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Amp pairing with Tannoy Turnberry?
I recently watched a review on YouTube that mentioned the Audio Note I Zero. People who heard it were astonished at the sound and it’s quite affordable. May be worth some research.   https://www.audionote.co.uk/i-zero  
Toroidal vs EI power amps any difference.
Simplest Linear PSU?
Hmm, no love here for SBooster?  
speakers/ amps liking one another
I’m a big fan of Plinius gear. As a matter of fact I have a Hautonga integrated for sale on the “Mart” site. It’s very dynamic with plenty of power and fits into your price range.  
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
Nope! No reason to.  
A New MC to Catch One's Attention
@millercarbon You’re back! Hope all is well with you.  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
@travelinjack BINGO!!!  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
@boxcarman Don't you see your problem? It's right there in front of you. You expected $800.00 for an item and stereobuyers offered you $400.00. What did you expect? It's an $800 dollar item and they are a reseller. They're certainly not going to o... 
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
@simao Seems to get it. First of all from a selling standpoint. If I want $2000 for an item, I'm going to list it for $2500 so I have some negotiating room. If someone really wants the item and they offer my selling price or even a couple hundred ... 
432 EVO
@firstgrowth Did you operate it in 432hz mode or 440hz?  
A Question About Time Alignment
I haven’t read through this entire thread but for reference, the speed of sound is basically 343m/sec or 761.2 mph. So factor that into your listening distance of what, 8’, 10’, 12’ then, meh! 
432 EVO
Well then, the ground rules have been laid. I’m interested in replies to this request. As the OP, I still have yet to hear the EVO so those who have, fire away!  
Upgrading power system
The fact that you're using a 20 amp rated outlet will make no difference on a 15 amp circuit. You could use a 30 amp rated or 50 amp rated (I'm stretching here) and it would make no difference. The difference is in the quality of the outlet. You c... 
I used to own a N100H and a separate CD transport which to me sounded great. In the interest of going to a one box solution, I picked up an ACS10 which I run via USB into my Holo Audio May. The Conductor app allows me to flip between Tidal and my ... 
432 EVO
I look forward to your review.