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Bladelius Ymer power amp - any experiences..???
They for some reason never penetrated the US market. Michael Bladelius was hired by Nelson Pass when he was running Threshold. One of Michaels designs was the Forte 4A 50 wpc Class A amp.I owned one, a big regret that I sold it. He also worked wit... 
Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions
US Audio Mart has a Luxman CL 38U SE for sale. Around $3700. Excellent price. Right in your range. 
Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions
I also own the Luxman CL-38U SE for a couple of years. I second the phono stage. It has 4 SUT's 2 for MC high and 2 for MC low. It handles a Dynavector Karat 17 DX. The late Art Dudley gave it a Stereophile Class A rating. 
Luxman releasing a MC cart in Japan
According to the info the cart is rated a .04mv. ┬áMy Karat 17DX is .03mv. So it should work w/the internal phono on the CL38. The CL38 has 4 SUT's. 2 for MC high and 2 for MC Low. 
Luxman releasing a MC cart in Japan
I have a Luxman PD-171A TT w/a new current Dynavector Karat 17 DX. Works well w/the Luxman CL38 tube phono. I would assume this cart would be compatible w/Luxman phono preamps. Maybe Luxman USA will have some info. Luxman is rolling out a lot of n... 
Integrated recommendation for Revel F30
Rogue Audio Sphinx V3. In your price range. 
590axii in the house
Congrats on your purchase. I would also check out the Spendor D7. 
Luxman 171A turntable
I have the same TT. I have it hooked up to my Luxman CL38U SE. It has a built in three tube phono stage w/four SUT's. No problem w/low volume. I'm using a Dynavector Karat 17 DX cart. All Luxman integrated have MM/MC phono stages. 
New Klipsch Forte IV
My local dealer carries the Heritage series. I'll check them out. 
Looking for a tube Preamp new or used for under $2000...
Rogue Audio RP-1. Brand new. Under 2K. Built in the USA. 
The Intellectual People Podcast - Tom Christiansen
Do any high ranking government officials appear on this podcast?? Or is that the Dunce Channel!! 
Is the Cary SLP-05 still relavant?
Despite being forced out years ago the Dennis Had designs are still the class of the Carey line of electronics. 
Differential Balanced Sound Quality
I have a question. My Bryston 2.5 SST2 has balanced connections and years ago I owned Rotel amps and preamps w/balanced connections but they weren't differential balanced. In fact you can find a number of amps and preamps that don't have the diffe... 
Speaker recommendation $10-20K (with some requirements!)
I would check out Aerial 7T's. They go very well w/Bryston amps. I'm using a Bryston 2.5 SST2 w/the Aerial 5T's. Lots of detail but a smooth top end. 
Best bookshelf speaker?
I have been using Aerial 5T's for a few years. Excellent musical speakers.