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Am I allowed to BARTER??
What pair of XLR’s do you have? What length?    
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
I just spent several months comparing the AGD Audion mono blocks to my Coda #16 amp and have made my choice. The AGD’s are very, very good. I think they sound spectacular but my Coda has something that I prefer. There is a deep dynamic snap that t... 
Looking for a new (preowned OK) line stage under $5K: suggestions?
Yes, get the MicroZOTL Preamp and don’t look back. You will not be disappointed.  
Can a Amp be "timeless" and compete with todays amps?
I am having a pair of 1960 Altec Lansing 1570B mono blocks refurbished and modded. I have listened to these and the sound is just incredible. They were originally commercial amps and not suitable for home audio but the modifications change that in... 
Backert Rhumba 1.3 OR Modwright LS 100 ?
I have heard the Rhumba and was very impressed. I own the Rhythm 1.3 and it’s the best preamp I’ve owned to date. Previous preamps I’ve had are: Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT, Audible Illusions Modulus and LTA MicroZOTL Preamp Which I still have in a secon... 
Zenwave SCR ribbon cables
I have the PSR-11 and PSR-14 power cables. Im amazed and have found nothing better.  
What Class A is better? SUGDEN FPA-4 or PASS LABS XA-25
I had the Coda #8 and now the Coda #16 and it’s the best solid state amp I’ve ever heard.  
Top Ten Tube PreAmp of all time?
Linear Tube Audio Micro ZOTL Preamp and Backert Labs Rhythm 1.3 both excellent American made preamps.  
Power Cables and Wall Sockets
I finally installed a dedicated line to my listening room. I used quality solid core 11ga wire from a new sub-panel to make the main run short as possible, installed a quality outlet and have very good power cord. The change was like a new compone... 
audible illusions vs supratek, vs holoaudio vs backert
I have owned the Audible Illusions pre and the Backert. The Backert is by far superior sounding.  
Any GaN amp good with Acoustats?
I did connect my AGD Audion mono blocks with my Janszen zA2.1 electrostatic speakers and was impressed. These are the best class D amps Ive ever heard.  
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
I have been listening to the Coda #16 with it’s first 100 watts of class A for almost a year now and recently brought in AGD Audion mono blocks. The Coda, to me is the pinnacle of class A goodness. I love the dynamic power. The AGD mono’s are righ... 
Best MC Cartridge Pairing for Technics SL-1210 GAE?
I also have the Art 9 and it is highly recommended. I did accidentally bend the stylus so until I find someone that can repair its inactive.  
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
@yyzsantabarbara  which preamp did you keep?  
GREAT NEWS! The Coda Technology new #16 amplifier will arrive this week
@bhvf  The Coda #16 has the RCA to XLR switch on the front. I have run it both ways on my 16.