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Jailhouse Rock Dancin'
Ain't that the bees knees. Enjoy the music  
@nonoise ​​​​@cleeds +1  
Watermelon test for audiophiles!
I like my melons with a fifth of rum turned up to spike them. Enjoy the music and the melon  
Woody Shaw- Blackstone Legacy
Thanks, I will report back. Enjoy the music  
Am I missing anything?
Well, they'll stone you when you're tryin to be good, they'll stone you just like they said they would, they'll stone ya when you're tryin' to go home............  
Am I missing anything?
@dill he didn't, he posted it in the want ads.  
Mobile Fidelity Claim Form & Documents
@mofimadness they did not in mine. Enjoy the music  
Stephen Stills
Always been a fan of CSNY and have enjoyed their music for longer than I care to mention, WTS, Neil Young has always been one of my go to artist and in steady rotation in my home. About 10 years ago the album For What It's worth came up for reissu... 
Best sounding headphones you have owned?
The Hifiman HE1000v2s are the best sounding phones I have ever used/owned and they were not the most expensive ones either, once you put them on you just listen to music. They are fairly easy to drive, drove mine with a Dennis Had Inspire tube hea... 
Will Vincent ST-70 Tube Amp
Will sold his rebuilt ST70 Dynaco amps on this site till he got frustrated with some of the posters here and switched his sales to US Audio Mart. WTS, I did a lot of research on his amps and some of the competitors that do, IMO a quality build as ... 
Going back to headphone ?
Good to see you back. Enjoy the music  
Tina turner Dead at 83
What a great loss to the music industry and music in general. Loved her in all her different stages but those early years with Ike were so very special to my ears and what I love about music to this day. She will be missed. Enjoy the music  
Dynavector XV-1S
Steve @ VAS is a great option, currently run a XV1s with his retip on the original cantilever with close to 700 hours in and it sounds wonderful. Also if you can stand the wait time, Soundsmith would be my first option for a rebuild and I would pr... 
Anyone Here Familiar With Zydeco?
Being from south Louisiana, I was brought up on Zydeco and Beua Jacque (pronounced Bo Joc) is a treat but if you really want to test your system there is no better than Major Handys releases on the Blue Heaven label, one is a direct to disc that i... 
VPI JMW 9 wire problem
I am hoping you disconnected the plug before dressing the wires to obtain the desired antiskate.