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Audio Research Ref75 se
Oh yes, don’t give it a second thought. I have my McIntosh MC30s driving Sonus Faber Venere S’s which recommend a 40watt min..  I have no problems, let your ears be the judge.   
Are there any audiophile Air BnB's?
Wow, great in theory but we just sold a house in st George island Fl where there are mostly rentals. The guy across the canal had a renter rip all the flat screen tvs off the wall and off they went back to some college dormitory. This would be har... 
Objective vs Subjective…
Can one have too many tube components in a system?
Tube gear has been around a lot longer than ss. I’m not getting the concern here. If it’s about hiss and gain, that’s certainly not related to the amount of tubes you have in your system. So if you feel tubes are inferior in that respect, I disagr... 
Duelund/Mundorf Ultra Loudspeaker Purifiers
I have Walker HDL links, I love them, they are no joke and mandatory around here. I wonder if they are similar.   
Anyone Seen a Feb 2022 Stereophile Issue??
Yes, it came last week.   
Oh and my favorite, Nights in White Satin, Moody Blues.  
+1 for tubular bells……  
Quiz about adding dense mass to a vibration isolation application!
I tried all of this not with a dac but a AR XA Turntable I modified. I finally found that leaving all of the nobesound springs in, so that it’s stiff, was the best option. Taking springs out only caused lateral movement, swaying and, general insta... 
It’s all a matter of degree
I’ve been on an life long slow upgrade path with my main system. Periods of satisfaction, followed by periods of upgrade. All this is budget driven of course. But during Covid I got into piecing together two other smaller systems build around tube... 
Suggestions for an integrated upgrade please
+1 on the McIntosh, all day long!  
What went bang, smelled of "I'm fried", yet left it in working order...???
Capacitor, smell first and open the offending component cover and you should be able to find the culprit   
2022 is almost here. Why are you here?
Just enjoying the rich camaraderie!  
Amplfiers that Sound like Pass 30.8 that are not so heavy
Can the new house not support the weight of the amp? Keep it if you like it.   
Adcom GFP-555 II