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Responses from stringreen

Super tweeter for FullRange Driver
My Vandersteen speakers have an additional rear firing tweeter that is adjustable/off.   Using the tweeter, it sounds bigger, but the pinpoint imaging is gone. Off for me is preferred. 
Referent point
To these ears what horns do better than most is their ability to get closer to the dynamics of live music. 
My Experience With Tekton
I've been sitting on the stage for many years, and can tell you that's the worst seat in the house.  I've had the piccolo/flute in my ears for too many of them. 
Favorite conductors for composers
Bernstein is my god. 
I have a Burmeister in my Porsche.....don't bother.    Driving faster than 20 miles an hour and its the same as the Bose. 
Townshend Springs under Speakers
I have witnessed the respect and difference of a once real poster on these pages go into the dumps.   Too bad....  Its all about attitude...   I won't be listening anymore. 
Townshend Springs under Speakers
What makes me gun-shy about getting the springs is that I tried Herbies things under my 5A's (a large step backward), Vandersteen's comments, (the speakers are time aligned and float a gorgeous tone picture...my thinking is that if the speaker can... 
Ayre V-3 Audio Improvements
I have an Ayre V1 that I thought was operating  below expectation.   I sent it to Ayre who did a few things (maybe 1000 dollars or so) which rejuvenated it to be used another 10 years or so.  ..among other things, they put a tape on the cooling fi... 
My stereo is haunted!!
Are they working on your cable/power lines in your area?.... 
What Integrated Amp do You use
There is nothing better than Legacy Audio 1.V4.....look up the review on Dagogo 
Keeping your amplifier ON forever....?
A few years ago, a lightening strike took out a Vandersteen amp.   Got a whole house protector in the main electrical box.....all good now, even after lightening strikes here in Arizona. 
Best kept secret in AC line filtering conditioning
I tried a number of power conditioners.....they all had issues I couldn't live with.   Im using Furutech carbon fiber plugs on Acrolink cable  right into the wall. Carbon Fiber face plates.....Maestro plugs.   seems good to me. 
Keeping your amplifier ON forever....?
hshifi....just a suggestion re: Ayre.  My Ayre preamp has 2 output pairs....I use one for the main speakers and the other for a separate headphone amp. With my preamp, the sound is better when only one of those outputs are connected at a time. The... 
Should I trust movers with my equipment?
Sometimes you have to....carefully pack what you can in the shipping boxes that you got them in...buy new ones if you didn't save them......hand carry your cartridge/arm/turntable separately  
Replacement power cord, Hafler 9180
Home Depot has them