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Attenuation pad
I have used the Rothwell inline attenuation,10db, for the past 10 years with great success, seems I have always fought with the problem of too much gain and longed for more volume control. Others have claimed they hear a difference with and withou... 
Got My First Tubes ! What the heck do I do now!?!?! (Nube status)
What the neck do I do now? Turn around and walk slowly away, don't look back and never mention it again and you will be ok, otherwise it sounds like you might be in for the long haul and if so, enjoy 
Phone pre needed. Information overloaded
Just took possession of an Aural Thrills Audio Serenade tube phono, it is 50db of gain in M&M and 60 in MC stage runs on 4 12AX7s and 3 for the MM. Bought for my headphone system after adding a table and after just 50 hours I have to say it is... 
Ugh....dropped the stylus on the platter
Have given an arm and cart a ride a few times, just the most recent one, about a year ago, needed to be sent to Soundsmith for a suspension adjustment and it was probably because of the gross weight of the DRT XV1s in question. As a rule I always ... 
This is a brilliant interview of Keith
Keith Richards, very much a legend in his own time and rightfully so. 
Lyra Kleos or Kleos SL?
As a rule of thumb, always go with the lower output as long as your phono will play well with it. Your Phono has 60 db of gain I believe, so you should be fine. The Lyra SL is .24mv output and when I had the JC3 in house it played everthing I thre... 
problem with volume control on a tube headphone amp
UPDATE. emailed Yamamoto and he sent me the part # for the ALPS control that he sources from Mouser Electronics and it is on its way. I am a fairly hands on guy and believe I will install this myself, wish me luck. 
Is this a good idea?
@millercarbon, why? Because I want to and to take any break in or burn in our of the equation so when they are introduced into the system they can be judged without wondering what if. These are three separate offerings from Cardas, all directional... 
Anyone using DS-Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner??
You can actually see the gel start to cloud up so I just rotate it around to a clean spot when that becomes obvious, but about once a year. 
Anyone using DS-Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner??
By the way, how is that new table working out? Congratulations on your good health. 
Anyone using DS-Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner??
I have had mine about a year and it does the job replacing another like product that also works well. Yes, use it before each play of each side, I also use a very long bristled brush to knock off the big stuff to keep the ST-50 cleaner. 
problem with volume control on a tube headphone amp
@jondĀ , both soures, CD and phono. 
problem with volume control on a tube headphone amp
Update. Cleaned the volume pod with a good electrical contact cleaner and let it sit overnight to dry out, plugged everything back in this morning and gave it a try. Results were not good, problem still there, seems that the left channel is at a f... 
problem with volume control on a tube headphone amp
@elizabeth , swapped tubes right off to no satisfaction. @glennewdick, thanks for that on the WD40 and I will use a qualified contact cleaner. 
US Customs fees. What should I expect ?
I have ordered 3 pieces from Yamamoto Soundcraft in Japan over the last 5 years, the first one costing $900.00 was never taxed the second costing $2800.00 was never taxed the third costing $1650.00 was taxed at what looks to be just short of 2% an...