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What is this term 'analytical' ?
The point of this hobby is to enjoy yourself. The idea that there’s a pure land that has perfect reproduction that everyone would enjoy is folly.  Same for the idea that there is such a thing as an objectively neutral speaker that is capable of re... 
Any new reports from Munich 2022?
I wish I could go.  I have seen that What HiFi started writing about it and some really delicious pictures over at DIYaudio ...  
Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy
My experience with Onkyo vs. Anthem was the opposite. It was now several years ago, but I rapidly cycled through an Onkyo and Emotiva until I settled on an Oppo BD player as my processor for several years, a far superior situation. Now I’ve gone t... 
Upgrade Speaker Suggestions from Nautilus B&W 804S
In a similar form factor, if you have horizontal space, the Revels.  They throw a wide signal, so they don't like to be crowded with close up side walls  
How important is spending time with your gear?
Interesting question Erik not that it is all that important.  Agreed that it's not that important. :)  
How important is spending time with your gear?
Does enjoying taking out and using the feather duster on my equipment and speakers make me a bad person? @curiousjim  Not if you have informed consent and your gear is more than 18 years old.  
How important is spending time with your gear?
"You need to know how little I can relate to the discussion you started" is a unique form of non-participation participation  
How important is spending time with your gear?
I did kind of imagine if you hid everything you'd still have a tablet or phone like device to control everything.  That remote doesn't count.  
Who actually uses digital speakers?
@jdbsi I don't need backchannel information on Meridian.  It was more of an open discussion I thought would be cool and useful.  
Can anyone identify this inductor?
You lower the DCR because you need to lower the DCR.  Lowering it in an existing/working crossover can be detrimental. Working with DCR can help you compensate for baffle step effects without a separate baffle step compensation circuit. One majo... 
Who actually uses digital speakers?
@leadcrew I think these are really interesting _especially_ if you can do DSP on the bass sections alone. The best of all worlds, IMHO.  The approach Vandersteen takes, to use a high pass filter before the main amps and compensate in the sub is ou... 
Who actually uses digital speakers?
Hey @djones51 That’s the kind of interesting feedback I was looking forward to. :-) In particular I was wondering how the ecosystem would play out. Meridian’s use of (I think) Ethernet cable enabling fully digital, active home theater systems had... 
Who actually uses digital speakers?
@ghdprentice Yeah, I expect the same for Theta Digital honestly.  I don't know all the details, but it feels as if the HDMI licensing issues combined with the R&D needed to keep up with the latest standards and enhanced features made the switc... 
AV processors - nad versus anthem - room treatment issue
Hey, I have an MRX 540, which has the same room correction (room treatment usually refers to acoustic panels). Before talking about DSP, I want to say that the latest series of Anthem sounds much better than the previous generation, by a lot.  Cha... 
Hear me out ;-) Moving from Integrated Tube Amp to a Class D
NAD doesn't get enough attention but they should.   Maybe cause their original Master's DAC sucked, not sure, but the NAD 3020 D is outstanding little performer, and they now have a number of others as well. They use a unique hybrid Class D in co...