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If you were serious about sound you would...
If you were serious about sound you would build a dedicated audio room as a starting point.  
Help us build our playlist for our next show in November!
Goose, Live at Red Rocks. Prepare thyself to jam!  
Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player
Is the difference with the 205 not the fact that it has its own DAC? If you don’t need the DAC then how much real improvement is there in the drive?  
Tune of the Day
@slaw Should we just say, Robin Trower and lave it at that? 😁  
Tune of the Day
Michael Hedges, Love Bizzare  
Tune of the Day
@slaw +1 for the Church.  
Tune of the Day
Blind Melon, No Rain  
@navyachts  interesting, I have purchased many items from Canada, had them shipped and never paid a duty on them but sshhh, don’t tell anyone! Glad you found a good deal.  
I am streaming , how can I play music when provider goes down.
That’s why I purchased a streamer that also allowed me to rip my cd’s. I can stream Tidal and also source my cd collection. I sold my cd transport since it was no longer needed.  
I suggest you look at the N200 on Canuck Audio Mart.  Look up the exchange rate and you’ll be smilin’!  
It's almost like poll, but certainly more fun
Personally I never understood the whole expensive watch thing. I just need a reliable analog time piece on my wrist. I need to impress no one. But to each his own.  
Well, here’s what I think. I think I’ll just start the next track. Carry on all!  
$10k-$12k. Used. Would you go with separates or integrated? Depending on what ?
For an excellent integrated that most people overlook, consider the Plinius Hiato.   
$10k-$12k. Used. Would you go with separates or integrated? Depending on what ?
If I had my druthers I would look at the new class D mono’s from Atma Sphere paired with a nice tube pre. But that’s me.  
You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?
Can I play? (rubs hands together) Plinius Audio Note (UK) Holo Audio Legacy Audio Pass Labs Von Schweikert Aurender Daedalus 432 Evo Furman Audio Quest Atma Sphere Octave Audio