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Gentleman, get yer credit cards ready...
Gentlemen get ready to be scammed of your funds.  
Audio Research Preamps vs. Conrad-Johnson preamps
Try to find a loaner Atma-Sphere MP-3. Change the stock tubes to Black Treasure and then compare to the above 2 you are looking at. You would be very surprised! 
Just purchased a pair of Atma Sphere M-60 Mk 3's upgraded to 3.3's
Good Choice in my honest opinion, Once you go down the Atma-Sphere route and have the right speakers to play on. Nothing else really compares. The Key is to get the right speakers for the OTL Amps.Enjoy the music, as from this point onwards you wo... 
good preamp for First Watt F7
Atma-Sphere MP3.  
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
[$50,001-$70,000]  Classic Audio Loudspeakers Field Coils Either T1.5 or the T3.4 
What brands tend to have the worst resale value?
Vapor Audio Prob the Worst, 75K Speaker not worth more than 10K in today's money. 
Pure Class A amps above 100 Watts?
Been Solid State boy close to 15 Years, before that it was tubes. Now I'm back to Tubes but using OTL Atma-Sphere Amplifiers. It does what the Solid States can but also all the goodness of Tubes. So my Recommendation at min the M60 but you should ... 
Manley snapper vs Atma-sphere M60
The Atma-Sphere M60, in my opinion, would be the ideal choice, 60 watts of purity, Speed, Dynamics, smoothness, Ultra low distortion and fatigue-free listening. It does carry the weight and emotion of the music you listening in a special way. If y... 
Atma-Sphere, Ralph Karsten
Its all about Speaker Matching, Once you can find the right speaker to Match Atma-Sphere gear the rest is history. Nothing much can rival in all aspects of sound. You're off the Merry Go round.I have the M60 3.3 Fully Loaded With Power Supply boos... 
Kr Audio Kronzilla vs Atma-sphere MA1?
Atma-Sphere For sure. 
300B or 845?
Been waiting over 10 years! 
300B or 845?
Where is Spencer? 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
ATC has very revealing Midrange but I think they lack in Bass overall across their speaker range due to how they load the drivers up.If you are requiring something thats Fatigue Free but has the transparency of Studio but with a more musical prese... 
Preamp for a Line Magnetic i518?
Surprised no one mentioned the Atma-Sphere MP-3 as a contender here! 
I need your suggestion for a Preamp.
Atma-Sphere MP-3 or MP-1 if you want one of the best. Otherwise if budget is a concern they do have another modal available which is the UV-1