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Digital Interconnects - Which one is the BEST ??!!
Digital coax cables are functionally equivalent to what used to be called composite video cables, which are wide bandwidth shielded cables with 75 Ohm characteristic impedance and can be finished with BNC termination or RCA.  Apparently it’s more ... 
Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
A gross lack of bass is NOT characteristic of that amp or any properly functioning modern HiFi SS amp. Other than speakers wired with incorrect polarity (a definite possibility), an impedance mismatch (unlikely) or your seat is smack dab in a null... 
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
Focal is offering discounts on the Chora 806, which is a well rounded stand mount. Revel is offering 30% off M16s and F35s. If you are a tool using man, look at Parts Express kits. The Morel Ardon kit or the Amiga MT.    
Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation
The Bluesound Soundbar + is $900.00 and by itself gives a more natural music and sound track experience than the Arc in my listening. It too offers wireless surround and Sub options although those will burst your budget. If you use the Node for st... 
10k Towers with biggest soundstage?
IME, soundstage reproduction is largely dependent on both the speakers’ power response uniformity and the room’s effect on it. Early reflections can muddle the best speakers’ and lack thereof can make lesser ones seem better. Some speakers will gi... 
UGH...The tired, "BEST" Rock guitarist thread
Mastery, passion, intelligence, creative genius, humility, and modesty...Mahavishnu John McLaughlin had it all. With Miles and then with MO...transcendent. But maybe you don't count him as "Rock". IMO Hendrix was the greatest in Rock history in ... 
Bookshelf dilemma
Revel M106 if you want transparency, detail and accuracy.   
Cornwall IV – tube (amp) choice
EL84 based amps like the Black Ice F11 should not be dismissed unless you lean toward the leadfoot on volume.  104dB sensitivity means that 18W is like 300W with 91dB speakers.    
Large room with low budget for speakers
A pair of Revel F328 Be with your REL array should have enough cone area to make you happy without introducing the colorations of horns into your sound. Another one…Ohm Walsh 5s.  Either is half your budget.  
Cheers and a big "thank you" to Lenbrook. Distributor of Dali and others.
JA, There’s an “n” missing from Jim Price’s name…he’s a legend around here.  
Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
My own coinage, I think, Broken Awful Soon, as opposed to the popular Bang & Awfulson.  Others bandied about in the mid 70s Harvard Square included Oinko, San-screwy, Yo Mama, Manrats, Hibachi, Toast-Sheba, Japan Victim Corp., RePox, Drool, an... 
If a speaker cable added 1 - 2 ohms of resistance would that be?
No one has mentioned the potential audibility of the loss of woofer damping a series resistance of several Ohms would have although Erik and Mike circle around the fact. Of course plenty of “speaker selector” boxes have been sold and used by non-a... 
Dust cover up or down?
I think with a fully suspended table like a Linn LP12 the dustcover is less likely to color the sound, but with a non-decoupled plinth it’s much better without the cover or at least with cover up. I have seen the static attraction effect at work m... 
Favorite religious song
Blind Faith “Presence of the Lord”.  Winwood and Clapton each at their best.  One of EC’s most touchingly beautiful guitar solos.   
How do you arrange the order of your records?
I have only 2 categories….Classical, and Everything Else. Classical is alphabetical by composer, with solo instrumental followed by chamber, concertos, symphonies, choral/oratorio/opera for each composer.  EE is by band name or artist last name, ...