Norah Jones

...anyone hear her new record?
It is on my instant buy list. She has never made a bad record, IMO.
Just got the exclusive CD and the regular LP from Target. Will give it a listen ASAP.
Norahs new album is really good, must admit though I really like all her albums. You need to also try the stuff she does with her friends from around the Austin area as the Little Willies.

I like her new album "Day Breaks".  Reminds me of the her first few albums.

+ 1 on the Little Willies.

Also she did an album with the  Peter Malick Group (featuring Norah Jones) called "New York City" that is excellent!
Mofimadness, thanks for the heads up on the New York City recording, also wanted to throw out there The Foreverly album with Norah and Billie Joe Armstrong redoing the Everly Brothers Songs My Daddy Taught Us, not real familiar with BJA but these two really harmonize well together.

Nice performance by Norah 3 songs on the latest episode of Later With Jools Holland. Worth watching...cheers,
I very much agree with the Foreverly album....  I'll get DayBreaks and report back (if anyone cares about my opinion)...:)
@stringreen I like the singles I've heard on Spotify.  Waiting to hear the whole album before I buy but I agree with @jafant that pretty much everything she's done is worthwhile.
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@tooblue ,If you like that one, this is a must!
Yogiboy have had the that one for over 50 years, was actually my mom's and she played it often and I replaced with a newer copy found still sealed at a flea market about 10 years ago. I really enjoyed how Norah and Billie Joe stayed true to the original.

I must be the anomaly.  I bought the Day Breaks album having high hope for it; however, I find the album to be quite boring, not anywhere near the caliber of her Come Away With Me album.  The only track that I like is "Carry On"

I've had it a couple of weeks and I love it. I too am a huge fan of all her music and I'm pretty sure I have all of her music in my collection.

even her side projects are excellent.
I also thought it was boring.  I did like one or two of the cuts but the rest was meh.  Now just to be fair, I have only listened once.  So perhaps I will like it more with repeated listens.

I listened using Tidal through my Aurender N100 and I thought the sound quality was also average or maybe even one click below average.  It sounds muffled to me.

Any other comments about SQ?
Erndog, you are spot on about the SQ.  It is very average and indeed muffled at some parts, not on par with the Come Away With Me album.  I have all of her albums and the SQ of Day Breaks and Little Broken Hearts has to be the worst.
I have the CD version of this album and I should say, it is growing on me. I like the album in general.
+1. I have not come across a bad album from Norah Jones. Have you listened to her "Featuring" album? I think you will like it.
Sure- milpai

I own all of NJ releases on CD.  She is wonderful.
Wow...if it's more boring than Come away with Me then I'm already asleep. 
...just read a great review of Day Breaks in the Art and Music section of this week's "The Week"  (the best magazine of all time). 5 Stars for the record and the mag.
Sound quality is below average - a D rating at best.  Way too much reverberation and very muddy sounding.  Not listenable on a revealing system.  What's up with this?

Content - boring. 

And  Norah Jones is one of my favorite artist.   
joseph796, are these components still in your system or have they changed?

CD Ayon CD1
Processor Anthem DV
2 Channel Amp Gamut D200i
Speakers Gamut M5

The sound quality on the CD is pretty good. What source were you using (CD, stream, etc)? You description of the album ic completely opposite of mine.
Re:sound of the record.....  I bought the LP, which I don't have yet, but will post when I get it.  Too bad if the sound is poor.....   I commented on Norah's latter LP's of the poor sound...even wrote a letter to her to become aware of the sound quality on her recordings....  We'll see.
Would like to hear your take on the LP stringreen.
I listened to Day Breaks last night on vinyl and also found it somewhat boring. I didn't even flip to the second side. Maybe with all the hype on this album I was expecting more. The sound quality was worse than I was expecting. I will get around to playing the entire record but I am not as excited as I was before my first listen. Maybe it will grow on me. I do like Come Away With Me.
Milpai - My current dedicated 2 channel system is completely different from the components you listed in your post and consist of:
CD - Ayon CD-5
Pre - NAT Symmetrical
Amps - Merrill Thor mono blocks
Speakers - Spatial M4 Turbo S
This system is neutral & revealing and does not hide inefficiencies in recordings. Sometimes I wish my system wasn’t so honest.  PS - The recording sounds earns a C grade in my car system.

She's well and properly advertised and very good looking, but her albums and songs all sound same.

The album is good but doesn't sound as good as Come Away with Me.