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Is the Modwright for an Oppo udp205 worth it?
Have a Modwright 105 non-Darby and have enjoyed it immensely. Probably not a great investment if you sell, but I think you will be pleased. It's only money!!..)) 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
I think we are adults here ...You’re still new here, so you can easily be forgiven for this notion.Hahahahaha...made my week!!!! 
Paradigm Persona 9H - hard to drive !?
Very curious to see the results!!Thinking about going from my Accuphase E650 to the new E800.So many choices out there. 
Paradigm Persona series
He posts on a Canadian audio board as well...Under Havocman id....Same song and dance   .... 
Pass INT 60 vs. Accuphase E-650 for music
They both run warm , but nothing that concerns me....warm up time isn't a huge concern as well...sounds good at the turn on and just gets better...a glass of wine may alter my judgement tho...(( 
Pass INT 60 vs. Accuphase E-650 for music
I have an E650 which I love....before it was a Pass XA30.8...Can't be much help with the Pass integrated, but I do love the one box solution. Think I may even sell this one and take the leap for the new E800...They are beautiful pieces...expensive... 
Assemblage 3.1 or MSB platinum
URBIE19...Ah, it's the MSB platinum they are talking about....not the Monitor need to read the thread BEFORE you post in it. 
Paradigm Persona series
This graph is of the bookshelf B model. Are there measurements of the larger models available somewhere? 
Imported audio are you getting the same level of performance vs domestic priced equip?
The US price of my Accuphase E650 is $16500 US. The price in Canada, in Canadian currency, which trades at about $1 US to $1.35 Canadian, is $14000. I purchased mine for $12500, Canadian, taxes in ,new, from an authorized Accuphase dealer here. Fu... 
Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
Contuzzi, I have a pair in the carbon black on black. Agreed!..Looks and sounds great. 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
Persona 9H price is $35000. 
Ranking Accuphase Integrated Amps?
Bought an E-650 a couple of months ago....excellent sound, built like a tank...30 W Class A and it drive my Paradigm Persona 9H speakers very well.So far no complaints. No experience with older models but another "audio aficionado" site has a sepa... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
I've had Persona 9H's for several months, currently driving them with an Accuphase E650. They had some issues with the treble initially, but break in and the new integrated have taken care of most if not all of that. Play very clean and loud, don'... 
DAC - Aqua Formula or Aqua La Scala
Worth waiting for the ARC Genesis release before changing?? 
Paradigm Persona series
Just purchased an Accuphase E650 for my very well....lots of power for the mids and tweeters, and the powered woofers take care of themselves....very smooth.