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I am no longer getting MQA?
My Lumin T2 just got a firmware update and the release notes indicated that there was an update to the MQA decoder (although they didn't say why the update was needed).  I don't have Tidal and, therefore, don't stream MQA but perhaps your Auralic ... 
Is Radio Paradise the only free CD quality internet radio station?
There are quite a few.  I snagged this link quite a while ago (probably from a post here but I can't remember).  
Any Audiophile Quality Internet Radio Stations Out There?
Radio Paradise is hard to beat.  They have a CD-quality stream.Try this site:  
Ok now I am frustrated with streaming
I am running a brand new Asus AC3100 router and it has a few ports One thing I would do (if you haven't already) is check for firmware updates to your Asus.  New wireless routers are shipped all the time with immature firmware which eventually g... 
Pop up ad blocker?
uBlock Origin. 
Do you ever have to re-break-in speakers?
OP, In my experience, yes.  I had the same situation as you where the previous owner hadn't used them in a while.  The bass was anemic when I first started playing them but, after 10-15 hours or so, they started to loosen up.  It's not hard to ima... 
Qobuz users ... What the?
Additional information.I've had some time to do more investigating and apparently many of the non-HiRes badged 2L label albums on Qobuz are (at least tagged as) encoded as MQA.  I say "at least tagged as" because I encountered on album today that ... 
How do you use Tidal with you local library?
OP  I'm about the same age as you and intend to give Roon a try soon with the trial.  However, they just upped the lifetime license cost and, at $699, it takes almost six years to break even vs. yearly.  A LOT can happen in the digital streaming w... 
Qobuz users ... What the?
@sonicjoy They all play as 16/44 on the Windows and Android apps. I’m betting you see the same thing. Thanks for checking.  And yes, there's some interesting stuff there.  Not all of it is to my taste but I don't think I had to skip a single track... 
Were you naughty or nice? What did Santa bring you! Audio related only please!
@mr_m You must be my long lost twin then because the Santa that brought me my Lumin T2 looked like me! 
Confused and need help
What leads you to believe that the Maggies are "going faulty"?  Is it just because they've lost some sparkle?  If so, I'm with @mijostyn.  When was the last time you replaced the tubes in the LS17?  Good NOS tubes in a preamp can definitely bring ... 
Is it even possible to set up a system in 12x12 room?
Another thing that you can try is to toe the speakers in so that they cross in front of your listening position.  Looks weird but it can work in some circumstances. 
Stumped by preamp-amp issues
Have you checked the speaker cables?  I would imagine a partial short could cause what you're seeing/hearing.  The act of disconnecting and reconnecting the cables might have reoriented the cables so that they aren't shorted anymore.  Do you have ... 
Tube Rolling for Pre-amps?
@n80  The National 7DJ8 platinum is also what I just got for my BAT (replacing Phillips 7DJ8s which were no longer available).  I'd say that's a pretty solid recommendation.  Dick 
Tube Rolling for Pre-amps?
@n80 As a person with a tube preamp and a SS amp, I'll share my 2 cents.Many prefer to have both a tube preamp and a tube amp.  You get the full effect of the tube sound that way (depending on the equipment as some are more "tubey" than others).  ...