American Made Audio Unveils New Site For Made in USA Components

American Made Audio - Sharing my new site dedicated to companies that manufacture in the United States - both Made in America and Assembled in America.

Well over 100 companies in the United States manufacture some of the best equipment for audiophiles and cinephiles in the world. But until now there was no one place on the web to find American audio brands.

The main feature of American Made Audio is “The List” – a master listing of all companies that manufacture relevant products in the United States, shown alphabetically. Additional pages show manufacturers by product type, such as amplifiers, speakers, turntables, cables, audiophile music labels, and more, letting customers easily find brands that manufacture in America.

Nice to have the information.  However at first glance, I see no listing for VAC or Green Mountain Audio. 
I’m sure that there are some I’m missing still. This is why I created the site... I wanted something for myself and couldn’t find a comprehensive source, so I'm still building and always excited to add a manufacturer whom I've never heard of. I should have known to add VAC. I’ll look into Green Mountain.

This is great, folks. Keep them coming. I'm surprised at how many American companies I hadn't heard of, even after 20 years in this hobby. 
I emailed John to let him know about Music Reference, and he responded thanking me. Great guy!
I noticed that Krell and Balabo (Bridge Audio Laboratories)  are on the list.  Aren't at least some of Krell gear made in China and isn't Balabo gear designed and manufactured in Japan?
Many seem to come and go or go away to China.
Doesn't seem to be possible to make living.

Are we speaking about United States or America?
Was upset not to see Cary Audio, because I live in Cary NC.
Please note that Geofkait may be upset not to see his Machina Dynamica company -- all kinds of very tweaky tweaks
Cary has a wide range of products and it's not clear to me what's made here vs. overseas. I will be happy to add them once I sort our what's what.
Machina Dynamica, vibration isolation and resonance control devices and other assorted audiophile paraphernalia.

czarivey, good catch. I was beyond mad.  :-)

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darkj OP113 posts06-22-2016 2:22pmCary has a wide range of products and it's not clear to me what's made here vs. overseas. I will be happy to add them once I sort our what's what. 

Also direct sales and company tour to any casual customer in Cary NC.
VAST majority of products manufactured onsite in North Carolina. 

Don’t forget Audible Illusions. Designed and built in Florida.  Also, Odyssey Audio.  Designed and built in Indiana.

I would like to give a little shout out to my own hand built in America loudspeaker company (since 1973!) - Thanks, Fritz Heiler
Those are very pretty, Fritz. Do you build the cabinets in-house? Where do you source the drivers? 
Yes, I do everything including building the cabinets and designing the crossovers.  I'm an audio addict and have attended CES since the mid 80's to check out the latest gear. When I hear loudspeakers that I really like, I try to figure out which drivers they use and then bought them to experiment with and use in my own designs.   I mainly use ScanSpeak drivers but also like Seas, Morel, Accuton & Transducer Labs.
Is your list limited to the USA or will you include Canadian manufactured?
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@brf  Right now the site is dedicated to US-made gear. But there is certainly no lack of quality Canadian gear. I've been a proud Bryston own in the past. 
a few US manuf that you have forgotten:
* Convergent Audio Technology (often referred to as CAT) - they are based in Buffalo/Rush, NY. Unfortunately no official website.
* Selah Audio - speaker manuf based in Garner, NC (czarivey - how the heck did you miss this one?? :-) )
* Moon Audio - cable manuf based in Apex or Cary, NC (czarivey - another ding!! ;-) )
* Carolina Audio - single-driver speaker manuf based in Beaufort, SC.