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Rbodner, since you have a high level system, I am sure you will be able to hear an improvement with MQA. I only have an Aurender N10 streaming into a Berkeley Ref 2 MQA Dac with Tidal MQA and I prefer MQA over CD quality every time. 
Streaming vs. CD
In my system, I generally prefer the sound quality of CD's over Tidal CD, Tidal MQA or Qobuz. I admit that I do usually listen to Tidal through my Aurender N10 since it is so simple to use and I don't need to get up and switch CD's. Streaming is u... 
Dac hookup....
I prefer to use a wired connection wherever I can. Sometimes because of distance and access restrictions I need to go wireless. For Pandora background music I have a wireless connection but for Tidal MQA hi-res I use a wired connection. Every syst... 
What power cord do you like most on your amp ?
My preference now are Acoustic Zen Gargantua II cables on my McIntosh MC2301 mono's. I have tried many PC's over the years and they are my favorites so far. I haven't tried every cable out there and I have never made my own. Before the AZ's I only... 
MQA is Legit!
Strange to hear any MQA bashing from a cost or sound quality issue. In my case I only needed to spend $50 for the MQA license for my Aurender N10 to get full MQA. I already had Tidal CD quality, so no extra charge there and I already owned a MQA D... 
Confused State of affairs: CD player
Years ago I compared my Oppo 95 against a new then McIntosh MCD500. Since it was easy to do, I brought the 95 to the dealers showroom and made the comparison. I thought the MCD500 was so much better that I left the showroom with a new MCD500. I be... 
Aurender N10 and audiophile network devices
I have also found that playing ripped cd's on my N10 does not sound as good as playing the original cd through my Esoteric K-01x. If I really want to listen I always put on the CD but for ease of use I use the N10. For me, where I really find the ... 
New McIntosh amp build quality
I agree with roadsterlover. I also had a pair of MC275 VI's hocked up as monos. No problems whatsoever but I do prefer 2 to one. I now have two MC2301 mono's which I love even more. 
TIDAL-Who knows what you are hearing? Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
On my Aurender N10, I can search on Tidal Masters that are MQA only. This is my preferred way of finding and listening to music on Tidal.  
Recommended loudspeaker cable for my Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage?
I really like Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cables (a silver copper blend) connected to my Sonus Faber Strads. They should be in your price range. I only needed 6' since my amps are next to my speakers. 
Any good right angle power cables?
I purchased a Voodoo 90 degree adaptor and just connected it to a straight power cord. It worked great. 
7M or 25 ft HDMI cable for 4K UHD
I also run 25' Blue Jeans HDMI cable from my Oppo 205 a 4K projector and have never had any problems. I only run video on the HDMI also. 
Question about McIntosh & BW 800 Series for sale
I wouldn't try to sell your system as a whole since not that many will want exactly what you have. Sell your system piece by piece, you will get more $ and it will be much easier to sell.  
balanced vs. unbalanced sound quality
I find the quality of interconnect wire to make more of a difference than the connection on the end. Just because a low quality cable has a XLR connectors doesn't make it sound better than a high quality cable with RCA connectors, especially for s... 
Aurender N10 - Sound quality performance is erratic
While I like using Tidal in HiFi - 44.1 quality for auditioning music on my Aurender N10, adding MQA to the N10 for less than $50 brought my sound quality up to where I really enjoy the sound. I have a MQA DAC and non MQA DAC. Tidal MQA streamed v...