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Pairing Bryston 28b3 with tubes
I have a much smaller Bryston Amp the 3B Cube and I have it hooked up to a Luxman CL38U se all tube preamp. For me an excellent combo.   
What amps are out there that are Class A, 50 wpc into 8 ohms?
For about 15 years I had 3 Class A Amps.Two modified Threshold T-50's that were originally owned by a former Threshold employee. The amps were modified at Threshold to work as 90 wpc mono blocks. Also a classic Forte 4A 50 wpc amp. If you can find... 
LP Cleaning Services
I would check out the Record Genie. I've used his services in the past. He also gives you a new record sleeve w/the cleaning.. Excellent service.  
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
A CJ ET3 se w, a Bryston 3B cube.   
NEW turntable from Luxman PD-191a, introduced in Japan.
I have the PD-171a. Cosmetically it looks quite similar to mine. No more Jelco arm so I aaume the new arm is the LTA-309. Also my TT does 33 & 45 rpm. The 191 adds 78rpm. no interest in that function. The PD171a was just under 7K w/dustcover i... 
Preamp for VPI Prime 21 turntable $300-800
Around $1400-$1700. The Sutherland Insight, Parasound JC JR, Eat E-Glo tube phono. Are some phonos to look at. On the used side I saw on Audio Mart a 2K 3 year old LFD phono for $995. The Seller is an LFD dealer. In addition he’ll set it up the ph... 
Preamp for VPI Prime 21 turntable $300-800
A $5500 TT w/a 2K cart. what phono are you currently using?? I agree w/ozzy62 you need something in a higher price range or maybe look at some used phonos where you can get a good deal.   
Used Bryston 7b-SST or Emotive XPA-DR1
Bryston has a Back To The Future program for their amps 20 years older and up. They will bring your amp up to spec. You also get a limited 3 year warranty,. Used Bryston amps are one of the safest buys on the market. They will fix any amp they hav... 
Great Small Room Speakers for $3-5k
Aerial 5T is an excellent bookshelf speaker for a small room.   
Where to buy vinyl?
I have a couple of local record stores that I frequent. Both have an excellent stock of used LP's and new releases. They also buy vinyl if you want to sell some of your collection.  
Advice for a new analog system
You may want to check out the Luxman EQ-500 phono stage.   
amplifiers tube vs. solid state
I do a tube preamp w/a SS amp. Luxman CL38Use and a Bryston 3B cube w/Aerial 5T speakers and a JL Audio D-110.   
How long did you have to wait for Primaluna to deliver
In 2021 I purchased a Bryston 3B Cube. Took about 4 months for delivery. However both my dealer and James Tanner at Bryston indicated that it would be 3-4 months before delivery due to the parts shortage.  
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
The amount of people that own Class A stereos is so minuscule they don't have any impact. Most folks I know listen to Alexa for music or own a soundbar for TV. I'm the only odd ball that owns a stereo.  
Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?
I would look at the Benchmark AHB2 amp. Great amp $3299.