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You pay for it and you get it...
How high up are the midrange drivers on the Alexx V in comparison to the Sabrina?Rhetorical question, of course. 
Sonus Faber Olympica III vs. Focal Electra 1038BE
Why in the world do people dig up these old threads is just beyond me. 
sonus faber electa amator iii or magico A1 or any other suggestion
The Electa Amator is far more musical.  I’ve heard both quite extensively.  I don’t love the marble on the bottom of the Electa, but it’s an otherwise painfully gorgeous speaker.  No comparison to the Magico in that regard.The Electa also has much... 
Open Letter To REL, SVS, Hsu, etc., et al
That sneakers track actually sucks too. But really, you don’t have Tidal or anything? No way to play a YouTube video through it? I agree that they should provide what they think would be the best setup tools, but it’s not like it’s impossible to d... 
Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?
fastfreight: Which dealer?  My local dealer has them sounding incredible but they always mention how they hear of other dealers setting them up horribly and doing them a great disservice. 
Upgrading from Thiel 2.7 to Sonus Faber or Focal???
Olympica Nova by a mile.   
Finally found THE SPEAKER!!!
Cool advertisement! 
Paradigm Persona B vs 3F vs other competitors - any experience?
The persona B are slightly warmer voiced than the rest of the line.They’re absolutely sensational.  Highly recommended, and I’ve heard a LOT of the competition in the price range.  Someone mentioned the Kanta vs persona and I agree.  The persona i... 
Parasound or Anthem 5 channel amp
Both are great.  Both will have great resale value.  I’d lean towards the anthem but only by a hair.  The new MCA amps are super nice in person and they’re tried and true beasts (they’re basically the same as the older ones with a new look). 
Persona 9h vs S3 mk 2
Actually, the 9H has four woofers, opposed (literally) to two in the 7F. It also has completely room corrected bass, a sealed cabinet whereas the 7F is ported, and is dramatically easier to drive. It also plays lower due to the DSP the amp is able... 
All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!
“Not connected with Magico in any way”Riiiiiiight.  But your friend of a friend of a friend who happens to be a dealer.... 
More money toward better speakers or a better DAC?
Something that makes without a doubt the biggest difference in sound vs something that makes quite possibly the smallest.  Wow. 
focal 1038be or sopra 2
Sopra is dramatically better.  Not even comparable.   
Just installed a bluesound node 2i , quality not so good
Have any of you saying the DAC in the Bluesound is soooooo bad ever actually switched between the internal DAC and external dac while listening?   
JL Audio Fathom F112 wiring question
JL Audio — the only sub you can buy that’s GUARANTEED to break at least once way sooner than you’d ever expect.I used to be a huge JL Audio fan