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Great article. Thanks.  
Which 300b amplifier for Devore O/96
Charles and I have gone back and forth regarding individual 300b tubes. I prefer the Takatsuki; he prefers the EML XLS (and 213Cobra [Phil] prefers the KR Balloons). However, the number of 300b variants on the market is insane with price ranges fr... 
Of the two AR systems - each with CDP, tuner, and integrated amp - one tuner died (easier to replace than repair) and one amp needed repairs. Both CDPs are alive and well.  
I have their vintage budget line -AudioRefinement - in my bedroom and built a system using the same components for my girlfriend. Both sound great.  
looking for ideas on must have classical music
Or maybe Bach Cello Suites rather than Partitas and Sonatas for Violin.  
looking for ideas on must have classical music
Many good suggestions. I would start with a cross-section of great composers and genres until you figure out what you like. From the above list (mostly). . . Concerto for solo instrument and orchestra  Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto in D.   Mozart'... 
Help me understand how to optimize bass on the Zu Definition Mk IV
Interesting and useful info from Phil. My Def4s are also a very early pair. Sean probably should update the downloadable owner's manual from the Zu website.Gary 
Help me understand how to optimize bass on the Zu Definition Mk IV
My Def4s are 6" from the back wall, and the floor is wood glued to reinforced concrete. Sean delivered the speakers, dialed in the bass amps, and the output curve is flat (see the owner's manual):Volume=9Low pass=45PEQ Gain DB=3.0PEQ frequency=35P... 
Bought some `Vintage Gear`
Great gear is great gear. I have CelestionSL700 (circa 1990) in my master bedroom, Rogers LS35a (also circa 1990) in a guest bedroom and built two systems for my girlfriend using SpicaTC50 (circa 1985). All sound great today.  
Looking for speakers for my 4W SET amp
4W is tough - depending on your space, how loud you like to listen, your choice of music, and even (perhaps) the length of speaker cables. It is right on the cusp. 
Recommendations for bookshelf speakers
I have a pair of Celestion SL700s (stand mounted) in my bedroom. I don't plan to part with them. Ever.That said, you should always audition speakers - and preferably at home and in situ. If your budgets can handle it, you should consider a pair of... 
Repair Shop In VA / Washington DC - Rec Please
DejaVu Audio outside of Washington DC is another option. 
Deja Vu Audio 300B Mono Amps
BTW. . . In my experience, an email to Vu Hoag is a good way to contact him. 
Deja Vu Audio 300B Mono Amps
I agree with Larryi. You should call Vu at DejaVu if for no other reason than to make his acquaintance. He will tell you what else, if anything, needs to be updated and how to avoid any mistakes. I have always found him very approachable.  
2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?
I once proposed to the US Takatsuki distributor that there should be a way to audition his 300b tubes - perhaps one pair that circulated for a week at a time to prospective customers. He did not appreciate the suggestion. He also lost the sale sin...