Paradigm persona vs. Monitor audio Platinum

Just listen to the paradigm persona 7h.the monitor audio Platinum 300 generation two are so much more three-dimensional and open it's not even funny the paradigm sounded very two-dimensional compared to the monitors that MPD Tweeter puts the beryllium Tweeter to shame.

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Haven’t heard the Monitor Audio’s but have heard the Persona 5f’s with their Anthem electronics and found them smooth and effortless sounding. It makes sense the room correction features of the Anthem electronics are a good match but I certainly didn’t find the Be tweeters harsh. Full disclosure, I own Paradigm Studio 100 V5 speakers and am a fan of the higher end Paradigm speakers. 
Personally I don’t recall hearing anything like that with the 5F’s. 
I’m glad you like the Platinum 300’s and Stereophile’s review is glowing. If I can, I’ll look for a dealer for an audition. I am however partial to Paradigm’s sound. I found the 5F’s to be like the ultimate Studio 100’s. 
Urbie do you know that Paradigm has been building speaker housings like used in the Persona series for close to 20 years? The discontinued Studio series used the same construction. Monitor Audio did not invent the technique. 
You said Paradigm copied the design from Monitor and I pointed out Paradigm has been using this technique for about 20 years. 
It doesn’t make sense that a speaker works well with 95% of all electronics. There are too many variables to make that true. No way that a speaker with a First Watt amp will sound the same as one with a Audio Research 160M. Yes an extreme example but speakers have sonic and electronic characteristics as do amplifiers. 
In my experience listening to speakers at most dealers is a crapshoot. The rooms are rarely optimal and getting speakers properly setup is problematic. At best unless they remove the rest of the speakers and electronics from the room and properly position the speakers, you don’t get an accurate listening experience. 
I thought this troll had been banned. 
I don’t value your opinion. You have no credibility.