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What CD Player to replace McIntosh MCD550?
I replaced my MCD500 with an Esoteric K-03. I thought it was a significant upgrade in build and sound quality. I liked the K-03 so much, I further upgraded to the Esoteric K-01x. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
Is this really going to be the new website? I hope that A'Gon is still in the process of updating and they haven't finished yet. I went to do a search on a manufacturer and all I got back was little pictures. Please bring back all the features of ... 
Should I eliminate my preamp?
Since you already have the components, listen with your own ears. For me, I prefer having my Oppo 105D going into a processor or preamp and then into the amp. That sounds better to my ears but possibly not for yours. 
Suggestions for amp to go with MX122
I would say the most obvious choice would be a MC8207 if you are using it for HT. They are made to work and look great together. I have never had a problem with mine in my HT system. 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
For me, the K-01x simply sounds amazing playing CD, SACD, DSD and other hi res formats. It is a very musical player. It does everything for 2 channel. My only problem with it is that I don't use it enough since I am  lazy and I need to get up to s... 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
rnrmf1971, I also have a Oppo 105D and an Esoteric K-01x. I find no comparison between the two players for stereo music. I much prefer the K-01x, but as you said, it is quite a bit more expensive. For surround sound in concerts and movies the Oppo... 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
atacgene, I don't believe Esoteric makes a surround sound SACD player. I have had a K-03 and now have a K-01x and they are both exceptional for SACD stereo sound. 
MQA•Foolish New Algorithm? Vote!
When streaming Tidal, I prefer the sound of MQA Masters over non-MQA. My problem is that there needs to be more MQA albums available on Tidal that I would actually listen too.  
Optimum positioning for KEF 104.2s
Wow, great to know that your 104.2's are still working. Mine died after 30 years of sweet sounds. I preferred the 104.2's out from the front wall and away from the side walls as much as possible. I prefer this for most speakers but furniture place... 
Best Footers for DAC?
I like Stillpoints SS minis under my N10. I preferred them over Symposium Rollerballs. I do like a Symposium Svelte Shelf under every component. 
McIntosh Mx151 vs. Krell Foundation vs Arcam AV 860
I have a McIntosh MX136 and MX121 and have had a MX120. They have all worked flawlessly. I also have had 3 Arcam HT processors and all 3 died. Never again Arcam for me. I have never owned Krell.  
Please recommend a McIntosh preamp
When I had a MC352, I had it paired with a C2300. I like the sound of a tube preamp with all the power of a SS amp. 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
I would 2nd Gooses recommendation of going to Suncoast Audio in Sarasota. Mike the owner, has just opened his new store and it is filled with fantastic audio components. He is very easy to deal with and is very knowledgeable about audio products. ... 
Newest Aqusition, McIntosh MA6600 Integrated
I have also purchased a lot of McIntosh gear from Audio Classics. A great bunch of guys to do business with. It is only about 100 miles for me though. When my son lived in Binghamton, I would buy a new piece every time I visited. 
Amp for Acoustic Zen Crescendo 2 ?
I had the upgraded Crescendo 1's for a few years. I loved those speakers. It was difficult to replace them with something I liked even better. I used both a tube and SS amps with them. I preferred the SS with more power but only by a slight margin...