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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Started with Nic waterhouse/Holly, John Prine/The Tree of Forgivness, Johnny Jenkins/Ton Ton Macoute!, J. Geils Band/first album, Rosanne Cash/The River and the Thread and finished with Bob Dylan/Slow Train Coming. WOW great night. 
Most impressive youtube demo clips
@sbank , +++++++ 
Unexpected Tom Petty "stamper" discovery
That is really cool.  
Do you ever do this before you listen?
Yes, do it before I listen and again as necessary while listening due to sinus issues. 
Speaker Cable Advice
@nekoaudio, yes I have the Holograms configured in single wire and they really do the job nicely but found out after I had purchased them 6 years ago that AZ recommends them for biwire and the Satori for single wire applications. Cheers 
Brand New Warped albums!
@slaw , just googled the Vinyl Flat and that is interesting. Do you use it with the Groovy Pouch they offer for the heating or do you use the oven. Don't get many albums where this would be needed since I use a record clamp with a peripheral ring ... 
Are ferrites effective for cabling?
@elizabeth , thanks for the smile. @wisciman99, sorry for the intrusion. 
Are ferrites effective for cabling?
@elizabeth , if you fine tune your system a bit maybe with a ferrite or weasel, you would of heard them. 
Are ferrites effective for cabling?
If the ferrites don't work try a few small weasels. 
Speaker Cable Advice
The Acoustic Zen cables are very good and a lot of bang for the buck, I believe the Satori are configured for single wire hook ups where the Holograms are configured for biwire applications. I am running the Hologram IIs in my system and see no re... 
Vinyl Sleeves and Jackets
Yeah put mine in a MF sleeve as soon as I take it out of the wrapping unless they ship in a polly sleeve to begin with, then after the said album slows down in my rotation I slip it into a plastic outside liner, the light Japanese ones. For the gu... 
Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?
One thing about it, after you get your table updated and choose a cart your phono amp will be up to the task. Enjoy the music. 
Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?
The Shelter 501 is a really good cart in that price range, have had two of them and am trying to break in an ART9 now with 60 hours on it, so far my foot isn't tapping like the Shelter made me do but will keep going until I get at least 100 hours ... 
Jimmy Page, It's time to call your lawyers?
What @bdp24 said, but do I have to burn their albums, I still like their music. 
What do you mean you “heard” the turntable
Unless the comparisons are done in a known system and lived with for a period of time with the ability to go back and forth between the tables being reviewed the comparisons really aren't vallid, another words what @whart  said. Also on the Stillp...