Anyone Seen a Feb 2022 Stereophile Issue??

Wondering if the postman got mine again.

Usually here by the 10th-11th.

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Got mine yesterday. Good article by Mr. Fremer about cartridge set up. Ongoing challenge for me.

Received mine a few days ago. Agree with 4krowme, fantastic article on cartridge set up.

There was article about changing paper size for future printing as problems sourcing... Maybe layouts getting tricky and delaying

Great feature on Keb Mo too. And another R2D4. 

As for its late arrival, how’s that De Jong guy at USPS working for you?

Happy reading!

@carlsbad try the Zinio subscription if you can get it and install the app on a tablet. Makes it easy to read and feels a bit more like the magazine than reading on the web .

I got mine last week… Stereophile and absolute sound arrived the same day (Wednesday I think). My wife calls it “nudey magazine day”. Lol. Btw, I tried the digital subscription once. It didn’t do it for me. I prefer an actual physical magazine. Just my 2 cents. 

Got my new TAS a few days ago. On the top of the cover it says "Affordable Audio Issue". Underneath the headline is a picture of the $35,000 B&W 801 D4s.

Hey Jan 19th and my postal carrier apparently finished his read

as it showed up yesterday!

Actually it bore 3 extra stickers stating that it was undeliverable.


Anyway I got it thanks!!