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Theory behind well tempered tonearm?
If you go to the Well Tempered Lab website you can read about it under the Blog section.I have the Amadeus MKII and was skeptical about this before I heard it. 
TX audio stores in Austin or San Antonio?
I'm pretty sure you need an appointment for Ne Plus, but you may want to check.Audio Systems has been around for a very long time, carries (carried??) AR, Prima Luna, other tube integrated lines.http://www.audiosystems.com/Whetstone carries Line M... 
Speaker distance
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXohzklfwPs This might make it easier. btw: Just click on the Insert URL iconEdit - Here is the short versionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itZGbEdGF_Y 
Vacuum tube suppliers
sfar1,296 posts01-04-2018 5:48pmVery highly recommend Jim McShane. Hand picked, fully tested and matched tubes and a great person to do business with. mcshanedesign.net/tubes.htmMcShane all the way.   
Why is good, deep bass so difficult? - Myths and their Busters
I don't think your 15" sub will keep up with your 6.5" midrange. Not much cohesiveness. To each his own. Imagine how much trouble his 6.5" midrange has keeping up with his 2" tweeter :) 
Aric Audio Systems Unlimited Preamp
I have a DIY WECO 91A clone, 2A3 with Electra Print output transformers. I run JJ 2A3-40s as well. I use it to drive my tweeters. I've always thought it was a nice amp, and the EPs and JJs both were nice upgrades. Hope you enjoy! 
I guess I have to sell my Tekton Enzos
It's okay for an owner of the speaker to say that, but it is inappropriate for the manufacturer of the speaker to do the same. Just curious - Why is it inappropriate? Some might say "I love that guy, he tells it like it is. He doesn't BS, he's... 
Tekton Double Impact & Comb Filtering
missioncoonery624 posts08-13-2017 8:51pmEric.....If you have few buyers returning speakers then why don't you simply take them back on your dime.If what you say is true seems a no brainer as that's one of your stumbling blocks with me.I would al... 
Directionality of wire
Sebrof, I think I know. I went into the archives and scanned many of your posts. Now I remember you. Geoff, I seriously doubt I'm anywhere near the top of the list of people you have reason to remember...  :) :) :)(But you did make me look at... 
Directionality of wire
sebrof>>>>What a tease! I will take the secret as to the identity of those I referenced in my earlier post to my grave!! Nobody will ever find out ;) 
Directionality of wire
There are a couple of guys here on A-Gon that, when I see they posted in a thread, even if the topic is of no interest to me I usually click and read. I often learn something. There are a couple of guys here on A-Gon that, when I see they posted i... 
Tekton Double Impacts
Thanks Vitop. I'd be happy to drive from Austin to hear the DIs, but I don't want to set up an appointment when I have no intention to purchase.Maybe I'll stumble upon another opportunity.You guys enjoy your speaks!! 
Tekton Double Impacts
This thread...Wow. Just, wow. Talk about legs.Any of you guys in Texas? I’ll bring a six pack, or a bottle of good Scotch. Some high quality H2O, whatever. I’d love to hear these.(I owned Lores when they were first released and thought they were a... 
Tekton Impact
BTW, my post name is NOT meant to represent Tekton Designs.  It was just a name I picked because non of the other 25 names I picked worked... I suggest either putting that quote at the bottom of every one of your posts or changing your moniker,... 
Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left/ Is it just a bad recording
A little off topic I apologize, but if you like that ND album you may enjoy the Jason Parker Quartet's version. Available for download or CD, sounds very nice to me.http://music.oneworkingmusician.com/album/five-leaves-left-a-tribute-to-nick-drake