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Wanted: Lightweight Krell KSA-100 Clone????
With that speaker load you’re not going to find many smaller amps as good as that Krell. Perhaps an amp stand on wheels? 
If Audiophiles care about sound, then why so few threads on acoustics
Perhaps, because it’s such a personal specific subject, it doesn’t lend itself to much general discussion. The interaction of specific speakers in specific room dimensions, with specific furnishings and materials at specific listening positions ov... 
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So some of those “poor man drivers” might not measure as well in isolation, but actually measure better in application 
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@erik_squires, I am truly trying not to be petty, but,  though the thread was about specific models, you posted. “Thiel’s”, not CS2’s, and you also posted “anytime”. It’s not the only time you’ve posted a less than favorable perspective on Thiel’s... 
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@erik_squires,  At the risk of appearing to be tit for tat, this post just a few days ago on 5/17/20 didn't come with much of a caveat:https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/vandersteen-2c-vs-thiel-cs2 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Yes; Off topic threads.Thank you for your contribution. :-) 
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Jafant, erik_squires  has gone on record here at Audiogon of not being a fan of Thiel’s. 
Vandersteen 2c vs Thiel CS2
I like both. Many years ago after nearly a year of auditions of many different speakers  at various dealers in the NYC tri-State area, it came down to these very two. I was already to buy the Vandy 2’s, when dealer suggested giving the Thiel CS 2’... 
How to stop waterboarding
Do you mean motor-boating? 
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^Geared for the home theatre crowd. 
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@tomthiel, speakers must be placed on built in shelf. 
Oppo 105 and Power Amplifier Input Sensitivity
Wouldn’t wouldn’t using the 4.8 Volt input throw away a lot of costly power potential? 
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@tomthiel, Thanks! Looking to help a dear friend set up a system in a rather problematic room. 
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What is the value sweet spot generation for used THIEL SCS’s? 
How has the Magnum indoor antenna SR-100 worked for you?
My Silver Ribbon has worked better than the same manufacturers more expensive whip and all the amplified little boxes I’ve tried. YMMV! Location, location, location!