Paradigm persona vs. Monitor audio Platinum

Just listen to the paradigm persona 7h.the monitor audio Platinum 300 generation two are so much more three-dimensional and open it's not even funny the paradigm sounded very two-dimensional compared to the monitors that MPD Tweeter puts the beryllium Tweeter to shame.
It's kind of a real shame that we focus so much on tweeters, when they put out so little.

Having said that, yeah, I'm a big fan of GOOD AMTs.
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Two posts, both here to talk up the MA speakers and conveniently put down a very successful competitor.  
Crazy how little you can trust on this forum.
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It's not the's the 7....the H is for hybrid, which the 9H is...FWIW
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I'm not putting down anything I just found the monitor audio a better speaker and had more three-dimensional sound and the Tweeter was much smoother and more natural sounding. I find the beryllium Tweeter bright and the paradigm 7f is 25000 which I think is way overpriced the Platinum 300 are only 18,000 and sound better and look way better.
Every data point is valuable.  When enough of them start to correlate, then you're really getting somewhere.
Haven’t heard the Monitor Audio’s but have heard the Persona 5f’s with their Anthem electronics and found them smooth and effortless sounding. It makes sense the room correction features of the Anthem electronics are a good match but I certainly didn’t find the Be tweeters harsh. Full disclosure, I own Paradigm Studio 100 V5 speakers and am a fan of the higher end Paradigm speakers. 
I didn't find the tweeters harsh I found them bright and in my face the symbol should have a brassy sound not an edgy sound and like I said the monitors are much more human-sounding and real sounding than the paradigm in my opinion someone else may have a different opinion when they hear both and that's okay but I believe that the driver technology that monitors using is way ahead of paradigm with the new RDT ll drivers and the MPD Tweeter.
Personally I don’t recall hearing anything like that with the 5F’s. 
I’m glad you like the Platinum 300’s and Stereophile’s review is glowing. If I can, I’ll look for a dealer for an audition. I am however partial to Paradigm’s sound. I found the 5F’s to be like the ultimate Studio 100’s. 
well I can guarantee you if you listen to the Platinum 300 or 200 and the paradigm side-by-side which will be hard to do you won't be buying the paradigms the monitors throw a huge three-dimensional soundstage just unbelievable and that MPD Twitter is so sweet the cymbals sound so natural and real not like the beryllium Tweeter where the cymbal sounds metallic and edgy and in your face.
I must say owning both products....Hands down the Monitor Audio platinum 300’s.  In fact they were bought as my home theater front left and right speakers.  I made a quick change.  The MA’s are now my two channel go to’s!!!
unfortunately not even close in terms of depth, tight base and wider soundstage.  I say unfortunately because I paid a significant amount of money for the paras...
Hey audio Troy I’ll put those nine ages up against the Platinum 500 any day of the week they will absolutely destroy them the bass is so much faster, tighter, articulate on the platinum’s and that MPD tweeter is way more open and natural-sounding then the beryllium and guess what they only cost twenty seven thousand and they look about a million times better too with the Santos rosewood or the ebony high gloss finish. The paradigms are nowhere near as 3D sounding as the monitors the monitor through a wider deeper sound stage and the layering of the instruments is much better as well if you think the $500 crap you are full of crap.   That’s why Robert Deutsch a reviewer from stereophile chose the 300 as his new reference he didn’t choose paradigm DID He?LOL maybe you should go read his review dumbass.
That's "throw". Try some punctuation, easier to read your sage advice.
The Paradigm speakers do not touch me - it is completely the opposite of my personal taste. The Monitor Audio was much better but still not my taste. At the end I chose the KEF Reference 5 (more musical, less aggressive trebles, very rhythmic)
Kef more musical than the monitor audio Platinum I don't know what you're listening to cuz I listen to calf and I didn't find them anywhere near as musical and accurate is platinum but to each his own and I think that the monitor audio Platinum is there in the top three speakers in the world right now that AMT Tweeter that they designed is untouchable and the three-dimensionality of this speaker is absolutely beautiful it's one of the very few speakers that I know of that can show up all the properties of sound properly.
I’ve seen monitor audio tweeters shatter glass. Seriously tho, I might find this op more credible if they just explained why they like what they have and some details Without bashing the competition. This thread offered nothing of value. 
Urbie you sound remarkably like Bo1972, please explain the properties of sound that you are mentioning.

As per the Monitors or even the Personas being in the top three loudspeakers in the world that is a good laugh. We would consider that both of these loudspeaker would be in the secondary class of great loudspeakers for the money, along with Kef, B&W, Dynaudio, 

Top three loudspeakers: by our ratings, Kharma Veryron series, Tidal/Vimberg, Wilson Alexx, XLF,  along with Rockport Arakis and a few others. 

We couldn’t  disagree more, with your pronouncements about the Monitors,

We had an original pair of the PL 300 MK 1 traded in and their top end was very hot, the redesigned second generation, MK II were too dull.

We heard a few pairs at Axpona, and at CAP and the speakers were good but hardly awe inducing.

Now to be fair the Paradigm Personas can also sound a bit forward, however when setup correctly they are more holographic and even more transparent with greater dynamics.

The Persona 3F are remarkable sounding when driven by good electronics we know of no other $10k speaker that can touch them for the price.

Perhaps you ought to listen to a pair well set up, you might be a bit surprised. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Persona dealers

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Really Urbie, the Wilson Alexx is bettered by the PL 500? Sure.

How about the Kharma Veryon? 

How about the Focal Utopia series? 

How about the Tidals? 

Sure they are.

It is interesting that no one here other than Bo1972  feels like you do certainly feels like you are the same person.

We are not saying that the PL 500 aren't good speakers they are decent speakers but in the pantheon of world's greatest speakers they are not.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

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Are you kidding me the Focal Utopias? that's a joke in fact the distributor of monitor audio in North America met dealer of focal here in Canada and he put every speaker series that they have bronze silver gold and platinum up against the equally costing Focals and the Focal dealer said that every monitor audio and every price category was better than the Focal and is now becoming a monitor audio dealer so if you're talking about  Focalyou don't know what you're talkin about,and as for the 500 going up against the Wilson Alexx I talked to somebody on here that put his 500 up against the Alexx and the magico and he said the five hundreds were better and just so you know what kind of system I have. Simaudio p8 W8 esoteric p10 transport wyred4sound 10th anniversary dac which is one of the most analog sounding dacs on the market right now. My wiring is all Harmonic Technology OCC single crystal wire and my new speaker is the Platinum 200 generation 2 which is way better than the three 5 or 7 from paradigm I don't care how you set those speakers up they will never be as three-dimensional and as deep and wide soundstage as the monitors and just read the post from the guy that had both and he said the monitors were way better in all those areas so like I said if you like bright edgy sound that's your choice I choose a speaker that sounds like it does naturally the human voice cymbols piano and I should know cuz I played French horn in the Vancouver symphony orchestra so I guarantee my ear is more tuned to what instruments sound like naturally than yours.
Audio Troy you and contuzzi are just paradigm dealers so naturally you're going to push paradigm you're so biased your eyes are brown. I even listen to a pair of Raidho's that were $70,000 and the five hundreds were still more three-dimensional and better. monitors driver technology which is all done in-house is so far ahead of everybody else it's not even funny. Paradigm don't even design their own tweeter and mid-range it's out sourced and they copied the way monitor makes their cabinets cuz they realized it was the best way to do it.
And if you don't believe the five hundreds of better than the Wilson Alex why don't you do a side-by-side comparison and then it'll shut your mouth once and for all or maybe it won't cuz you like bright edgy sound LOL
Oh and by the way audio Troy since you probably didn't read the review and stereophile Robert Deutsch said that the Platinum 300 was better than the Wilson that he had there before like I said he chose that as his new reference he didn't buy Wilson and he sure didn't by paradigm LOL
I now understand the meaning of a "forum troll".

From Urban Dictionary:
One who intentionally posts on an internet forum to gain attention rather than contribute actual content. Some trolls may appear to contribute and may actually have meaningful posts, but the posts will be made in such a way that content is overlooked by design.

Trolls are people who want to get on your nerves. They will usually lurk around the forums and wait for an opportunity to annoy or attack a user. The best way to ignore a troll is not to flame back, but to report and move on. Trolls are no good and should be exiled.

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I really don't care what you think about my punctuation but when a guy has both and he says that the monitors were way better and he wasted a lot of money on the paradigms got to tell you something doesn't it.
There too many other variables involved.  Either speaker can sound better than the other.  Both are exceptional speakers.  I’m a big fan of both companies.  
They are both built incredibly well and sound exceptional and look beautiful in there own ways.  I’d have a hard time picking between the two.

And yes, punctuation is nice when someone is going to read a long post made by you.  It helps with reader speed and understanding.  
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And since I'm the one that started this forum, I can post on here as much as I like and if you don't like it too bad!!!
I like the reality of Persona.  Sounds like the orchestra is in my living room.  Some would consider their sound harsh.  I consider it real. 
@urbie19 When one starst using profanity around here you may not be able to post anything you like. 
And since I'm the one that started this forum, I can post on here as much as I like and if you don't like it too bad!!
Gee Urbie you write like Bo, you talk about the six properties of sound, sounds a lot like Bo, also with the same fanatically beliefs that the Monitors are better than every other loudspeaker.

We feel that a well set up pair of Personas on warmer electronics, right source and cables do certain things extremely well and have certain advantages, very efficient, room tune able deep bass for the 9H, and they are extremely holographic, but do they sound better than a $120k pair of speakers hat are so much bigger no they are not, we do feel they compete with the speakers such as the Wilson Sasha, and the Alexia, but certainly not Grande Utopia or Scala Utopia level, nor Wilson Alex, nor Rockport Arakis either.

As per your ridiculous notion that the $119k Wilson Alex’s are bright, we heard them at CAP last year on a Krell Duo 300 and an Illusion 2 preamp and the sound was extraordinary one of the best sounds at the show.

We would not include either the Persona 9H or the Monitor PL 500 in that same class of huge image size, effortless dynamics, deep bass and smooth overall presentation, close but not as good. 

We would agree with you the the PL 500 do represent a fantastic value for a very large amount of sound.

Wilson’s are hardly bright sounding. The point that you made about hearing the Personas on a different system in a different environment shows you lack perspective, that doesn’t mean your heard the Personas setup correctly, the same way that any pair of high end loudspeakers can sound less than exemplary.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Sans Persona, indeed.  : )

And since I’m the one that started this forum, I can post on here as much as I like and if you don’t like it too bad!!!

David Ten we also love the Kef Blades, the Legacy Aeris, Vimberg, Rockport. Focal Utopia series, latest Wilsons. 

Just to think we only like the Personas isnt' the case.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ 
Wasn’t directed at you, unless you are also the OP... @audiotroy
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Audio Troy now you're lying never once did I say that the Alexx were bright. Maybe you should go re-read my posts and tell me where I said the Alexx were bright. If you're going to flap your gums at least tell the truth.
I am a proud owner of a Personas 9H.

True, the Personas can sound bright and thin with the wrong partners, but with careful setup and a good tube amp (at least in my case) the sound can be very natural and holographic.

I have listened the MA PL300 II several times with Pass amps, and I find the sound a little dull and boring.
really cuz I've heard them with pass amps r and they sounded excellent way more holographic and 3D than anything that paradigm makes that Tweeter and midrange are so bright it's not even funny the MPD Twitter that monitor uses is so much better and more lifelike and natural and the bass is way faster tighter more articulate on the Platinum. Go back through these posts and see what j worth had to say he owns both and he said unfortunately he paid a lot for the paradigm and the platinum's were better in every area.
Urbie do you know that Paradigm has been building speaker housings like used in the Persona series for close to 20 years? The discontinued Studio series used the same construction. Monitor Audio did not invent the technique. 
I didn't say the monitor did invent the technique but the platinum's did come out before the persona series. And I did go listen to the paradigms in a paradigm dealers store so if they weren't set up properly I guess he's pretty stupid.
You said Paradigm copied the design from Monitor and I pointed out Paradigm has been using this technique for about 20 years. 
Slow news day huh? Is anybody going to argue room size and decor will make a bigger difference than any component including speakers if not carefully matched. I expect the big Wilson’s would sound worse in my room than a pair of ls50’s. Such a silly topic to be arguing.
I had the Audio Monitor PL 300 for years. It’s a great speaker! ( i was the first on European border). Now i have Ilumnia Magister .