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Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
we have tested many class d amplifiers in our store hypex ncore and gain and a few others none sounded as good as class a/b amplifiers   the first class d amplifier that really was exceptional and truly musical is the Avik amps they are built w... 
Paradigm XR 13 sub
we have the sw100 fantastic woofer and two is always better stay with what you have  
Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
soix no disparaging comments were made at all being non upgradable is a statement on design and telling of the results of a shoot out is not disparaging either   
Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
thank you steakster   the fact is we put our money where our mouth is we heard the evos were stellar performers so we imported them and then did our do diligence by testing them vs the competition as you pointed out this is how we all learn abo... 
Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
six we have clients who used to own innous and now use the EVO   also innous is not upgradable we used to sell innous   we did a shootout of our aeon vs a statement with upgraded power supply it cost 3 times more and did not sound better   p... 
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
mofojo we have other dacs in the 5k price range and the internal dac being fed by our 432Evo server sounds incredibile the built in streamer is okay feed the dac usb from a great server and the dac  sounds fantastic as per reviewers not all of th... 
Qln, Joseph Audio, Audiovector, Marten, or Canton...?
with any of these choices you will need a better amp out of all of your choices    the altas are amazing for he money the audiovecctors are really good so re the martens      
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
it really depends on the manufacturer we sell krel hegel and avik all the dacs in these pieces are stellar the dac board in the krell is a 1k add on and you would have to spend 5k to beat it so the krell k300 i is just a steal for what itis    ... 
Amplifier for Wilson Audio Alexia V
We would recommend looking at a t+a pa 3000 power amplifier  https://www.ta-hifi.de/en/audiosystems/hv-series/a-3000-hv-power-amplifier/   The Pa300 sounds amazing on Wilsons the Pa3000 is a powerful 300-watt powerhouse that can provide ample c... 
Snap Crackle Pop Streaming
we run an atoll streamer wirelessly runs great  no issues  Dave and Troy Audio intellect  nj atoll dealer   
Downsizing for Blade 2 and hunting for smaller floor standers
We are a kef dealer there are very few loudspeakers which can maatch the blade twos the blade twos will outperform any of the speakers mentioned there is only one loudspeaker we have heard which is smaller which can rival the blade twos; that ... 
LS50 + Sub Or Floorstander?
We are a kef dealer thela 50 metas do sound amazing for their size however a small monitor will alwayways sound small adding a subwoofer won't help   a good subwoofer simply adds pressure to the leading and trailing edges of what the monitor is ... 
Newbie want to improve what I have
cables and toe in and dirac will not change the overall sound focals are very clean and uncolored so is the nad    go to your local shop and see whap "warm sounding integeated amplifiers you can borrow and compare   
Newbie want to improve what I have
you have learned the hard way about system matching   did you listen to the combo or did you order everything and are now listening to the system   the nad m33 is an excellent amplifier but it is too clean for the sopras you need a warmer ampl... 
Roon DAC? help please....took a chance on Pachanko Labs - know nothing about Roon
you can use any dac