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Why not?
Ayre cables are Cardas.....when I got all my Ayre stuff, I got their cables as well which didn't work for me.  
Widow here: I have a REGA-related question
I wouldn't suspect there would be much different if they can be attached.    
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Thiel CS something or other, but really good  
Transients hurting my ears on hifi solid state amps
I had that happen to me.....I sent the speaker back to the manufacturer who fixed the problem,  
What should I expect moving from MM to MC?
to my ears, the Blue Point  seemed too bright....could have been the system.  
Open invite
Im in Scottsdale, Az if anyone is interested  
Power cords or power conditioner
power cord - si......power condition- non  
Shave your CDs
nonuse.....Astro are really fine, but try Dorco Prime Platinum....smoother still  
Harman Kardon Citation Amp 12 and B & W Nautilus 803 Speakers
I had a Citation amp.....very nice.... I'm sure it will be fine  
Does a turntable make a DRAMATIC difference?
no it won't make a big difference.....it "might" make a difference you might like or not, but nothing approaching a big difference.  
Original Sonus faber cremona auditor again?
Richard Vandersteen is another Arnie Nudell  
First record cleaner
I have a NittyGritty and hardly use it.   All you need is a good record brush  
Shakti Stone
Get a big rock from your garden and put it on top of any component .....  
purchasing used Ayre V-5xe? good purchase?
I have an Ayre V1xe....a little more fuller/muscle sound.  The Ayre people are excellent and service all their stuff to brand new specs.  Be sure to use your new Ayre with balanced connections ...makes a difference.   I have all differentially bal... 
I think I just smoked my Amp
Check for fuses....that happened to me with my Ayre....sent it back to Ayre (expensive)....just replaced a fuse and sent it back.