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Responses from lancelock

My “Dream” system needs a preamp
I agree with two already mentioned. Aric Audio and Linear Tube Audio, both excellent. 
Separate DAC or continue using the Oppo UDP-205
The Oppo 205 has the ESS 9038 Pro, their flagship DAC. It is a very good DAC. I had my 205 modded at Modwright with the full tube stage mods and separate power supply. It sounds incredible. It’s worth keeping and upgrading. My opinion of course. 
Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?
I’ve tried many cables and got off the merry go round with the Cerious Technologies Matrix Cables. I’m very happy with the tonal quality of them. His recent USB cables are amazing. 
New Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamplifer
A new review of the Micro ZOTL Preamp and the ZOTL40 power amp.https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/linear-tube-audio-microzotl-preamplifier-zotl... 
Tube Amps With Good Bass Qualities
Look at Linear Tube Audio. Bass like solid state. 
4 ohm (or 6) Bookshelf speakers. Pass Labs 30.8
I have TAD ME-1 and technically they are bookshelf size although I think they come with the stands. The sound is incredible. 
Oppo Sonica Damaged Firmware? - USB ports Dead - HELP!
The ports on my 205 died. It was a bad board. Oppo sells these boards for about $300. Mine will be here soon. 
Salk VS Monitor Audio
Salk will be at the Capital Audiofest in November. I did visit the room last year and thought the sound was superb. I have never owned them but they are always in the back of my mind. One of these days. 
Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable
So I’m hearing an expanded sound stage with a quiet/black back ground and details, details, details. The cable has definitely gone through some changes during the breakin process. Once again I don’t have much to compare to but the matrix USB has m... 
Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
KLH Nines 
Tekton Double Impacts vs the competition....
@arhillb,  the DI’s in DC are long gone. 
Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable
I’ve got my mine burning in and I’ve never had anything more than a cheap stock USB cable so I can’t give a good comparison like Ozzy can.  What I can say is when I first connected it the improvement was huge and dramatic. I never bothered with a ... 
The new magnificent Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamplifier
@jmolsberg, many of these mods are now stock in the MZ3. 
My 1st Tube Equipment Experience
You might have some noisy tubes. Is it the same on both channels? 
Any thoughts on GamuT Audio’s current status?
The GamuT Audio’s RS3i stand mount speaker is one of the best I’ve heard and yes expensive. I choose the TAD ME1 stand mount for less than half of the price of the GamuT and they’re just as good.