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How Do You Live The Audiophile Life
Feet proped up, black Russian in hand, brownie on the side, spinning vinyl. Thanks for asking. Enjoy the music 
Is it a gender disorder?
Yes, I believe for the most part it is gender driven, with the caveat that there are exceptions to that rule. My wife is fine listening to music on her I phone and or through the speakers in the tv, I on the other hand can listen to the same only ... 
3 Albums To Be Stranded With On A Desert Island
@theo , Gilligan will for sure damage the cart, so the question would be, is the Professor there to repair it with a coconut? Enjoy the music, three albums at a time. 
If we start culling out gear because it might be over hyped, what's left? Enjoy the music 
Retipping Cartridge
Reminds me of a Dr. John song, Blow wind Blow. 
Retipping Cartridge
Thank you for your very sufficient feedback on your retip service from Needleclinic, I currently use Soundsmith for this service but it is always good to know that their are other competent service providers as we roll into a new norm. Enjoy the m... 
Best debut album
@oregon, good call on the Los Lobos 
Cardas Clear Rev 1 IC
@decooney , good advice given above and being the third owner in lieu of patience is a given. Enjoy the music 
Phono Stage for a VPI Prime Scout
What cartridge are you planning on? Aural Thrills Audio Serenade might be a contender, mm and mc and runs 4 12AX7 tubes, retails for $1000.00. Check it out. I bought one 6 months ago and love it in my headphone setup. Enjoy the music 
Best debut album
Los Lobos/How Will The Wolf Survive? 
Best debut album
First and last. David and David/Boomtown 
Best debut album
Great mentions already, here's a few more. ZZTop/ZZ Tops First A!bum, Steve Earle/Guitar Town, J Geils/S/T, Elvis Costello/My Aim Is True, Joe Jackson/Look Sharp. Enjoy the music 
Anyone have experience with a Zesto Andros 1.2?
@ebm , +1 
Is VTA and SRA the same thing?
@solypsa, thank you for stating the obvious. +1 
PSVANE 12Au7 12At7 12Ax7 "-T MKII" 2020 production run of small signal/driver tubes
The Psvane tubes that I installed in the QS 120s had been broken in with other pieces of gear prior to being installed in the 120s. I find your response of uniqueness with the Psvanes with the KT150s very telling and accurate. I find they add a li...