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Streaming - ? To my old fashioned stereo.
Oppo has a Tidal app.  I suggest you subscribe to Tidal and then use Oppo for it.  
Vandersteens on active speakers and room correction
I don't know who Johnny Rutan is, but I assume he's experienced at doing this sort of thing, and that kind of proves my point, that the biggest benefit of ARC systems isn't the EQ so much as the sub configuration. It's not easy. I wrote about thos... 
Help with upgrade bug...
Spend $2k on room acoustics first.  
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
I compared the Luxman 509x integrated vs the Luxman c900u and m900u. Oh for peete's sake.  You compared a $9,500 integrated to a combination that runs ~ $40k. How does this tell you anything?  
How does this picture make you feel?
Tandberg.  I wish Tandberg's looks from the mid 1980's was back. I'm not sure I get the point. So, Hegel put their name and country where others might just put the country??  
How does this picture make you feel?
Like I wouldn't have room in my rack. Is there some new anti Scandinavian thing I'm missing?  
There's a lot more bass in a 6.5" driver than most of you think
Just wanted to mention, I've taken a quick peek at the SS Ellipticor measurements on the same sight and the IM distortion is almost as good as the Purifi. :)  A shootout of these high end mid-woofers would be fascinating.  
Kii Three vs. actives with analog crossover
So I meant to say this, above:One of the main reasons I would not go with a fully active speaker system is I love the sound of my electronics, and speakers. I love how my DAC and amp sound. I’ve had ICEpower Class D amps and it was very good, but ... 
Your One Bullet Point Solution; Electrical Upgrade
Any thoughts or consideration of adding a separate copper ground rod for the audio only panel? Do it, but you MUST bond it to the rest of the grounds.  You can't create an independent ground network that is separate from the house ground that is b... 
Kii Three vs. actives with analog crossover
@b_limoYou can argue that there are pro’s but also cons. Don’t get me wrong, DSP processing of audio is fabulously flexible, and I rely on it for my living room in both Roon and to EQ my sub. The main argument against a DSP crossover really is the... 
Vandersteens on active speakers and room correction
I have to say that when it comes to convenience, automatic room correction is super hard to beat, especially in configuring a subwoofer.  
Your One Bullet Point Solution; Electrical Upgrade
Square D and Siemens have a fantastic reputation and I’ve never heard anyone complain of their quality, unlike GE. Best in-panel breakers are... in-panel. That is, they take 2 breaker slots and bond right to the busses, with a single pig tail to g... 
Kii Three vs. actives with analog crossover
It sounds like you are trapped in marketing spiel, none of which will get you to happy. Remember that no matter what the technology chosen, it is the designer’s ear and how the speaker integrates into the room and your other components that matter... 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
I just spent a bunch on cassettes, a couple grand, which everyone tells me is old technology. Was that wrong? 😳 VHS or Beta?  
Room Treatment suggestions and advice
+1 on ask GIK and get great help and products.