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Whats playing on your system today?
Phosphorescent - muchacho on vinyl with my new (to me) Robson class A 50W monoblocksWith gin 
First class - F5 / F5 turbo or F6 for tannoy 15 speakers
Aaah lots to digest I've sent you dm.....The arden legacy are 93db and a pretty steady 8ohm so get loud pretty easily but clear... 15inch driver so a lot of air moves 
First class - F5 / F5 turbo or F6 for tannoy 15 speakers
He also regularly builds standard! F5 f6 amps and the aleph J - pics of turbo build if that gives any indicationHe is  Joeh283 https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/joeh283/all-follows  ebay.co.uk 
First class - F5 / F5 turbo or F6 for tannoy 15 speakers
Someone has built one already and sells off his older build projects - the speakers are quite warm already so transparency and sound stage is more important to meDetails this 2 x 50Watt into 8 ohms Class A amplifier.This is the nelson pass F5 turb... 
Tube Integrated Pairing For Harbeth Monitor 30.1
If anyone comes to to this late. I had harbeths in my main lounge and they have been superseded by tannoy ardens and 15inch goodness. I have leben cs300xs in small lounge same size as OP and just swapped in my 30.1 and replaced the Falcon LS3/5 a ... 
Rega RP8 cartridge?
do th Nagoaka and zu need shims with 808 arm 
Easy to drive, outstandingly natural sound from 40-50 Hz up.....AN-E, O/96, others?
Big Tannoy - the legacy arden do 35hz - 30kHz and an easy 93db driving speaker. But O93 should be cheaper and easier to pick up in the US (tannoys in UK relatively cheaper $7000 new for the Ardens) and I would have prob been keen on them and Audio... 
What do you drive and why?
2017 VW T6 stealth camper for kitesurfing and bike racing ..... occasional filming jobs too.....if editing most production companies are near enough to cycle to or walk. 7000miles only in 18months 
Lets replace my Klipsch La Scala Speakers
Tannoy prestige or legacy - everything you mention in your wish list is there.also you can get sound boards / scatter and bass traps on moveable stands and as pictures which you can take to new house. I had some made up with images I took when fil... 
Is There a Speaker for Me/Impossible Requirements? (budget: $2000)
Harbeth P3 good but think you willrelish a larger cabinet more ifyou can get one as no matterthe driver - a bigger cabinet just needs to work less and portrays a sense of scale much better.and this is from me - just upsizing from a Harbeth 30.1 to... 
SACD drive sources
Arcam CDS50 is a SACD player as well as very fine streamer and incredible value for quality. Have one in second lounge system feeding Leben amp and falcon LS3/5a 
Tube Rolling for Pre-amps?
Think the tube pre and SS powercovered above (also whati use) pre really defines the sound.and tube rolling in pre doe makea differance most of all in a phono input stage as levels lower. I switched fine JJ ecc83for telefunken and then a Siemens 5... 
What are the top 3 dream speakers you wanna buy next regardless of price?
I really wanted the tannoy Arden Legacy and then I went and got them ...... organic music I wanted ..... makes me hanker for Westminsters but would need the stately home to match them properly. 
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
Relatively cheap compared to most mentioned CROFT 25R .... Valve input MOSFET out 
Looking for the best Preamp with a phono circuit built in
+1 croft pre ..... I had one madewith single volume pot .... but no remote just deliscious sound rich