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My first tube integrated: which one to get?
Separates are better  
Do Costly XLR Cables Make A Difference?
it will make a difference if the XLR cables connect 2 components that are both differentially balanced.  
Advice on Repairs for Audio Research VT100 Mk II
I agree with Cleeds......I sent back my Ayre solid state amp and it cost me about that for a couple of resistors that were a bit out of spec.  
Stylus skipping at beginning of record
nothing to do with antiskate.....raise the rear end of your tonearm.  Then adjust for all the other parameters  
For Vandersteen owners & lovers: Which other brands do you like?
I have 5A's.....use Ayre electronics with great satisfaction  
Balanced vs. Single Ended Interconnects
Help! Trying to pick an amp/preamp for an Acoustat 1+1s
I had Accoustats...started on fire.....glad I was home to put it out  
Ultrasonic record cleaners
I have one but rarely use it...just takes up space.  Not worth the time or expense of having it.  It may provide a very slightly positive difference but only if you concentrate on the sound...I concentrate on the music  
Ultrasonic record cleaners
a waste  
TV Audio to Wireless Headphones
Check out the Sennheiser HD 175...I have them ....sounds really, really good  
Comparing Grace F9 to Empire EDR9 cartridge
To easily make the cartridge heavier, add a dab of  BluTac under the head shell  
Sad songs- We love them- We need them
Cold.....Chris Stapleton  
Turntable suggestions for a shaky wooden floor
mount it on the wall   use brackets or secure your shelfl....your issue will be gone  
Cables to settle brightness
don't fix the brightness with cables....fix it by getting rid of the brightness in the system.  
would I benefit getting a balanced amp (BAT 55se) - given my pre-amp is RCA output
no...you need differentially balanced equipment throughout to make a meaningful difference.