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I give up ..acoustic treatment for room with vinyl plank flooring
No George.....not that way 
Diagnosing a spitting/popping channel- need some help!
Tap on each tube with the  end of a pencil....if you get the pop, clean the pins of the tube 
Vandersteen 2WQ Subs and ARC Power amp
Audioconnection... you are a wonderful  asset to the audiophile community Thanks 
Calling on Vandersteen 5a owners
I'm  using all Ayre electronics 
Calling on Vandersteen 5a owners
I have 5As in the Kowazinga finish.  I had a pro refinisher at my house to repair some furniture scratches...he commented the finish on my 5As are fabulous. 
Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic
I have an all Ayre system that  is differentially balanced...phono to pre, pre to amp, cd to preamp.  I use Doug's  cable type made by Audio Sensibilities.   Better sound than my high priced silver. 
VPI Uni-Pivit Tone Arms
With that second pivot...   screw the side weights all the way in...the arm will lightly rest on the second pivot....adjust the second pivot screw to adjust azimuth.  Very easy to do and very rewarding.  It cost 150 dollars and makes the arm much ... 
Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?
I tried many and found warts in all.  Try them in your own system 
Vandersteen 2WQ Subs and ARC Power amp
Scott...don't you have batteries in the silver box where you change the input values? 
Worth pursuing analog sound from digital?
I have an Ayre C5xemp.. and vinyl....they sound different but both are enjoyable 
Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?
I agree.  Wireworld was good in my system as well.....however all wire sounds different in different  systems.   Try them all and keep the keeper 
Vandersteen 2WQ Subs and ARC Power amp
You probably do have the wrong values...also, when were the batteries changed? 
Is flat frequency response a hoax?
Even before it was recorded it isn’t flat. I played Carnegie Hall in NY, and Avery Fischer in NY, and my instrument sounds way different in each hall 
Ceramic insulator cone under phono stage shocker!
Everything  matters in this hobby.  Sure ceramic footers are fine, but brass works better in MY system.  ...what ever sounds best to you is the proper answer. 
What is the Best Tool to Measure Cartridge Azimuth?
For those who are using a mirror make sure you have one that is slivered on the same surface as you rest the stylus, or you will set it wrong.  ( you can get the proper mirror from a camera repair)