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Vienna Acoustics 'The Music'
I used to love VA, but I've heard they are an awful company to deal with lately and they have perhaps the worst distributor in all of audio. Every dealer I have been to in my area has voiced this, any time the Vienna distributor comes up. It’s ove... 
Paradigm Persona: what do you think?
"I own 9hs, the persona center, 4 Bs for surround, with BHK monoblocks, BHK Preamp. I love the speakers but there is no low end, so I got a couple JL 113v2 subs now everything sound really good. I would never buy these speakers without the subs, t... 
Speaker wire isolators - Do they improve SQ?
They'll make a difference if you're expecting them to.  Just like cables.  Welcome to basic human psychology. 
Alternatives to Brick and Mortar
This is such a short sighted post, and in fact, it sounds like there is an agenda behind it.Selling direct to consumer saves the customer NO MONEY. It just means they can keep more of the profit to themselves. It’s the same reason SVS / Emotiva / ... 
Looking at Focal
Magico instead of Focal?  Focal have superior low level listening enjoyment, and requires WAY less power. 
DSP8000’s se upgrade
That’s a LOT of money to spend on speakers that are going to have painfully bad resale value if you ever sell them.Meridian is a company that urges its dealers to not demonstrate their speakers next to other brands “because people don’t account fo... 
Spendor A1 vs Tannoy Autograph Mini's
The Spendor is a nice speaker for those that don’t know that the Autograph Mini exists. 
Spendor A1 vs Tannoy Autograph Mini's
Oh look, two people who haven’t heard the autograph mini.    
Martin logan pbk kit
No.  Do it with varying heights, too.  Keep in mind every spot in space has a very different response, so accounting for the different ways you sit in the chair, positions of your head, etc is necessary. 
Merlin speakers
....Just get new speakers. 
Dali Owners,What Cables Do You Use???
Can anyone hear the difference when you add REL subwoofers when playing two channel
What a joke of a thread.  So he ended up buying REL anyway?  🤣 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
There are so many that I don’t even know why this topic is a real thing.#1 is Tannoy Kensington GR, or even Stirling/Turnberry. Anyone seeing these in person will be astounded. They are literally works of art that will leave you speechless.Someone... 
Old Paradigm studios against new monitors?
astorey -- so odd that you'd bump such an old thread.  And worse, make a statement that makes no sense.  There are no Titans any more.  Have you heard any of the new Paradigms?  Premier? Monitor SE?  If not, best not spread misinformation that cou... 
Your Pick Between These Two...