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Thoughts on moving from a 1200G to Sota Saphire or above
I love my SL1200GAE and I added an Integrity Tru-Glider Arm and a DS Audio Grand Master cartridge for the win. 
Speaker suggestions at around $30k
I own GamuT RS5i speakers and drive them with a Coda #16. These floor standers check all of the boxes for me and are right your price point. 
Low budget vintage preamp or new
My favorite for the money is the Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL 
Ethernet or USB for streaming to Oppo 205
Ethernet is superior  
100W+ solid-state amps known for beautiful mids
Yes, Coda #16 is incredible. 
Coda Class A Amplifiers
@aI too have the Coda #16 and I’m very happy since it is nothing short of spectacular. I wished I could compare it to those other amps you mention but I cannot. It does however far exceed my old Plinius SA103. 
@david_ten David,I am glad your family is safe and unharmed. Everything else can be replaced. I hope you are still considering this area to move to, not that we don’t have our own share natural disasters such as the recent tornadoes. I do look for... 
LTA Ultralinear vs SET amps
@bigwave1,You should talk to Nicholas or Mark at LTA. My understanding is that they will do the same mods on the UL which is easy since there is only a 5% difference in the circuit between the UL and the ZOTL40. 
LTA Ultralinear vs SET amps
I agree with the lean assessment of the UL before the recent mods. My ZOTL40 is a different amp now and nothing lean about it. I believe they’re doing the same mods on the UL. This latest iteration must be heard. 
Elrog 300b's for sale. Your thoughts?
I have a pair of Elrog ER00B about a year old and have had no problems, no noise, just beautiful sound. The only caveat is that I’ve used them lightly in my Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT so the LIO isn’t hard on tubes to begin with, I don’t have a lot hour... 
Technics magnesium tonearm 1200G vs Jelco 850
I have an SL1200GAE and I use an Integrity TRU-GLIDERPENDULUM FLOATING TONEARM for a nice bump in sound quality. 
ZOTL40 Reference + Amplifier
@aj523,Bravo, beautiful set up. My friend has those Harbeth speakers and is considering the ZOTL40 (not mono’s). Would the ZOTL40 power them sufficiently? 
ZOTL40 Reference + Amplifier
@aj523,Very nice. What speakers are you driving with all of that LTA gear? Also, how does that Zesto phono pre sound?Lance 
Equipment Report: Linear Tube Audio's New Ultralinear PLUS
@mapman That sounds great. Let’s touch base this fall.Lance 
Equipment Report: Linear Tube Audio's New Ultralinear PLUS
@dodgealum The new LTA MicroZOTL Preamp is worth a try and with a free trial easy to audition. I will be selling my Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT because it was bested by the MZ Pre.