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EVS Music Purifiers - Amazed by how much improvement they make! Anyone else try them?
+1 @james_edward I have been using Walker High Definition Links as well for years and I agree I wouldn’t be without them. They clean and focus the sound in an amazing way, and truly add to a well balanced system. Whenever I see them on eBay I buy ... 
What's the value in lots of capacitors inside a line stage preamp?
The hallmark of a good preamp is how quiet it is. One of the benefits of capacitors is that they help the preamp from introducing noise into your system.   
Would I benefit with Roon?
Initially I wasn’t sold on ROON, another subscription, costs etc. After using it for over a year, Id be hard pressed to go back. The way it manages my music is on my NAS is outstanding and gives you a tremendous amount of control over the metadata... 
why expensive streamers
+1 @soix +1 @ghdprentice Going from a node to an Esoteric NO5 was a huge upgrade in not only performance but sound. Upgrading my Ethernet to fiber optic another improvement, and finally cables, ie: usb, Ethernet to the fiber connection, and interc... 
Sound stage of studio recordings
It can vary with each recording and how the engineer mixed the recording. This can be especially true with older jazz and other recordings etc from the fifties and sixties when stereo recordings were just starting. Intentional separation of vocals... 
My Remote on my preamp has stopped working
Batteries first, replace remote next…  
One answer to an oft-asked question.
Quobuz radio/ playlists, ROON, and Radio Paradise are my top three.  Mostly, I’ll let ROON keep playing after I’ve listened to an album and it will select songs similar to what I’m listening to. Great way to hear new music IMO.   
Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
Usually after each play session.  
Did anyone else disconnect thier equipment due to the geomagnetic storms?
No reason to.  
Why even bother?
If they don’t respond to questions about what they have listed, I would take that as a big red flag. Buyer beware.  
Surge protector
I use a whole home surge protector,Siemens. They are relatively easy to install at the breaker box and around $200. Also good power conditioners offer a level of surge protection as well.  
Anyone listen to entire albums?
Yes, I do listen to entire albums, almost exclusively, whether it’s streaming, or vinyl. However, I do occasionally enjoy the playlists on quobuz. I never make my own playlists.  
Ethernet Cables - what are you using and why?
Wireworld Platinum or Starlight red. Amazing build, reasonable price and until I tried them I wasn’t a believer that an Ethernet cable could impact sound but these do and it’s not subtle, smooth, detailed, and noticeable. Good luck in your search.