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Hooking up a Perlisten sub
Line level.out from premp  
Is it better to mount Sony HT A9 speakers or use stands?
Personally I would return this setup p and go focal dome flax with a receiver and a rear amplifier with a wireless transmitter   This sony st is never going to sound great   i design theaters  
USB revisited
lalik our 432evo aeon sounded just as good as a 25k Innous Statement in a direct demo with upgraded psu the Aeon sounds fantastic and requires zero usb enhancing devices    superior designs require no band aids Dave and Troy audio Intellect NJ... 
KEF LS60 v Reference 1s
op the hg 15s are not going to be a good match a 15 inch driver is going to be slow nor do the ls60s go as low as a pair of subs try a pair of kef kc 62s or kf 92s for a superior bass  if you are looking for an upgrade te kef reference 3s wll ma... 
best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?
we we were a lumin dealer for many years the x1 is an incredible one box however e were able to beat  the x1 with  an aqua hifi la scala and an 432evo Aeon and this combination costs the same amount.   additionally both products are obsolescence... 
KEF LS60 v Reference 1s
We take it you are thinking of swapping the reference 1s for the Ls60s?   honestly they are very different speakers keep the ref ones and add a good   Dave and Troy AUDIO INTELLECT nj Kef ls60 and reference dealer I  
Dealers with excellent listening rooms?
We have five well set up listening rooms   DAVE AND troy Audio intellect nj   https://www.audiointellect.com/company/about-us    
which cables to I need for my NAIM NAP 250 DR ?
naim requires speciel cabling weare a major Naim dealer  the cable you linked to wont work   we have wireworld build custom din cables for us which sound better then naims cables   Dave ane Troy Audio intellect NJ. Naim and Wireworld dealers.  
Anyone with similar equipment
we have many of your components   personally we would recomend upgrading your electronics  over cables    the parasound gea ris great fof the money howeve you can easily take your system  to another level by upgrading to even better electronic... 
"The Ultra High-End Speaker."
Kenmy good for you a well matched and tuned system will work wonders I too have heard extremely expensive systems that didn’t sound magical  
What matters more for video processing?
The marantz is not a great processor we had one upgraded to anthem then audiocontrol long story short Audiocontrol sounded the best  
Question about in house ceiling speakers
A receiver is wrong for this application you need a mutil channel amplifier or a load matching speaker selector   Give us a call we are a custom installer   Dave and Troy Audio intellect nj  
any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?
we are a hegel dealer the dac in the new h600 is significantly better them the 390   the h600 is a through redesign of the h590 and both the amplifier and dac stages have been improved upon.  The dac in the 600 is only bettered by a 16k bricast... 
Help settle a streaming argument!
polka lover not true    we routinely compare streamers we sell nad, naim atoll and 432evoservers    and we have sold aurender sotm innous baetis,and auraylic all were run usb into many high end dacs  they all sound different no matter the da... 
Server/Streamer - sonicTransporter i9 and Signature Rendu SE
You should consider 432evo Aeon less expensive and upgradable to the Master   To date we have matched or beaten grimm aurender s20 Innous statement so we are allready at the highest level of performance yet cost less     Dave and Troy Audioi...