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Who is the best singer of the world ?
That tulips song knocks me out every time! 
Klyne vs 47 Labs phono stage
Klyne’s products have a pretty good reputation and usually sell quickly. I’d say buy the 6 and do a comparison and if it’s a no go then resell. I have a 6PE stand alone phono and although I think it’s excellent (I bought it used for $700) I compar... 
Austin TX — February, 2009
Jafant we meet about once a month or every other month when someone offers to have people over. Nothing formal. The next event will be at Whetstone Audio on April 2nd 2016 when Brian will host John DeVore of DeVore fidelity and Mike Pranka US dist... 
Austin TX — February, 2009
No problem - It's always good to get some guys together and listen to music and talk audio. And nobody fell down even once!How are those Sophia tubes sounding? 
Which system would you rather have?
"The more I experiment with the Chinese Boutique Brands the more I am convinced that in this day & age you do NOT have to settle for an unbalanced system.$500.00 Tube Integrated amps that outperform $10,000.00 amps from 5 years ago!$100.00 DAC... 
Austin TX — February, 2009
jwmacousticsDetailsDiscussionsPostsThis discussion1 posts12-10-2015 11:29am Edit DeleteWell this is nice. We will be opening another manufacturing shop in Austin soon and can't wait to meet some of the locals! Yeah! Joshua, you met some of us alre... 
Why Audiophiles need cats .. watch short video
Now that is pretty funny...and so obvious. How many audiophile/cat lovers are saying, "Why didn't I think of that?!?"Thanks for posting 
Specific SS phono stage suggestions 1K budget
I've read really good things about the Lounge Audio LCR phono. I'd love to hear one...I'd buy one to check it out but I have a LOMC cartridge 
Rega RP8 and alternatives in $3000-4000 range
I compared my old Rega P3 to the Amadeus MKII at my dealer's and I thought the Amadeus sounded much better (it should considering prices). Same cart, system, etc.But there was also a Rega RP10 and I listened to that in the same system. Different c... 
Jazz for late night relaxation
Kenny Burrell God Bless the ChildDexter Gordon Ballads 
Amp for a tweeter
I run a PP EL34 amp (30 Watt) on the woofer/mids and a 2A3 SET amp (3 Watt) on the tweeters. Works for me. 
Any thoughts on passive v. active speakers?
One friend drove a Lamborghini to RMAF and sat in the sweet spot in the best room at the show.One friend drove a golf cart to RMAF and sat in the parking lot and listened to AM radio.Who do you think enjoyed the show more?The guy in the parking lo... 
CD Spkr Set-Up ?
Interesting, Geoffkait. Thanks.Only issue is if you have big speakers... 
CD Spkr Set-Up ?
Can you guys go into a little detail on how you use the CD to set up speakers?TIA 
help me choosing first HiFi
I agree with BG's suggestions, particularly his Second suggestion.The way the system sounds the day you drop it in won't necessarily be the way it sounds in weeks or months. It takes time, probably a combination of getting accustomed to the sound,...