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Well Tempered Amadeus Belts
slaw7,811 posts11-09-2019 8:[email protected],OK. The problem is the knot. When there is a way around (ha ha) a knot, and a better sounding solution, why not go that route?Sounds good...but what is that route? 
Well Tempered Amadeus Belts
mr m nailed it, that is the only way to go. I have that table and will never need to buy another belt. I went to the hobby store and bought the mono filament thread (polyester) in the link. I made the jig that was shown in the instructions that ca... 
Wife trouble
My wife told me to stop singing the song I'm A Believer by the Monkeys. At first I thought she was joking....But then I saw her face 
New Preamp arrived....
I bought a used Quicksilver preamp years ago, SN 0005. This was my first try at anything with tubes in it. It replaced and Adcom preamp. I was blown away by how much more I heard from the Quickie. I think speakers and tubes more than anything else... 
Solar Panel and Inverter Recent Audio Lessons Learned
I had solar panels installed above my listening room about a year ago and didn't notice anything different. But almost all of my listening is either before sunrise or after dark 
I'm looking to learn about Air Motion Transformer technology
I have a DIY pair of 2-ways and used the "Great" Heil AMT (the big AMTs, almost certainly from an old pair of ESS speakers) along with Altec 416s. After a couple of years I switched to the Beyma TPL150 AMTs. The Heils are bipoles with an open back... 
Something I made :)
Wow very cool. Thanks for sharing that...I want one!! 
Why HiFi manufacturers don't make active crossovers anymore?
The FirstWatt B4 is 2-way. I have one in my system 
What improvements did you hear in going from entry level to high end Audio?
I remember when I was first shopping for audio, looking for my first "real" system. I asked the sales guy why I would but a separate preamp and amp and not a receiver. He said he would demonstrate. He played a song on the receiver and then the sep... 
The better (artist)....
IMO:, Courtney is the superior artist.  Well yeah, the other one is dead, so... 
Theory behind well tempered tonearm?
If you go to the Well Tempered Lab website you can read about it under the Blog section.I have the Amadeus MKII and was skeptical about this before I heard it. 
TX audio stores in Austin or San Antonio?
I'm pretty sure you need an appointment for Ne Plus, but you may want to check.Audio Systems has been around for a very long time, carries (carried??) AR, Prima Luna, other tube integrated lines.http://www.audiosystems.com/Whetstone carries Line M... 
Speaker distance
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXohzklfwPs This might make it easier. btw: Just click on the Insert URL iconEdit - Here is the short versionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itZGbEdGF_Y 
Vacuum tube suppliers
sfar1,296 posts01-04-2018 5:48pmVery highly recommend Jim McShane. Hand picked, fully tested and matched tubes and a great person to do business with. mcshanedesign.net/tubes.htmMcShane all the way.   
Why is good, deep bass so difficult? - Myths and their Busters
I don't think your 15" sub will keep up with your 6.5" midrange. Not much cohesiveness. To each his own. Imagine how much trouble his 6.5" midrange has keeping up with his 2" tweeter :)