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Gallo Reference 3.5 Speakers. Now Looking For Amp
If you had the sub amp to run the 2nd voice coil of the woofer would you use a HH Scott 299C integrated to power the Gallo Refs? This thread came up on a google search so I figure I'd just resurrect it than post anew. Thanks in advance. 
Tube amp recommendation for Gallo Reference 3's
Sorry for resurrecting such an older thread but this came up on a google search. Anyone have any thoughts of pairing a HH Scott 299C with the Gallo Reference 3? I have the sub amp to power the 2nd voice coil so I'd be using the 299C to just power ... 
Thoughts on Overlord 12AX7-HD / ECC803S-HD tubes
Sorry for the late reply. I lost track of this thread. Appreciate your thoughts on this break12. 
Why does all new pop music sound the same?
I always thought the similarity to Pop music nowadays is because they share the same writers, and producers. If you have a producer who works with a pop starlet and they make tons of money then the record label will use that same producer for othe... 
Accuphase t-101 OWNERS MANUALS
Here you go.https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/accuphase/t-101.shtml 
Seller has not contacted yet. How long should I wait...
I have to agree with what bdp24 said. You can't expect a seller to be as fast as Amazon. People have other priorities in life. I can't believe that due to the OP not hearing back from a seller in 12 hours you are ready to escalate. If it isn't a p... 
Emotiva xpa 1 monos
Which Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks are you talking about? The very 1st generation that were quite big or the smaller ones that followed later? I remember years ago the 1st gen XPA-1 monoblocks had their fans here.  
New Schiit Freya or used Conrad Johnson PV-10AL/BL, or?
Does re-sale matter to you? If you buy the  Conrad Johnson PV-10AL/BL used you can re-sell it for close to what you paid for. If you buy the Schiit Freya new and find it doesn't mesh well with your system your re-sale price most likely will be at... 
Reliable burn-in service for cables and outlets
What tpreaves said..If not this is what I've done to break in new ICs. Connect them from my tuner to my preamp and set the tuner to shuffle and let it play for weeks. Before that I would connect them from my CDP to my preamp and play different bre... 
In my recent experience Ebay sides with the buyer. As a seller whenever a return request is done Ebay will do everything for the buyer. I got left negative feedback without any chance to defend myself. When a return request was opened up they refu... 
how to set shipping costs for speakers?
Hi  hifineubeeIn my recent experience with selling speakers and using Audiogon's shipping calculator I found the shipping fees they were coming up with were dollars short vs. what the outside estimator or FedEx estimator came up with as the shi... 
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
Hmm... If I had the space and funds I would get a pair of restored KEF 104/2 speakers again. I had them but had to get rid of them due to downsizing to a different sound space. My father-in-law is enjoying the ones I had but I really do miss them. 
Spatial Audio speakers sound best with Solid state or tube amps. If so, which models?
Hi PeporterSorry. I only have heard the M4 Turbo S. I didn't want to bother with the regular one at the time as I had the funds to get the Spatial Audio M4 Turbo S. 
Spatial Audio speakers sound best with Solid state or tube amps. If so, which models?
Hi PePorterI have the Spatial Audio M4 Turbo speakers. I'd say whatever amp you have make sure that amp can handle a 4 ohm or lower load. I was powering these M4s with a restored Accuphase E202 integrated and was getting all sorts of distortion at... 
12AT nos , flash at start ?
Agree with the posters above. It is normal with Mullard 12AT7 tubes. I saw the flash when I had a pair installed in my Jolida 502P amp.