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Butcher Block Acoustics
Bought my 3" turntable isolation platform about two years ago. I'm using the screw in iso feet. Very happy w/the purchase.  
Vladimir Lamm RIP
A true giant. Belongs with the other audio legends. I saw on his Facebook page his wife and daughter will take charge of the company. Did not know they were building a new facility in Miami Fla.  
Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
Currently on Audiomart Atma-Sphere MP-3 MK3.3. W/V-cap and vibration dampening package worth $1200. Balanced line stage. Demo unit. Regular price $6690 on sale for $4400. Dealer Ad. Also has a 3 year warranty on the line stage and one year on the ... 
Separates question/advice
At best this would be a sideway's move. Agree w/russ69 upgrade the speakers. Triangles are easy to power the Nait 5si should have no problem handling the higher end speakers. In fact if you have a Triangle dealer near you see if you can demo some ... 
US Accuphase dealers?
Park Avenue Audio. They have been around for 40 years.  
New Luxman 507Z
Prices are going up on everything. This past week a Delmonico steak cost me $30. Can't imagine what it would cost at a Restaurant.  
Panasonic Plasma
I still have a Pioneer Elite 2007 model. Still works great. Never a problem.  
Conrad Johnson GAT preamp - ugly?
The ugliest preamp I owned was the Rogue Audio Magnum 99. But the Fat Lady could sing.👍  
"Too much gain"? (Cary SLP05 question)
Save some money go to Parts Express Harrison Labs has Attenuator's for about a third of the price. I used the 6db version on my Audio Research SP-16 years ago. Worked like a charm.  
Parasound A23+ or NAD c275bee
I recently purchased a Parasound A23+ for my power hungry Aerial CC-3 center speaker. I'm using the Balanced connection in a bridged mono mode. Big improvement for dialogue. Can't go wrong w/Parasound. Great price and performance.  
Interested in finding a NAIM dealer on the east coast.
I've been dealing w/John at Audio Video Therapy for around 30 years. Excellent store w/an excellent reputation. Worth the trip.  
SS with meters
Luxman 590AXII Discontinued??
I don't think the Class A integrated is dead. They just wouldn't put the improvements in the 595 SE for just 300 units. With the 100th Anniversary coming up my guess will be a new 590 w/the 595 upgrades. Price around $10,900. I have a limited edit... 
Does measurements really matter?
In a conversation w/Steve Guttenberg Roy Delgado the Klipsch Heresy designer had a conversation w/Paul Klipsch. He told PK that the measurements were fine but it didn't sound correct. Paul then told Roy that there is a 5% Fudge Factor. He told Roy... 
Intergrated Amp suggestions for B&W 805d4
I'll add another vote for Luxman. It'll tame the B&W top end but still bring out the detail.Also if your into Vinyl they have excellent built in phonos.