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Subwoofer Phase Delay
Check this out.. 
Seller asked for PayPal fees after the sale. Should I pay them or not?
Does Audiogon have a written policy about a seller adding PayPal costs when  the listing is silent about who covers PayPal fees?    
Norah Jones
Milpai - My current dedicated 2 channel system is completely different from the components you listed in your post and consist of:.CD - Ayon CD-5Pre - NAT SymmetricalAmps - Merrill Thor mono blocksSpeakers - Spatial M4 Turbo S.This system is neutr... 
Norah Jones
Sound quality is below average - a D rating at best.  Way too much reverberation and very muddy sounding.  Not listenable on a revealing system.  What's up with this?Content - boring. And  Norah Jones is one of my favorite artist.    
Best Small Floorstanding Speaker under $2K
I second the Spatial Audio M4’s.  I have owned them for 3 months and they rock.  The price to performance ratio is off the charts.   
Individual International Seller Scam
That's a real bummer.Did the Parasite have a zero feedback or no prior transactions? 
My New Review of the Spatial Hologram M4 Open Baffle Speaker
Mark - Whitestix,Did your M4's experience a break in period whereby the sound changed and/or improved over time?Thanks,Randy 
Great multichannel amps do not cut it in stereo
The new Theta Dread D Is a great amp and will compete favorably with any 2 channel amp at the SAME price point.  My Dread D is configured with 5 channels.  A great feature is 2 AC inlets that allows the amp to act like 2 mono blocks when only 2 ch... 
Best XLR IC's for around $300/pair?
Buy a $300 used cable here on audiogon that cost $1,000+ new. 
And I quote, "I did not have sexual relations with my beloved speakers." 
Balanced headphone amps
I have and highly suggest the Bryston BHA-1. It has all the flexibility that you will ever need and sounds great. Plus you get a 20 year warranty. 
Cheapest good sounding dvd player?
Oppo or Oppo! 
Have you ever deceived your wife-audio purchase
A little off topic. I always tell my wife that when I die, not to sell my guns for what I told her they cost me! 
Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under $1000
Try a used pair of Kaplan Cable speaker cables and your search will be over. 
Bad move in my opinion. W4S should come out with a completely new model rather than to hot rod an existing model.