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Contact -enhancer, fuses - NOS 1260 High fidelity audio cables
For those Audiogoner’s that tried 1260, did you notice any differences between power cables and signal cables?  Thanks  
Detecting differences among cables
Steve, Thank you for your reply and suggestions.  Randy 
Detecting differences among cables
@Steve,Can you please share your audition list?Many Thanks.Randy 
Pass Labs Int 25 vs Int 60
I suggest calling Reno HiFI for advice.  I bought my Pass Int 60 from them and I'm very happy with my selection.  I didn't compare the 2 amps in person.   
Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?
Yes.  I made a bid on an item with a “firm” price that was lower than the “firm” price.  Seller blocked me.  It is ironic that the item did not sell for the “firm” price and the seller lowered the price to less than the bid I made.  Go figure.   
Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members
My Opinion - A lowball offer is offering substantial below market selling price for the item being sold.  A lowball offer is not based on what a seller would like to sell an item for.   There are some items that only sell used for 15 or 20% of the... 
The Music Room
I just made my first purchase from TMR.   Good communication.  Shipped the next business day.  Great packaging.   Items as described.  I highly recommended TMR and would not hesitate in doing business with it again.  
Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?
I have a room with similar dimensions.  First, treat the room with as much acoustic products that you can.  Second, try Spatial Audio M4 speakers.  Third, enjoy. 
Subwoofer Phase Delay
Check this out.. 
Seller asked for PayPal fees after the sale. Should I pay them or not?
Does Audiogon have a written policy about a seller adding PayPal costs when  the listing is silent about who covers PayPal fees?    
Norah Jones
Milpai - My current dedicated 2 channel system is completely different from the components you listed in your post and consist of:.CD - Ayon CD-5Pre - NAT SymmetricalAmps - Merrill Thor mono blocksSpeakers - Spatial M4 Turbo S.This system is neutr... 
Norah Jones
Sound quality is below average - a D rating at best.  Way too much reverberation and very muddy sounding.  Not listenable on a revealing system.  What's up with this?Content - boring. And  Norah Jones is one of my favorite artist.    
Best Small Floorstanding Speaker under $2K
I second the Spatial Audio M4’s.  I have owned them for 3 months and they rock.  The price to performance ratio is off the charts.   
Individual International Seller Scam
That's a real bummer.Did the Parasite have a zero feedback or no prior transactions? 
My New Review of the Spatial Hologram M4 Open Baffle Speaker
Mark - Whitestix,Did your M4's experience a break in period whereby the sound changed and/or improved over time?Thanks,Randy