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The best looking speakers
I agree. Take her to a show and ask her to tell you which speakers are visually appealing and which are unacceptable. Many manufacturers will have a selection of finishes (colors, veneers, etc) which may help. Speakers that are designed to be near... 
Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
Allison Model OneCelestion SL700 - although they are stand mounts and not quite full-range 
WAF Speaker suggestions
2tuby: Some speakers can be ordered in custom finishes - including white. The pair of Zu Druid VI that Sean Casey bring to shows are in a pearl white finish and are drop dead gorgeous: 
What is your favorite High EFF speaker
Zu Definition 4. But I also like Audio Note (esp ANE) and Living Voice. 
Great sounding/recorded albums
Check out the Reference Recording label. Great recordings in multiple genres and great for demonstrating any system. 
WAF Speaker suggestions
I would try to understand what "look" would make her happy. Aesthetics are such a personal thing and much more than size, shape, finish, etc. It is also does not require extensive auditioning - either she likes it (or something similar) or she doe... 
Are these damned brands or not good speakers?
I heard the Lipinsky L 707 at a dealer in NYC. They were really good. 
SET amplifier recommendation
Border Patrol also makes 300b PP amplifiers, but they are in the 10,000usd or more price range. 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
I am fortunate to live in an urban area - Washington, DC - with several B&M stores and distributors who are willing to cooperate with in-home auditions. Nothing is as good as an in-home experience, especially when the room is challenging. I kn... 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
" We have found even if you are somewhat close to a speaker in a large room it helps but doesnt take away the feeling that the sound is not filling the room."Agreed. And cranking up the volume does not alleviate the issue entirely.  
Looking for a good full range floor stander
As I noted, my space is similar to that of the OP: 45x24x16 - and it is very live with no carpets or other soft surfaces, but it does have various partitions that break up the waves - such as a free standing fireplace. If one of the OP's goals is ... 
Shout out your favorite Audio dealer!!
Second vote for DejaVu 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
My room is about your size, and I my listening tastes are similar. I have a pair of Zu Definitions that are definitely full range. Zu offers a 60 day home trial.  
SS Amp suggestions
I am recently impressed by Bakoon SS amps. I think that they are class A and within your price range.  
Horn Speaker Recommendations