Anyone Seen a Feb 2022 Stereophile Issue??

Wondering if the postman got mine again.

Usually here by the 10th-11th.

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I went digital and have yet to see a single issue...I can read a lot of articles on the website but I think I can read them without logging in.  I think i'm going back to hardcopy.

Received my Feb issue a few days ago

I was wondering the same thing. Got my AS today. I still miss Art D.

If it has a Monitor Audio speaker on the cover then yes...

not yet... but sense it's over due.

Got mine yesterday. Good article by Mr. Fremer about cartridge set up. Ongoing challenge for me.

Received mine a few days ago. Agree with 4krowme, fantastic article on cartridge set up.

I got mine too. Yesterday.

Got my copy Tuesday


My copy arrived last week.


Happy Listening!

There was article about changing paper size for future printing as problems sourcing... Maybe layouts getting tricky and delaying

Great feature on Keb Mo too. And another R2D4. 

As for its late arrival, how’s that De Jong guy at USPS working for you?

Happy reading!

Got mine on Tuesday this week.

Yes. Long article on favorite albums. A good way to find more music.

@carlsbad try the Zinio subscription if you can get it and install the app on a tablet. Makes it easy to read and feels a bit more like the magazine than reading on the web .

Yes, it came last week. 

Maybe when the mailman is finished he will share it.

I got mine last week… Stereophile and absolute sound arrived the same day (Wednesday I think). My wife calls it “nudey magazine day”. Lol. Btw, I tried the digital subscription once. It didn’t do it for me. I prefer an actual physical magazine. Just my 2 cents. 


This is one time Digital really does suck-Magazines!!

Gave up on paid Reviews many years back.