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a remarkably basic question about Roon
if you have another app  to control settings on your unit Roon wont do that  
Streaming 102
Vinson totally wrong there is a very large improvement moving from anode to a real server   The cleaner the signal fed to the dac the better your dac will sound   We sell servers from 432evo the sonic difference between models is easy to hea... 
Does Lumin x1 needs a dac ? does a good dac will improve it ?
The x1 is amazing sounding And is a bargainfor the sound quality   We have to go to a 16k server plus a 16k dac be able to beat an x1     So even for 14k the x1 is approaching the best digital playback possibile   DAVE AND TROY audio inte... 
Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?
You must use usb to get higher sampling you could not run a comparison of NOS vs dsd without running from usb   So you never heard what it It is capable of dsd is a huge improvement   
Streaming 102
The t2 does gave a usb input which can also be set as an put put   An amazing dac is the bricasti m3   It too has a network card and digital inputs   Dave and troy AUDIO INTELLECT NJ LUMIN MYTEK, BLUESOUND BRICASTI DEALERS  
Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?
How were you using it? Usb would be your best option from the streamer to the dac   Also upconverting to dsd sounds far better then 16 44k That is done in the options menu set custom sampling 16 44k  all to dsd and then listen to it  
Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?
The lumins use ethernet you can't run them via wifi    You can use  a wifi to ethernet bridge   DAVE AND TROY AUDIO INTELLECT NJ LUMIN DEALERS       
Need help with a pair of Legacy Signature iii Speakers
Just senlegacy an email  
AMR cd-77.1 Owners opinions
the drive mechanisims are available   we were a long time amr dealer they tended to be reliable   we have one for sale if yoy are interested  
Auralic Altair G1 for ATC, MF integrated system?
look at a lumin d2 it is warmer and should match the mf amp better   dave and Troy Audio intellect  NJ lumin dealers    
Anyone here own Elac Vela SF 409?
They are the same as the monitors with deeper bass  
Isotek EVO3 Syncro UNI
We are an isotek dealer these devices do work and will improve the sound quality  of a power conditioner  
Anyone here own Elac Vela SF 409?
I allready gave you that we sell those speakers    The info on the adapter was to dispel the idea that rhere was something wrong with the brand  
Anyone here own Elac Vela SF 409?
we are an elac dealer the vela line is solid the adantes were a failure for a number of reasons not really related to sound the bookshelves were too large and the floor standers were not that much better then the monitors,    Add to that the  ad... 
Joseph vs Legacy in 7K range?
imhifiman again as a legacy dealer the popular legacy is the signature which sounds as good or better then many 10 -12k loudspeakers and at 7k is a screaming good deal   the calibre is a specialty compact legacy however for its roughly 5,500 pri...