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The Oppo 205 uses a 9038Pro for the stereo outputs and a 9038Pro for the surround sound outputs. The Magnetar uses a 9038Pro for the stereo outputs and a 9028 for the surround outputs.  
Best for Classic/Progressive Rock and Blues
Please help with Roon server/core issue
Just a guess here, but: are you using a VPN? If so, try turning it off when streaming. I've found VPN's to sometimes compromise signal integrity.  
Threshold Stasis S/150
FYI, the Threshold S series amps (perhaps a bit generously) were rated as outputting the first 20% of their 8 Ohm output into 8 Ohms per channel as Class A. The Class A output would halve as impedance halved, while the Class AB output would simult... 
Threshold Stasis S/150
^Caps can last a few decades. Some of these amps can be 42 years old.   
Threshold Stasis S/150
@highend64 IMHO:..., Your room might be too small for theses speakers. With their minimal baffles and also inherent warm, ripe sonice signature; they need space from surrounding walls. They also need space from the listening position for proper... 
Thiel Owners
^Hmmm: Audiogon Discussion Forum  
Roon Aquisition: Will This Help Or Hamper?
From one company kown for poor customer support to another company known for poor customer support.  
Thiel Owners
Toe in will typically increase direct high frequency, but decrease reflected high frequency. Reflected high frequency can be more objectionable. A tiny bit of toe in can offer some compensation for limited available listening distance. For example... 
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
This has been discussed ad nauseum here on Audiogon. Low impedances can lower sensitivity which can make amps work harder to produce power and increase amp distortions. The degree to which the amp distorts due to this depends on the stoutness of t... 
To loom or not to loom?
Using a "looms" can be good for getting  base lines. From there trying cable changes between one pair of components at a time may suggest particular compatibility or incompatibility preferences between specific components. Not doing so could make ... 
Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player
One review I saw suggested that menu / user interface of the Magnetar was a bit clumsy compared to the Oppo. They do look very similar. I’m only guessing, but I’d imagine the extra weight of the Magnetar might have some benefit.  
How well does Tidal through Roku work?
The cable choices aren’t the biggest concern, but of some interest. I’m moslty interested in how well the Roku delivers Tidal audio quality? Use case: Roku Ultra > HDMI > TV > HDMI or optical > Oppo 205 >  RCAs  > analog audio l... 
Oppo UHP 205 Universal Player
FWIW, the Oppo 205 uses the ESS 9038PRO chip for the 2 channel output and another ESS 9038 pro chip for the surround outputs. The Magntar 9000 uses a ESS 9038PRO chip for the 2 channel output but a lesser ESS9028PRO chip for the surround ouputs.  
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
Not particularly important to me.