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Large speaker recommendation
You’re the boss.  
Large speaker recommendation
Since you've owned the SF for so long I'd expect your ears/brain to prefer the SF sound and other brands you try might sound different or exciting but after extended listening you'll find the sonic differences to be flaws, so I vote you stay with ... 
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Usher be29dmd-285 lbs Kef Blade 62'' tall  
Kef Kube power supply
the R105/3 had an optional kube 200 that extended low bass but added a lot of distortion and doubling in the process the kube also tamed a slight rise in the upper mids that you could probably dsp out. The R107 and 107/2 required the kube but the ... 
Is Mark Levinson still considered up there with the best of the best?
Interesting that John Curl once designed ML amps as the latest ML amps made me think of parasound sound with that added warmth in the mid bass.  
Axpona 2022 what impressed you?
I noticed a pattern while going room to room I was really liking the music coming from different speakers that were being driven by the hegel H590 enough that I borrowed and then bought the h590 to drive my kef blades.   
trying to contact Albertsportis
They always answer my questions via email however my offers are also often ignored giving me the impression the prices are non negotiable, or i'm really cheap.  
Dynaudio Contour 60i - What a difference after break in
Years ago I was getting my kef R105/3 woofers refoamed and brought home a pair of dynaudio audience 80's the bass output was impressive, really impressive, but the resolution didn't carry thru the higher octaves and when I returned them I asked th... 
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Meridian dsp 8000 weighs 285 lbs each   
Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?
I was on the triumph rat forum and on a thread titled audiophiles ahoy a member posted being at a kef demo where they compared the blade to the blade  meta and he said the difference in sound didn’t live up to the hype. I think that could be said ... 
Axpona 2022 what impressed you?
They’re something else   
Your sub experience: Easy or hard?
For home theater great, too distracting for stereo  
Want to upgrade from my Kef 104/2's
I think the R107/2 would be the natural progression. The uniq that came after lost the british tone.  
Paradigm 3f vs 120h
Blade and persona with my Hegel h360 driving them are quite different in presentation with the soundstage and imaging being much larger thru the blades, but the appeal of the persona's was that pinpoint imaging so both excellent in the way they ge... 
Paradigm 3f vs 120h
I listened to the 7f at the dealer for a year b4 buying them and they were so sensitive to components! They were the only speakers I could reliably hear a difference between dac's. I also noticed when the speakers were moved into a room that had a...