the title... Which is how the OP intended it... He likes to troll then call foul when it goes in a direction he doesn't like. who is the troll? 
Speaker crossovers
the crossover is there for protection to prevent bass going into the tweeter and highs going into the woofer. This is very basic knowledge