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Looking for a good full range floor stander
I reread and you are shopping in the $12-16k range. My first listen would be the Vienna acoustics ‘the music’ your rooms big enough to handle the bass from the 3 9” woofers per box.  
Paradigm Persona series
I think the point about cubic feet, and room acoustics is valid and waf. But I think if somebody’s in deep with a mark levinson or any other ‘premium ‘ brand i would definitely avoid starting over. Thats where audiotroy just plows straight ahead, ... 
Speakers for a “cold” room
There’s a couple pair of usher be20 dmd’s listed now. I don’t know about the modified xover but stock they’re warm with a wide and deep sound stage. My go to warm speaker is about anything from Vienna acoustics. If you want to go nuts get the 7200... 
Pin point imaging isn't for everyone
The 901’s had a great run and when you consider the selection at highland electronics superstore the Bose imaged as well as the big cerwin vega or the rest of the midfi stuff of the day. 
The best looking speakers
Vienna acoustics, salk sound, Wilson and meridian for the modern look. Lumen white, acoustic zen. The grey oak on the contour 60’s. 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
There it is. I read on some forums that a flat response is all you need, and that statement takes so much for granted. My system can make the walls disappear, put the musicians in the room with me. I’m so drawn into the music I wouldn’t know or ca... 
Paradigm Persona series
Good thread.  
Paradigm Persona series
The problem with the typical B&M is price. I'm not going to spsnd hours of their time learning whats what only to buy everything used on AG. but if I buy new i'll have to settle. 3f instead of the 7. f228be instead of the salon2. Yes a dealer ... 
Pin point imaging isn't for everyone
Good topic for a rainy day. Mapman made a simple point. Play low spark of high heeled boys then play any of the Pearl Jam bootlegs. The studio recording sounds so real it’s spooky and the ‘live’ recording sounds anything but. The whole point of st... 
Paradigm Persona series
My experience trying to put together a greater sounding stereo has pretty much mirrored what audiotroy talks about. I don’t dispute their reality I just don’t like it because I cannot afford to play there. I had hoped that using audiogon and patie... 
My problem in upgrading my stereo has been getting the speaker/amp combo right with the room. I hear a system the wows me in the showroom then I get it home and it sounds no better than what I had, There's too many variables that I can say from my... 
Usher Be20
There’s 2 pairs for sale right now and they have to be one of the easiest hi end speakers to drive I ever owned. If I had the room they would have been my last pair.  
Looking for a good full range floor stander
The usher be20-dmd can go loud and still sound good without too much power if you like the look. I loved mine but found them just a bit too big for my 17x27 room. There's a pair of dsp 8000's on ag that will do the job with room to upgrade later. ... 
DynAudio Contour 60 vs Paradigm Persona 7F
So what did you buy? 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
How much money do you have? I bought a pair of speakers from a gent that had a really big room that he put revel salon 2’s in with a pair of krell 550’s I think and a couple big name subs crossed over at 70hz that was happy with the sound. Another...