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Anyone running a tube preamp with a Pass XA25?
No experience with the XA25 but do have a XA30.5 in my system and it couples wonderfully with my Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe that will be offered here on Audiogon for sale this evening or tomorrow. Enjoy the music 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
Pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun. 
Can I place outdoor screen over air vents on top of my amplifier vs. dust/hair entering?
I would give it a try, but get a feel for the operating temp before the screen and after to see what the actual difference would be. Enjoy the music 
@teo_audio, stop it right now. Sitting at home in Houston, no power, no water and busted pipes with severe damage to home and that is the first time I have smiled since Monday morning. Enjoy yhe music 
Greatest Audiogon Audiophiles ever and the GOAT
@dekay , you had me right up to Gabe, that guy's an ass. 
RIP Chick Corea
He will be missed, RIP.  
Audio repair in Houston Texas area?
Bammel TV is the last place I would go, follow the posting above for the # and address for Save On Sound, a little quirky but does good quality work at a reasonable price. Enjoy the music 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
FWIW the dealer is running an advertisement on that product mentioned as well as others on this site. I don't believe it works in my interest as a potential buyer and user of a product for a dealer to have to sit on his hands to keep from clapping... 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
@ozzy62 , So I really didn't miss your point did I. Now you can get back on duty to policing the forum and thank you for your service. 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
@ozzy62 , So please enlighten me to what your point is. 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
@ozzy62 , I didn't know we needed permission from anyone to have an opinion, but I will check with you in the future so not to offend the people policing these things. Enjoy the music 
Pivot to Spindle distance
Mark, just went to your system page, good looking system by the way but I have a question for you. In the description of your table you make reference to the 10 inch arm doesn't sound much different from the 9 inch arm it replaced, my question is,... 
Upgrade cartridge or something else?
When you have a product as good as the Teo Audio CBP cartridge at the ridiculous price and a money back guarantee that they are selling it for, it would be shameful not to bring it up. Just sayin. enjoy the music 
Vinyl headache from hell!!!
Oh by the way, beautiful system. 
Vinyl headache from hell!!!
Please explain when you said, if I start it in the middle chances are the record will play fine. This makes me believe that some times it doesn't. In either case I would go through the process of resetting up your arm/cart from scratch. Good luck ...