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Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage
My Canton Ref 9k goes deep and has a great soundstage. Costs a little more but worth it. Otherwise you could try Fyne F500SP with a sub.  
Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1
Have you looked at Moonriver Audio? I think they look great and sound great.    
Where to invest the most in the "digital chain"?
It sounds like you are at the starting levels of hifi. There aren't that many dacs for £1000. A lot of the models audiophiles recommend cost $3k or more. I have decided to be happy with what I have and wait a few years before upgrading. Then I may... 
Hegel owners - what speakers are you using
Canton Ref 9K is in that price range and are very good with voices. They also go deeper than many other stand mounts so you may hold off or wholly skip subs.  
Does dose anyone see these speakers in real?
+1 @parker65310  47Hz  is not impressive at all. My stand mounts go down to 30 or so and are way cheaper.   
Weak Link in chain as I upgrade from mid-fi?
+1 on both @drbond ​​​​@ghdprentice  Your system looks balanced. You probably need to change almost everything to get a huge improvement. Doing this a step at a time is easier and spreads the cost but you may have to aim for components 2x the pri... 
Burned Pecan Pi
You don’t specify exactly how you are playing. It has been some problems recently with Volumio and Tidal Connect. It works for me when running the web interface or the Volumio app to play Tidal that way. The support forum has some information. Yo... 
Am I Better Off With Limited Low Frequency Speaker In A Small Room?
I listened to my Canton Ref 9K the other day and was surprised by their ability to play bass notes very clearly. I looked at their specs and they are said to hit 25 Hz but I guess that is a few db below neutral. Great stand mounts and could work g... 
burmester bc350 $375,000 per pair
Their amps looks even more interesting. The 159 mono poweramp is for example mentioned in the article.    
Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.
Canton Ref 9K would be interesting. I think they are around $3k. https://www.canton.us/products/reference-k/reference-9-k    
Down sizing
The Schiit Ragnarok in the Fully loaded version has both phono and digital input. You can connect both a computer and a tt to it. It sounds great for its price but only has 60w so you may want to avoid very hard to drive speakers.  Going up in p... 
The new dynamic in speaker pricing
@kokakolia there are some huge differences between kitchens and hifi systems. In a kitchen the different storage units must fit and the doors must fit the storage units but other than that it's mostly about how it looks. If you have a crossover a... 
Has Anyone Compared the DAC On a Bluesound NODE 3rd Gen to a Separate DAC?
I think you speakers may be limiting more than your dac. Belabor 8000 are not known to be high end speakers. I think you should try to listen to some other speakers and amps first.  
Need help to select a speaker
I listened to some Fyne speakers but then ended up with Canton Ref 9K  which are stand mounts with a port (on the back of the speakers). Sounds great to me but I have not compared them to Brittish speakers. Fyne are otherwise small and could fit i... 
Best "Budget" / "bang for my buck" 2-channel amp and speakers can I get new?
Forgot speakers but Fyne and Focals are good. Dynaudio and Sonus Faber both has small floorstanders that are price competitive.