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Square D QO Panel Recall
PS - TBC:  Plug on neutral is older than 2 years.  I just meant the recall is from 2020.  
The vanishing stereo rack
I have not heard Dirac specifically, but given how often problems arise in the bass this can be a very good thing.  
Square D QO Panel Recall
Relatively small number of very recently sold panels: Sold At: Authorized Schneider Electric distributors and home improvement and hardware stores nationwide and online including Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menard’s from February 2020 through Janua... 
Panamax M5400-PM & splitting power OUTPUT?
Hey, So Panamax / Furman have LiFT and SMP, if you have those features it's among the better noise suppression available. Forget the audiophile noise meters, they don't have enough data to understand if they even matter. I used my Furman in seve... 
The vanishing stereo rack
@danager  Stereo will be, but the wireless Dynaudio speakers make it unnecessary to keep a rack of stereo gear in your listening room.  Just the speakers.  
Interesting ASR review of small GR Research speaker kit
I don’t care what Amir does, quite honestly, but I think most audiophiles owe it to themselves to build at least 1 kit in their lifetimes. Besides GR, Meniscus, Madisound and Parts Express have a wide array of kits you can purchase which are read... 
$25k speakers, are we there yet?
First, treat your room.  It will get you off your speaker/cable swap merry go round quickly.  
Panamax M5400-PM & splitting power OUTPUT?
PS - If your voltage sags while playing music you are going to be getting better performance by using the regulated outlets anyway.  If your audio outlets are chained together examine the upstream outlets, and if backstabbed replace with new, con... 
Panamax M5400-PM & splitting power OUTPUT?
The voltage regulated outputs have 12A capacity (total) which for most systems is a lot. Honestly you could put them all on the VR (voltage regulated) without issue. If you must use the high output outlets, which only have 3A more, go by the powe... 
from TV to amp: hdmi arc extractor vs optical dac
To be safe, stick to a simple stereo DAC like the Topping D30 will work just fine, or any other stereo DAC with optical input. You can go cheaper but I wouldn’t go more expensive than that. 😁 I say to be safe because HDMI is always a little fussy... 
Can moving wire location at circuit breaker reduce hum?
@ptss - Yes, unless it starts to hum instead. 😁 The output of a transformer is going to lack DC, eliminating the hum from your amp but it may just move the problem to the Equitech.   The reason DC causes physical humming is because of the lamina... 
Thought on Spectral Audio's future?
I have seen / heard Spectral in exactly one store ever.  It should have been the delight of the older ARC fans looking for solid state. It was so rare to see it in person I though they were gone 20 years ago.  
test crossovers or capacitors with frequency sweep
OP:   In this case your best bet is going to be to do close mic driver to driver measurements. Use a 60Hz reference tone and set output to 2.8V. Put your measurement mic at 1/4" in front of a driver, and measure. Repeat for each driver.  For con... 
test crossovers or capacitors with frequency sweep
Two places to go for help is the Room EQ Wizard forums as well as DIYaudio. @rodman99999 - I don't know how many have actual anechoic chambers.  Close-microphone, quasi-anechoic measurements are a lot more convenient.  For the definitive resource... 
Your sub experience: Easy or hard?
After hearing an entire hotel full of ASC I can honestly say they are the last brand I would recommend for bass traps. ATS or GIK would be a better choice, regardless of price.