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Handling Heavy Amps
If you buy a reasonably expensive component I’d bet the retailer would help you set it up at home.   
Dog pissed on speaker
How about a new driver?  
Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection
If you have satellite radio, listen to the classical station. They play a wide variety of composers and eras. Classical music ranges from sonatas to huge Mahler symphony’s and everything in between. And baroque to ultra modern. The great thing is ... 
Does anyone know what the thickness is of the standard VPI felt mat?
I replaced the stock mat on my Scout 2 with the Acromat by Funk. Seems to add more detail.   
15 in full range drivers
Seems to me that a single 15” driver would have a hard time reproducing the upper treble range.    And I agree with others that SET amps are quite capable of beautiful full range music reproduction with the right speakers. Devore as one example.   
What record cleaner is the most bang for the buck??
I use my Record Doctor mostly on new records and new used records. Once they are cleaned I use a carbon fiber brush.   
Axpona 2024 who is going and why?
Hifi shows are a great way to see lots of gear. Be aware that the listening environments can be less than optimal.   
Can you live with your current speaker until you die?
It all depends on my financial status. I love my Paradigm Studio 100’s especially since I added a JL Audio E112 sub but if somehow I become wealthy they will be gone. Not sure for what but I’d upgrade my entire system.   
Results of Actual Hearing Test and Next Steps
I got tired of asking my customers to repeat themselves, same for my son. 6 months ago I got a pair of Oticon’s top of the line hearing aids and haven’t regretted it one second.  When listening to my hifi the only thing I notice is slightly improv... 
Annoying trend? New vinyl equalization and compression
You have to do your due diligence when buying remastered vinyl. If you’re buying something originally from the 80’s, good chance the original engineering was garbage. Buy artists who cared about good sound. For example Steely Dan. And your sources... 
What new gear have you just bought?
First upgrade in about 5 years. JL Audio E112 subwoofer and Tributary 3 meter cables for the JL. The subwoofer adds the bottom octaves to my Paradigm Studio 100 speakers.   
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Kind of Blue-Miles Davis Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd Mozart Clarinet Quintet.   
First Tube amp suggestions
I own Jolida separates and if the upgrades Black Ice claims are real, you can’t go wrong for the price.   
Magico's M9
Why begrudge the speakers and the people who can afford them. If I were a multi-millionaire and had a room to do them justice, I would certainly entertain the idea of having a magnificent hifi. It’s disposable income to someone of those means. Per... 
Why aren't all modern vinyl releases 45s?
It’s not worth issuing on 45 rpm vinyl unless it’s a top notch recording mix. I have a few from MoFi and Analogue Productions and they are superb. Very quiet, accurate and tons of image. Dream with Dean (Martin) by Analogue is amazing. But I don’t...