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Yamaha A-S3000 Vs Marantz PM-10 (new reference line)
I should also point out in the same price range are the Luxman integrateds as well.  
Yamaha A-S3000 Vs Marantz PM-10 (new reference line)
Seems the Marantz is based on Hypex Class D modules, many positive reviews out there for them.  
Yamaha A-S3000 Vs Marantz PM-10 (new reference line)
My class D stock modules are pretty warm indeed. :) So, have to listen.  
The Science of Cables
Oh, no @elizabeth is losing all audiophile cred. If things are too bright or too dull, you need a whole new speaker and amp combination. That’s how you do it. << giggle >> She’s right. This is why I push people to Invest in good room a... 
How I would measure cables
To clarify, this all assumes cables make a difference. OK, we couldn't measure this conclusively in 1970s. So.... can we now?  
How much power is too much power. how about 20,000 watts
Sounds like a small headphone amp to me.  
KEF 103.2 Help
Maybe try in the multi-way forum, they'll be better able to help you. Plus, you can post pics which makes it easier to discuss. Looking at pictures of the crossover, it looks like there may be a relay in there, which go bad over time.... 
How I would measure cables
Speaker cables and interconnects are harder, but I have a suggestion: rather than try to measure the cable itself, measure its effects on your system.  I think both can be measured the same way, and speaker terminals are the least room dependen... 
Auditioning had a huge affect on my potential budget
I am becoming a fan of Anthem HT too, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. That is, if Anthem had a processing mode turned on, make sure you know which one, so you get it home and use it. :)  
Long-Term Amp Storage Without Use: Bad Idea???
But they are kind of rare and all tricked out! Well, that's just what you want to keep in storage. :) Seriously though, simplify and minimize and it will help you focus on your goals. Be well,E 
Long-Term Amp Storage Without Use: Bad Idea???
Electrolytics tend to dry out no matter what. I am in the Marie Kondo world view of gear. Use it or sell it, don't store it.  
We are buying and reviewing gear all wrong
Also, this kind of screams for integrateds and all-in-one solutions 
Time to look at newer speakers?
Monitor Audio's silver series.  
How I would measure cables
You know, what I suggest is you try shielded and unshielded power cables. Make some yourself, inexpensively. Find the Parts Connexion. See if you find a difference. I suggest using  
Storing Unused Audio Equipment
Or... You could sell them all. I got to the point I had so much unused gear I just sold it all as a lot. It was life saving. :) Best,E