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I’m looking to upgrade my Magnum Dynalab MD106T???
Youhave the best tuner put a set of críticaal mass footers it  and stpplooking  you have an amazing tuner 
Quad Z-2 Opinions
We had the opus years ago the current quads are way betterThe mediante is excelent articulate yet Stille warm tweeter is fantastic We are quad dealers so we can anawet any questionsDave and troyAudio intellect Nj 
Integrated streaming amplifiers under $3000
p we currently sell many of the best integrated amps on the marketWe have the following on display:hegel,anthem musical fidelity,fidelity, unison research, parasound,synthesis, rega,peachtree,t+a,electrocompaniet,naim,coda,nad,nad, nad Masters q... 
Amps for Focal Maestros
You shoilf checkout The new coda 16 330k amp sound for 16kDave and troyAudiointellect nj 
Help me understand "the swarm" in the broader audiophile world
as a dealer with 30+ Years experience i love to talk about the application  of real world solutionsA swarm would sound better than one or two subs most people do nothave the room or desire to have 4 subwoofer boxes in the room along with a pair of... 
PSB Imagine T3 Floor‑Standing Speakers
Great speakers but way too small for that size roomWe are psb dealers they are great speakersFor that size room legacy signatures at 7k are way more appropriateThe legacys ar eway more efficient play much louder and go way deeperDave and troyAudio... 
Node 2i VS Lumin D2
We sell both the lunin is substancially better in every wayDave and troyAudiontellect nj 
What touchscreen panel is Michael Fremer using in this video?
That is a soplos server 
Lumin upgrade - built-in or separate DAC?
Thank uou galconquest 
Lumin upgrade - built-in or separate DAC?
This is going to be a interesting yrar weare the new us importer of 432 Evo we started researching their compsany after hearing that the442Evo masterwad compared to the 40000 taiko extreme and was found to be in that same class but for less than h... 
Krell K 300i Vs Hegel 390 Help
No k 3001 built in ct totally new design s0ounds fantastic 
Thyname stroke ftom covid doing b thisby phhone 
Krell K 300i Vs Hegel 390 Help
Jesam totally wrong the krellis much warmer this is the new siund of krellWe have both krell and the same sound roomDave and troy auddio intellect nj 
Anyone using Emm Labs DV2/PRE combo?
we had rhe dac only version the t+a3100 sdv sounded far betterThe r+asdv 3100 is also a dac with a fantastic analog preamp built inDave and troyAudio intellect njT+a reference dealers 
You cann acceive far greater sound quality by móvil into a high quality server and ripping your cdsNow you cann access them faster and create pltlists and you can access the wotld of streaming music as wellAnother advantage is far better sound qua...