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Can an IEC socket be too short?
I think the idea of duct tape is not fixing the root issue. I'm more worried about the conductors not making a large enough grip.  The plug moving around in the socket is secondary.    @ghdprentice  Or, better yet, get a better power cord. Po... 
Bose 901 VI flat?
Those speakers can’t come close to good without the EQ. If you can stick it in a tape loop you’ll be much better off. If you use Roon exclusively though you can approximate the correct curves using the DSP correction that's built in. Probably can... 
Organizing music files - what tools to use
After trying alf a dozen paid and free on windows and Linux I got very happy with Media Monkey  
Looking for an usb player
OP: I use Roon, which has phone, and laptop clients. Several high end streamers are iPad/iPhone but not Android.  
Wireless HDMI transmitter & receiver
The problem is that televisions don't send video.  They send audio via eARC, but they absolutely do not send video. Having said that, they do make a variety of ways to extend HDMI over Ethernet. So, what is your destination ??  Maybe what you ne... 
Flexible room treatment material???
They do make diffusion you can hang, a good wall tapestry is always an option. :)  
Looking for an usb player
So, let me make sure I understand.  You need to put a USB drive into it and play from it? Well if you had not mentioned HDMI I'd say almost any streamer from any brand would fit the bill. Then you said no computers, so a Raspberry Pi 4 based sol... 
Roon Room Correction- Who Has used it? Opinions please!
You can use Roon's DSP based EQ without any microphones, however if you want to do actual room correction with any sort of automated algorithm then a mic will be required.  
Stereo or monoblocks
I find Mc to have distinct sound.  If you like it you like it, but for me I would do something more neutral and cost appropriate.  Parasound Halo may be a better tonal balance.  
OMG Moment
OP: I think your experiment speaks for itself. :)  Try sitting up normally with pillows behind your head.   
Distinctly Digital Forever?
This is kind of weird. The whole post. Smells.... kenjity.   Step 1.  Complain about a non issue.... Step 2.... ignore great advice.... and so on and so forth.  
Memory foam as bass treatment?
Yes, but like all bass traps, needs to be placed well.  
OMG Moment
OP: By "listening area" I meant your couch.  You should examine how reflective the area behind you is when you are seated.  
Matching Power and Speakers -- Much Ado about Not-that-Much? (Tube amps and speakers)
@atmasphere  Uh, just so we’re clear: current cannot exist without voltage; when voltage and current are present there is power. Yeah yeah, of course.  I was referring to the published specifications.  Was trying to use short hand.  
Solid copper or stranded copper for speaker cables? What is your choice and why?
100% all in on stranded every time. Easier to use, more reliable, and nicer to dress up with cable sheathes, heat shrink, ends, etc.  In a decade stranded cable will still be performing great, but solid, may or may not be or may degrade without e...