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Why no tube loaner/testdrives--It's hard being an audiophile
I'd say the reason there are no "tube loaners" is that tubes don't have serial numbers so someone could borrow a new set and return a spent set. Cables don't have serial numbers either, but they aren't consumed with use. 
Audio Technica ART9 sounds awful
The soundstage is shifted to the left. I never heard either situation from the 10x5... Well it would seem that there is something wrong here, either with the cartridge itself or installation/setup. 
Tekton Double Impacts
I have owned 2 pairs of Eric's speakers, still own one pair. Without question great value for the money. I spoke to Eric on the phone several times and was impressed, seems like a real good guy.Someone in this thread is posting not about pseudo sc... 
Parallel SET with sufficient power
2 for 2.That's all the advice I would need. 
What to do with old LP inner sleeve?
If the original inner sleeve has info specific to the album I keep it. If it's just one of those so very common generic label advertisement sleeves I chuck it. I don't care about the generics, and I doubt anyone else does either.  
A speaker that looks like a driver or a driver that looks like a speaker?
Can you get one finished, or do they only come in kit form? 
Anticables: Scam?
I went on the site of Anticables. Looks less impressive than Radio Shack. $600 for a pair? Really? Thanks for letting us know. I'll share this with our local audio club. Share what, that they need a better website? 
What is best tweeter height for the Devore O/96?
The 0/96s sure do sound nice to me, and I think the look is really nice. I own the somewhat similar Ponginae P/99s from a different manufacturer.Are the DeVores worth the price tag? If you believe they are then they are, same as everything else. 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
@Avanti - In my system I can only compare to my Rega Apollo CD player, but of course I have heard many other good digital sources.The Art-9 is pretty much the opposite of dull/dark in my system. I bi-amp and have the ability to adjust tweeter vs. ... 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
I have only about 10 hrs. on the Art-9 after 2 weeks (travel, just gets in the way sometimes). I have the loading on my Pass Labs Ono @ 1,000R and have not played with it. I haven't played with VTF either, it is set at factory recommen... 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
j_damon - I don't know how common it is to have a bent canti, but I just received my Art-9 today and it is perfectly straight. Not sure what cart you're coming from but to me it's worth the price already, even before break-in. 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
Pani good to hear about the Cadenda Blue because it would have been exactly that cartridge or the Dyna XX2 for me. papa - Newcastle works for me.I'll give my impressions after I receive it and let it settle in. 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
All I can say is you guys better be right about the ART-9. Based completely on your raves in this thread I ordered one, shipped today from LP Gear. Of course I never have bought anything because of some dudes on the internet, but hey what the heck... 
Is it a OK to leave tube pre-amps powede up 24/7
Cant's tubes short, and even explode? Is it wise to leave them on if you are not around to leap up and turn the system off? Well if they're gonna explode I'm not gonna turn 'em on when I'm in the room!! 
Launch of Zu Audio Experiences loudspeakers
Kalali - In one of the online reports I read, the author "guessed" around $30K