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Responses from lancelock

Need New 2 Channel System for under 25K
Start with a Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER and a pair of Janszen zA2.1 Valentina speakers. Add your favorite CD player or DAC. This combo is the definition of synergy. 
Basement listing room
I also have my listening room in the basement. I would suggest 4 subs (swarm) setup. I have 4 subs from Gingko Audio and more amazing than the bass output is the sound stage it creates, and even better in a big listening space. 
LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?
I can’t speak highly enough about LTA. David Berning’s designs are genius and Mark Schneider has brought them to another level not to mention bringing these amps more affordably to the masses. These are great guys to buy from. They stand behind th... 
LTA Microzotl Preamp
It certainly is incredible. I can’t think of anything in its price range that can touch it. 
What solid state power amp are you using with your Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers?
I have not owned Harbeth speakers but heard this model at an audio show with a Vinnie Rossi LIO, only 25 watts but It’s one of those unforgettable moments. There was also a very expensive vinyl rig playing something incredibly well recorded that a... 
AT-ART9XI Cartridge - Reduced Compliance
A thicker stylus sounds good. I accidentally bumped my ART-9 and bent the stylus. 
Rogue RP-7 vs MicroZotl. Reference
Don’t overlook the Micro ZOTL just because it hasn’t been around that long. It is the most incredible preamp and in my opinion nothing can touch it in its price range. 
What tube pre-amps pair well with Pass amps?
Linear Tube Audio ZOTL Preamp 
Preamp suggestions, yes again
Linear Tube Audio MZ2 
What Combinations of Components Have You Put Together That Sound Good?
I love my Janszen zA2.1 Valentina hybrid electrostatic speakers and I went through a number of amps, trying to find that elusive synergy. I stopped looking when I found the Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 and ZOTL preamp to be a match made in heaven. It’... 
Cerious technologies or audio envy
I love my CT Graphene Matrix Speaker cables and IC’s. They sound great with my Coda #16 amp. I tried many cables but not the Audio Envy. 
Review on Coda Technologies 16 Amplifier went live today
@xrayz https://hometheaterreview.com/coda-technologies-continuum-no-8-stereo-amplifier/http://v2.stereotimes.com/post/coda-technologies-16.0-amplifier-by-terry-london/ 
Preamp under $2,000.
If you don’t need a lot of bells an whistles, nothing at this price can touch the Linear Tube Audio MZ2. Nothing! 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
I have a pair of Janszen zA2.1 Valentina with Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 and preamp. I can’t top the sound I’m getting from this combo. My second system has much more money invested but can’t match the electrostats. 
Best Speakers for a small Nearfield room, budget at most $10000 (used is also ok)
TAD ME-1 stand mount