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Floorstanding speaker advice needed for long room
Audio Note speakers are designed to be placed against the rear wall. There are others as well.  
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
Eva Cassidy Cesaria Evora Sara Tavares Youn Sun Nah Holly Cole  
Speakers need to be placed close to back wall. Help
Any Audio Note speaker. They are designed to be close to the wall behind them.  
Recommendation all-rounded speaker (small room)
I would suggest a couple of vintage speakers: Spica TC50 or Celestial SL700.  
Any tubes currently manufactured in the US, Japan or Germany?
Sophia Electric are made in China KR and EAT are made in the Czech Republic WE are made in the US Takatsuki are made in Japan Elrog are made in Germany  
Please Recommend Highly Efficient Floor Standing Non-Horn Speaker Suggestions
+1 Zu. I have has Zu Def 4s for many years. I drive them with an 300b SET amp.  
This 60 Hz hum is driving me crazy
I have Zu Def 4s with built-in powered subs. One of them started to buzz. I bought a relatively inexpensive hospital grade isolation transformer made by Tripp Lite. No buzz. Obviously YMMV.  
300B for Canary Grand reference
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
@dynamiclinearity Amen. It is why I ration the amount of time that I listen to her recordings.  
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
The story behind the recording of Live At Blues Alley is fascinating.   
Eva Cassiday Blew Me Away with her cover of Wayfaring Stranger....
She was an incredible talent. With a unique voice. She died from melanoma - highly malignant skin cancer. There are many tributes. Here is a recent one: I would a... 
Speakers for daughter
You should also consider a pair of pre-owned Spica TC50. Even though these are vintage, they hold their own; and are usually available for 250usd or so.  
Suggestions: Interesting small speakers with flexible placement
Try to find a pre-owned pair of Celestial SL700. BTW. . . 500 sq ft is hardly a small bedroom.  
Not manufactured any more.
Spica TC-50 Celection SL700 Allison One  
Need help choosing a new CD Player
You should add an AudioRefinement Complete CD player to you list. These are the YBA previous generation second line, but the sound is outstanding.