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what speakers would you choose for a hometheater?
Buy the biggest and best B&W's that will FIT into your space or you will never be happy. You will always have doubts as to what could have been. And, in the long run, you will wind up spending less money buying once rather than twice. 
Smartphone for the audiophile?
I have owned both and the audio quality of the iphone was much better than the HTC Android. Photo and video are much better as well. Also, there are more apps for the iphone to control computer related audio programs. 
Miami, Florida August 29, 2012
Are RSVP's required? 
"Brand New"...I don't think so
My suggestion is to redefine the Audiogon rating system. A 10 rating should be unopened in the original packaging. 9 should be like new but opened for photos, testing, etc. 
Is it worth it to add a 2 channel preamp???
You don't what you are missing if you don't try alternatives. My system sounds excellent. Just wondering if there is an opportunity to bring the system up another notch. Thanks for the replies. 
Recommendation on a modding service?
Flashunlock - Why whould you not go with and stay well away from the Upgrade Company? 
DIY Cable: Cotton
Check with VH Audio. 
Min room size for Wilson Audio Sophia or WP8
The 11' dimension is going to be the problem. I speak from experience. I used to own Sophia II's and after spending a small fortune on trying to tame the sound in a small room, sold them.If you are going to set up the speakers on the long wall, yo... 
Kaplan GS vs. Kubala Sosna Emtiions Speaker Cables
Kaplan GS's are on order!!! 
Kaplan GS vs. Kubala Sosna Emtiions Speaker Cables
I would like to thank everyone for their replies.