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Help looking for dynamic warm romantic sound with detail
There are many speakers that could live you more of the sound you want.I would probably try these and keep the amp for now.Focal Kanta 3Boenicke w8 or w11Kii Three 
2000-2500 USD budget for an integrated amplifier. Do amplifiers sound the same? :)
This whole sub-section of Audiogon forums would be pretty useless if all amps sounded exactly the same, wouldn't it?About you question a very sensitive speaker should probably not be driven by a strong amp since those may sound worse in low levels... 
Best Headphone under 1k$?
You can ask in reddit/r/headphoneshttp://www.reddit.com/r/headphonesThere are a few cans that  could give the Sundara a match but in the end it is a lot up to taste.  
Small Floorstander?
Totem used to have small speakers with great  sound. Their newest are really thin.  
If you still spin CDs, this may be the cost no object best option.
@shkong78 have you looked at Stromtank?They seem to have a very good solution for power cleaning. It is expensive but your systems sounds like it is top notch and the S2500 may suit it. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0218/St... 
Speaker upgrade question - Wilson vs Focal
Try the Focal Scala Utopia EVO, they are closer in price to the Sasha DAW and should be better than the Sopra 3. 
Best earphone for the value
Did you check HeadFi or reddit/r/headphones first?They have a lot of opinions about headphones. I used to have Denon IEMs but they went missing and now I use KZ ZS3 which are good enough for me when out. At home I use larger headphones. https://w... 
Used DACs in the 10k range
To add to other suggestions, most demos with expensive gear I’ve heard at shows has used dCS or totalDac. See if you can find any 2nd hand. MBL, Mark Levinson and Naim also has great dacs. 
Most “disappeared” speakers.
Boenicke W5 can do this well. Also have impressive bass för being so small. I agree that Audio-Physics are also good at this. 
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
If you live in Denmark you could look for Soekris dacs. Some of them have very good reviews and are below $2000. I just checked and the Soekris 1541 is around $1300 (1150 EUR). http://www.soekris.dk [Edit: pricing info] 
I'm having a really hard time with: "Power cable reduced my soundstage"...
So why is the audio field so lousy about basic measurements such as power handling characteristics of cords.. @edstrelow I know someone working with power distribution and they have very expensive measuring equiptment for checking a lot of thi... 
Best integrated/power amplifier under $6000
If you can push your budget a bit Mark Levinson just released the 8502 for about 7k. I have not heard them but have heard some earlier models and they were very good and usually gets good reviews. 
Can one ever be "done" in this hobby?
@unreceivedogma It is great that you are happy with your system! I think this is kind of a mood thing but some of us may  need to actively decide to be happy with what we got. And we may of couse change mood a couple of years later.I do think you ... 
Can you recommend a small (in size) Amplifier 150 -250 W Power per channel
Johan Darko has a series about Kallax-fi, small systems. Not sure if any amp was over 150W.https://darko.audio/2019/02/introducing-kallax-fi/ 
Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?
If you can afford $50k then I think you should focus on finding the, in your opinion, best sounding speakers for that amount. Don't worry about more expensive speakers. If you want to compare $50k speakers with $200k I am no expert. I have heard b...