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So This Really Is The End....
Being stationed at Wright/Patterson AFB near Dayton, I heard the name "Bogart's" a lot but never saw a show there. Did see a few at Riverfront Coliseum but mostly went to Hara Arena in Dayton.    As for the record store, all things must pass but... 
Why Do Cables Matter?
Why Do Cables Matter? They don't and it isn't objectively provable that they do. The people that say "I know what I hear" or similar, are no different than people who believe a random set of stars in the sky has something to do with what happen... 
Power Cord choices
Doesn't matter. Jasonbourne71 is exactly right.  
Interconnects for Pass Labs X260.8
I would use whatever the roadies use at concerts or better yet, what the people in recording studios use.   #nodifference  
Question about Shunyata Power Conditioners
This is hardly a scientific experiment and please tell me if this is a stupid test.    You're not using science to test your cables or anything else either so go nuts.  
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
Stop bragging.  
user poll on seperates vs integrated
Separates provide more opportunity for introducing noise due to the more connections and runs of various wires.. They will also cost more in interconnects as well as take up more room. If you want to swap out pre-amps as some have mentioned, many ... 
How rare is an audiophile
As soon as their is a majority agreed upon definition of "audiophile", the number can be estimated..  
Poll: Most impactful component
Speakers, easily.  
A ridiculously cheap cable riser.
Until you use the wires removed from the TOTL Siltech speaker cables to suspend all your cables, interconnects, etc, from Myrtle wood beams on your ceiling, you will never realize the full capability of your system.   
Does a weave of cables really make a difference?
Does a weave of cables really make a difference? No, no they don't.  
Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet?
Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet? No.  
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Funny how some folks only specify audio products not be made in China when there is almost certainly lots of other China made products in their house. The lame excuse of "you can't buy xxxx made in America" as if they couldn't live without that pr... 
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
I'd say the Emotiva is the way to go, especially since it's under budget. If that was sold in a retail store it would be quite a bit more so you're getting a great amp at a reasonable price.  
The best speaker cables you’ve had
The 14 gauge wire from Home Depot but I've also owned Anti-cables and some Kimber ones. They all sound the same.