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Turntable Advice?
Have to agree with all the above, your SOTA table and arm combo are much better than anything on your list. Just checked SOTAs  web site and they offer the Eclipse package for less than $1,100.00 which includes the Eclipse motor, Condor power supp... 
Scam alert. Phony heading.
Smokin rabbits will really get you hopped up. 
RIP, Dr John
Wow, been a bad day all around and now I find out about Dr. John passing, as I wipe the tears from my eyes and reminisce about partying in the park and the spillway in New Orleans on the weekends and the beautiful music he brought to us during tho... 
regarding the Tiger Paw tranquility
If your referring to the brass footers, I use them in different ways and situations with varied results, sometimes they are a + but many times they muddy things up. 
You ever notice....
Yes I have noticed that it sounds good after being separated from it for a while but never appreciate it as much as when I have someone over to audition a piece of gear I might have for sale, kind of like a proud father. 
Older Electronics - When to cut bait? Your thoughts?
@yogiboy, +1 and see if they will upgrade to the 2250A status for that desired WOW factor. 
Music lover or audiophile?
Sitting here pondering the OP wondering and debating with myself on where I fall on that question, then I take a look in on someone like folkfreaks system and am just in awe of his dedication and precision of his assembled system and can only imag... 
Upgrade to Marantz TT15?
Yeah I believe the Marantz would be an upgrade, built by Clear Audio for Marantz at a price point but seems to be a very good table, plus everyone that owned them seem to be happy. Had a couple of the HK tables back when and they are good but feel... 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
@geoffkait , the suspense is killing me, where was he? 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
I can say that I am truly there, not interested in even cable changes at this point, the system sounds amazing and will only make a change if I have a piece that wears out or breaks. Now with that said, for the need to tinker and compare pieces, I... 
Why all or most audiophiles are men?
The men are from Mars women from Venus thing. 
Hifiman Ananda Headphone driven with Primaluna HP Integrated
Don't know about how they are going to pair with your HP but you should love your new phones, I have been thru more than a few sets of phones to get to the Hifiman XV2 that I have settled on, have built my headphone system around them and yours ar... 
Best phono player for newbie with good 2 ch system
@reubent , +1 
Are members not leaving feedback anymore?
And by the way, love your avatar, Who me worry. 
Are members not leaving feedback anymore?
This is a pet peeve of mine as well, bought a turntable 3 months ago, offered 90% of the buyers asking price which he declined and I moved on, he contacted me at a later date that he was willing to make the deal and I wrapped the deal up with quic...