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Fans on amps.
Fans can accelerate internal dust build up. 
Metal cabinet speakers
Metal cabinet speakers
@mijostyn, A D'Appoltio Array uses a 3rd order cross-over not a 6dB 1st order cross-over. 
Metal cabinet speakers
Metal cabinet speakers
Karl Shuemann who used to frequently offer valuable posts here on Audiogon before opening his AudioMachina line, has made some very interesting speakers, some of which use metal cabinets. 
Balanced Tube Preamp Recommendations for $2000
Sonic Frontiers Line. 
Thiel Owners
@tomthiel, Sorry, I don't have much to add. I've never heard them, though I would welcome the opportunity. The company has managed to last despite having a limited number of retailers, which I think are all out west without any in the east. They d... 
Class A Solid State Sound
@Mitch2, with traditional speakers as impedance drops so does sensitivity. The BHK mono's  950 Watts into 2 Ohms is the equivalent to what a 237.5 Watt into 8 ohms amp that could truly double down could provide into 2 Ohms. Even after what seems l... 
Class A Solid State Sound
@Kosst_amojan, I disagree with your take on the way Pass Labs specs their amps. The independent measurements aren't confusing, the labeling of Pass Lab's specs are.  Nelson Pass's labeling of specs though still then confusing were at least less so... 
Class A Solid State Sound
@kosst_amojan, I meant no disrespect to Nelson Pass. I have a lot of respect for much his work, and am a happy long term user of a Nelson Pass pre and power amp. In my original attempt at my previous post, I tried to include links to all of the St... 
Threshold FET Two - Manual or advice for MM/MC phono setup?
You might want to try:http://www.threshold-audio.com/http://www.vintageamprepair.net/https://www.passlabs.com/https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pass-labs/ 
Class A Solid State Sound
Pass Labs declines to spec their amps into 2 Ohms. Stereophile’s measurements of Pass Labs amps into 2 Ohms have resulted in a mixed bag of results. Interestingly (well at least to me) some of these "objective" results might be deemed either posit... 
Frequency response + or - 1 dB ??
Here you go:https://www.stereophile.com/content/dunlavy-audio-labs-signature-sc-vi-loudspeaker-specificationshttps://www.stereophile.com/content/thiel-cs5-loudspeaker-specifications-0 
Low Sensitivity Speakers Compression Issue.
Let's put forward a list of high sensitivity speakers that have can produce a good square wave and step response: 
Bi amp pros out there I could use some help! First time Bi Amping...
I agree with Millercarbon, use the KISS approach. You don’t have the ideal pre and your using different amps. IMHO, the Alpeh 5 is not the best match for the Dunlavy’s with what I believe to be a 3 Ohm minimum impedance. I suggest you sell both a...