Paradigm Persona 9h and Anthem STR

I understand Paradigm will be featuring the Persona 9h speakers with the new Anthem STR at the "High End 2017" in Munich, Germany (May 18th through May 21st).  If anyone has a chance to hear the demo I would appreciate comments.  I have a pair of 9h speakers.  Have been waiting for the STR to come out before making a purchase decision on the electronics.  Thanks!
We just got in our display sample of the Anthem STR and even out of the box it is extraordinarily good.

Big bass, good sound stage, slightly warm rich presentation good detail.

We will be checking it out with the Personas shortly.

Not as incredible as our T+A gear which starts at $11k for the 2500R integrated, but I will say for the money this thing is awesome.

We will be comparing it to our stalwarts the NAD M32, the Micromega M100  to see how the STR compares. 

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audiotroy - Thanks!  Please keep me posted. 
We gave the STR a nice burn in. It is excellent, howerver, it still doesn't sound better than the really top tier gear, such as our T+A 2500r integrated which unfortuantely costs 2.5 times more!

We have not yet added in the active room correction to the setup we just listened to the basic qualities of the amp.

What I will say is the STR is a warm sounding amplifier, good bass, a nice soundstage, and its warmth seems like it was tailored to the Personas as a foil to the brighter sounding amps which would push the speaker to the agreesive side. 

I will also say that this is a fantastic piece for the money, the dac is very good, and the amplifier is powerful with excellent bass.

If there are people on the East Coast who want to demo one we have one along with a host of other fantastic amplifiers.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor
Not sure if this is the right place, but since it's been discussed, any comments on the sound quality of the NAD M32 and the BluOS "add on" and app. Also comments on a comparison between the NAD M32 and the Moon ACE would be appreciated. Expect to use either with the Focal Aria 936 speakers. Thanks so much.
We have quite a number of affordable streaming amplifiers on display from the Naim line, to the NAD M32, Micromega M100, as well as the Anthem STR, it will all come down to what features as well as sonic signature you are looking for.

The M32 has fantastic bass control, a great native streaming app, but it is a bit cool for Focal speakers.

We have never been Sim fans, many do like their sound I would take the NAD which has a much better streaming app and echo system with a similar sonic signature.

The Antem is very good and the room correction is top notch,

The Micromega is really magical as well as the Naim Atom, both of these sound fantastic on the Focals.

Dave and Troy
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My local dealer carries both the 9H and the Anthem STR. Excellent full sound. However if you want to hear something special he has the speakers hooked up to a Plinius Kaitaki preamp and a Plinius SA-103 125wpc pure Class A stereo amp. Expensive but the best sound I ever heard out of the Paradigms 9H's.
I heard the 9H with the new Luxman MC-300 amp last week.   Fabulous match but way out of my price range.  

Also paired my Accuphase E-470 with Personas last year at a sneak preview with the Persona rep.  He actually liked the Accuphase better than the Anthem. 
John also brought in the Luxman MQ-300 tube amp. Both the tube and solid state amps are great matches for the Persona 9H speakers.
Linnlingo,  sorry for my typo. I meant the MQ-300.  It's without question, the most amazing amp I have ever heard.  I spent 3 hours last week at AVT listening to this amp with an array of speakers including the 9H, Forte III, Cornwalls and to my surprise, Totem, Element Metal.  In preparation for what will most probably involve adding the MQ-300 to my collection, I purchased the Totems.  

I'll be brining the MQ-300 home for some A/B comparison with my Accuphase gear and go from there. 
That is a sweet sounding amp. Have fun choosing.
Very excited to see how the new Anthem preamp and amp sound compared to the already impressive integrated.  
linnlingo - it has become an obsession!
I read Anthem just launched a STR Pre Amp and STR Amp.  It was on display at CEDIA.  The specs on the Amp look very impressive (Class AB, 400 wpc at 8 ohms, 600 wpc at 4 ohms, and 800 wpc at 2 ohms).  With the specs on the pre-amp, including ARC, seems like a very formidable pair.
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