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Favorite Headphone Stands - What do you look for?
I don't understand the value....I put my headphones on the table with the other components....perfectly fine 
I blew up my receiver. Now what?
I thought the different plug design doesn't allow you to do this kind of damage. 
Is a captured good tonearm cable better than a high quality one DIN connection?
Very little difference....captured wins and if you don't need to unplug it, then choose captured.   I doubt you could hear a difference. 
Is my Stylus damaged?
No.....if it looks centered and ok, just play a record 
The most criminal practice in the speaker industry revealed!! Keep reading
If you're working in your garage.....bluetooth earphones would be good.  Cheaper and better than any speaker you would get. 
Tannoy Speaker Owners
Tannoys are too good to use with NAD 
IMHO (and friend's) opinion of acrylic platter
..just my personal experience.   When I got rid of the acrylic platter on my VPI and put on the Classic, metal platter.....it was as though I removed a blanket from my system. 
Crossfeed circuits
I have crossfeed on my headphone amp.....decided not to use that option. 
IMHO (and friend's) opinion of acrylic platter
another confirmation that everything makes a difference. 
Got a BAT VK-225se ... Holy Moly!
Brand matching can’t be better.....I have an all Ayre system and have confidence my system is at its optimum too 
Headphones .......... Huh?
Its true....I just got a pair of Grado GR10E in ear phones that are plugged into a 200 dollar Sony Walkman music player.....better than my multi-Thousand dollar system. I hear instruments that I didn't know were on the record....clarity, bass exte... 
A Couple Little Things I'm Wondering About
I tried the lifter and the grounding caps....neither worked for my system.  No difference at all 
Is there a logical successor to the mighty Sennheiser HD414/424?
Listen to Grado earphones....not that expensive and very musical 
Periphery outer ring thoughts ?
I use my outer ring all the time, but the turntable was designed for it. ..VPI  Make sure you won't hurt your bearings with the extra weight, and too that the motor is strong for the task...make sure your arm is adjustable for the added height you... 
Pink Floyd and Weed
grm.....I just got Grado GR10E phones.  They are in ear, yet if teamed with a really good amp, are faster, cleaner, more solid low end, etc. than my 650's