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Ported Small speakers >10 feet away from wall
I always recommend plugs when supporting with a sub.  Makes integration smoother  and easier  
Importance of clocking
The issue with S/PDIF or AES "reclockers" is that you have two clocks arguing over what should the absolute clock rate be. The DAC is forced to take one of two approaches: Abandon it’s internal clock or attempt to keep it’s internal metronome and... 
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
@jpipes - I wouldn’t say everything Ayre does is correct from an absolute measurement perspective. I’ve read detractors which I believe was centered around a relatively high damping factor or distortion. I’m not sure. I also don’t care... they sou... 
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Keep the 509. It’s an excellent unit with an underrated preamp section. IMHO a very different choice than the Pass or Parasound. I just don’t like Pass, and Parasound tends to be too warm and laid back. Of those you mention which I've heard, Ayre... 
An argument for fuses and maybe power cables in power amplifier
*regulator It's not that regulators degrade sound, it's that high current regulators get very expensive.  Krell has attempted this, essentially an amp inside an amp, Sanders Magtech gets close.  Class H amplifiers are, loosely, similar.   Every... 
Low-pass Setting of SVS SB-3000s subs with LSA Signature 80 speakers
Forgot to mention, you can build your own filters with a single cap which will do 6db/octave, but Hsu will build you custom filters at any frequency which are 12 dB/octave. 12dB/octave is convenient when pared with a sealed cabinet as it will cre... 
Importance of clocking
A recording studio is using an external clock as much for synchronization as for anything else, as they often have a situation when devices are daisy-chained together and must work together correctly at every clock beat.  The multiple pieces of eq... 
Low-pass Setting of SVS SB-3000s subs with LSA Signature 80 speakers
Plug the ports.  Measure.  Cross higher.  
Restored Dual vs. Restored Technics
Build wise, the old Dual won't perform nearly as well as a Pro-Ject.  So, given a choice:   Technics > Pro-Ject > Restored Dual  
When Was The Audio Golden Age?
When were Snell A/IIIs made??  
Did anyone else disconnect thier equipment due to the geomagnetic storms?
Hey @rvpiano  - Your problems started about a week before the sun had a flare or coronal mass ejection.  Also, they are bizarre, I have been thinking maybe what you had was some weird ground loop problem caused by the speaker amp and the sub amp b... 
Importance of clocking
What about the clock accuracy releasing the buffer, then?   I specifically addressed this in my first message. You literally can’t avoid jitter without buffering, but in the case of a network stream from outside the home having more "clocking"... 
Importance of clocking
OP: Um, yeah, OK. I’m going to sit here and wait for you to explain to me how on earth you would even reclock a TCP/IP stream without actually buffering it. Just lemme know when you work out that mathmagic.   Erik  
Surge protector
@jea48 I use the Siemens BoltShield, and the reviews are much better. The complaints seem to be from defective units that are DOA or people misunderstanding how the indicators work. Seems a lot of people received pre-owned/defective units from A... 
Beryllium Tweeters
Good AMT and ring radiators may sound good to you, but i find a lot of Be tweeters to be splashy and over saturated with color, so compared to that you may find a lot of designs to be underwhelming.