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Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power
Fatiguing to listen to, glare, maybe muddy under some circumstances, lack of soundstage .I know this is not what you want to hear but when you add a good power conditioner, things will sound so much better! And you’ll know if it’s the right power ... 
What I wish I knew before starting my audiophile journey
Great write up! Very insightful and for what you’ve learned “constructively” in 3 short years is inspiring. I’ve been doing this almost 50 years and I feel in still “winging it” most of the time. Thanks.   
Help. System sounds thin and bright or harsh
@cymivka i don’t think adding subs are the answer to this problem. Sound like you may have a connection problem or an amp problem. But “ harsh” and “bright” aren’t fixed by subs. You’ll get harsh and bright with a lot of bass. My opinion.  
Tube Preamp --> Solid State Amp
I have a McIntosh c2300 mated with an MC500, my digital is via a d150 thru the c2300. I couldn’t be more happier. It’s the best of both worlds, smooth midrange from the tubes and the slam of bass when needed from the ss amp. I have very efficient ... 
Does the length of the Cable matter?
At 15 feet you may be entering balanced connection territory to eliminate hum and provide a stronger signal. Just my thought. I’d be most worried about hum.   
Testing for Dirty Electrical Power
@rlj i have 5 noise harvesters. Some bling rapidly others do not. It’s probably because whatever’s on the same circuit is making the noise. Fridges, dimmer lights, etc. I’m not sure if they actually work that well but I also have shunyata power co... 
Testing for Dirty Electrical Power
Did some research and people use these devices for the detection of ghosts too..could kill two birds with one stone.   
Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?
@constantin1970, I have them under my big Tannoys. I think sticking to the floor (creating a suction) is how they are supposed to work.   
I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
I agree. We lived thru the glory days of rock, fm radio, vinyl etc. Those were the days for music!  
Coaxials - Reality vs. Experience?
I have Tannoy Churchill’s with 15 in dual concentrics. Let me tell you they are nothing, I mean nothing like the coaxial and triaxial speakers of yesteryear!   
Has anyone noticed a slow down in sales?
Yes, I have 3 pieces on eBay, 2 vintage macs. Lots of lookers but nothing yet, but they are 7 day auctions….so we have a few days left.   
This Sounds Like A Pretty Good Deal -- Opinions?
That’s an incredible price for a fantastic amplifier. The 225 was one of their best amps. So were the mc30s which I have two of and will probably never part with. Along with an MX110z which I’ll also never part with. I don’t know about the c11 but... 
Innuos PULSE Mini?
I think you can use the zen mini power supply as an upgrade. Any other word on where this might be available?   
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
Oh @designsfx, you said the U2 mini is not broken in yet, hear they take some play time, Lumins overall are rather warm sounding, just a thought.   
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
@designsfx Thanks for your impressions. Im really leaning towards the mini for several reasons. First I am having a hard time justifying three times the price for the U1….including the salesman. Second, I hear the new processors are great. Third I...