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What room treatment product have transformed your room or audio system?
GIK Acoustics soffit traps.  Affordable (compared to say ASC Tube traps) and some of the few products that work below 60 Hz very well.  
Ac power bick wall filter?
@cleeds is absolutely correct. The power generation Hertz (cycles per second) is very tightly controlled. It used to be that electric clocks were among the most accurate, given by law a day had to have a precise number of cycles. No longer the cas... 
Ac power bick wall filter?
The only way to be even 99% sure of this is to use a power regenerator.  See PS Audio. The next level below is an inductive low pass filter.  See ZeroSurge/Brickwall AC filters.  
Anyone Recently Change to Class D power?
I like ICEpower a lot more than I like a lot of megabuck Class A. I also swapped out my ICEpower for Luxman. My point is, you really can't grade sound quality by amp type anymore. Listen for yourself and find out what you like, but yes, lots of re... 
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
When it comes to streamers I care more about the user interface, and compatibility with streaming services. It is exactly for the issue of keeping up that I decided to subscribe to Roon.  They do keep up. They have yet to embrace Amazon Music, but... 
A pleading request to manufacturers of amplifiers and preamplifiers.
The OP needs to switch to Class D amps.  Put a furry blanket on them and they are downright snuggly.  
Bass Vs speaker efficiency
For drivers, no, but in speaker design you can often trade sensitivity for deeper bass. Less sensitive = deeper bass. A great example of this is the Magico S1 Mk II, which is pretty inefficient (86 dB) but achieves remarkable bass for the size.  (... 
Mystery Capacitor and the Tangent RS4 Crossover
There are definitely times when you want to do a complete speaker analysis.  Infinity speakers, old Yammies come to mind. One thing to keep in mind is that we used to use a lot of bypass capacitors because big films were too expensive, and achievi... 
Power transition
I'd talk to Mc first, many devices are built for dual voltage, or at least affordable conversion.  
Is it possible to bring your kids into this hobby?
Build something, don't buy something.  Spend a weekend putting together a kit with your kids. :)  
Subwoofer out
Most subs have built in low-pass filters.  If you can get a line level (lower than speaker) signal then you are all set.  
DSP with an Integrated Amp?
You would go from laptop to integrated for playing back music. Dirac on the miniDSP would work, but it would only correct the sub.  
DSP with an Integrated Amp?
So, you've gone round and round with this, not liking the answers. No, you can't put DSP before your amp with a Hint6, and that's where it has to go to affect the amp. Your best bet, and it's a very very good one is  a hybrid approach.  Use the bu... 
Newbie question
The most important thing I think you should know is the relationship of power to decibels. It takes about 10x the power to sound 2x louder. There's little difference in maximum output between a 120 W and 150W amplifier. Matching an amp to your spe... 
Is it time to upgrade my amp?
Room acoustics??