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Pass Labs Preamps with tube amps?
The name is on it but Nelson does not design his preamps. They are an afterthought for him.  
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
@skyscraper  Next time you're in the DC area stop in at Linear Tube Audio and have a listen in their new listening room. The new 120-watt mono’s are fantastic sounding and will probably be production-ready in a couple of months. Also, if you're ... 
Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC
I had the opportunity to hear the prototype of this DAC in my system months ago. I was very impressed by how analog-sounding it was, so very musical. I'm told it's been tweaked and improved since then. I can't describe it as a tube DAC since the B... 
Integrated for TAD ME1: Luxman, Accuphase or Soulnote?
+1 for the CODA and used it with the TAD ME-1    
No love for Legacy Audio
I have only heard the Legacy speakers at Audio shows but it has never been good.  
Top Ten Tube PreAmp of all time?
My best preamp to date: Backert Labs Rhythm 1.3   
Timbernation Platform Problems
I had similar issues with them.  
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions
I owned those speakers a few years back. I tried a few tube amps but the best matchup was a SS Musical Fidelity M6PRX Power Amp. If I were to go with a tube amp I try a Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40.  
Conrad Johnson Classic 120se vs. Linear Tube Audio 40 Reference Amps
I don't have any experience with Conrad Johnson but extensive experience with David Berning and LTA. I have owned several non-OTL tube amps and the clarity and transparency along with the sweet EL34 midrange of my ZOTL40 amp surpasses them all. I ... 
PS Audio Power Plant P3 to P12
After a few years with a P10, I sold it and got a P15. I could easily hear an immediate improvement. Very happy.  
New! Cerious Technologies Lumniscate cables
@tommylion  I do have the Lumniscate PC from the wall to my P-15 power conditioner and from P-15 to preamp, dac, streamer, TT, etc. It sounds great. There is no downside.  
Is a scam site?
I just got a pair of super tweeters from them. They were slow to respond and send me a ship date, but when I mentioned canceling the order, they got things moving. I love these super tweeters.  
Baltimore MD
@fastfreight ​​@mapman  
Morrow power cables
I owned the top-of-the-line Morrow cables, and they're OK, but since then, I have bought much better cables, including Townshend F-1 Fractals, Ceriuos Technologies Tech, etc. Morrow is not the end-all, just saying.  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
@yyzsantabarbara  I was never able to hear the AGD Gran Vivace but the Audions were superb. I now have custom modded Altec Lansing 1570B mono blocks.