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Audio tax write-off
Hey Paul I’m filmmaker myself and have literally tons of production, post production (full Advanced Resolve system) and audio playback and recording gear.feel free to check me out 
velodyne dd plus? still considered best of the best?
I posted in another thread that Velodyne has sold its sub line to another company, so hopefully we’ll see some service available soon. I love my pair of DD10 plus, though the remote sensor seems to be less responsive lately. The nice thing is not ... 
Putting weights on speakers?
A few months ago I put together a small, simple system while away from home and my TAD Cr-1’s.The speakers I chose were the LSA statement 10’s from Underwood, which very recently TAS have a great review. I paired them with a Hegel h190 and an old ... 
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
I say the OP isn’t a real audiophile because He doesn’t record his own music tracks. How can you judge fidelity of playback when you have no idea what the original event sounded like?And if someone is into LP’s but don’t cut their own vinyl, what ... 
No Direction Home, Dylan documentary by Martin Scorsese.
I’ve been meaning to watch this doc.  I highly recommend the Quincy Jones documentary on Netflix. 
Suggestions for good cheap Equalizer
If you’re digital , why not try eq’ing in the server software?  Jriver has the feature.    
Are 500 hours too many for a used hi-end cartridge?
The only used cart I ever bought was when  starting to assemble my first high end system and looking to save money, being fresh out of college. It was a Spectral cart (anyone remember those) that i bought on Audiomart newsletter and the entire ass... 
My list of seller red flags
None of these offenses is worse than the pinball community.  Their latest crap listing is NOB. Meaning new out of box (and with only 50 or 100 plays).  It’s no longer new - and the discount is usually quite small compared with new from a dealer.  ... 
192 khz/24 bit Albums on Qobuz
Audite,  you may not have Qobuz, but you do have laws that make it a crime to disseminate dangerous information that one knows to be false.   
192 khz/24 bit Albums on Qobuz
What a timely thread! I recently signed up for Qobuz after assembling a temporary system while staying away from home in NYC. I have never signed up for high quality music streaming, since I have a large collection, at home but not with me. The fi... 
For efficient speakers, how much difference does an amp really make?
Mapman- I used to love those tech Hi-Fi catalogs and recently found a few scanned online - great memories of reading those as a teenager and lusting after the top systems with the multi track recording features. 
Focal Tweaks
Many years ago I tried Felting around a tweeter and didn’t like the results, so perhaps it’s not a universal tweek. I would be willing to try it on my new speakers but the copper beryllium tweeters are in a very small waveguide which would make it... 
Harbeth 40.2
I think aside from any potential bass boom caused by being only a foot from the wall, I feel that most speakers (aside from those designed to be on or near wall) will never perform anywhere near their potential. Perhaps a mini monitor could get fu... 
New York Stereo show at Park Lane Hotel
Did I enter a time warp and miss several years of this conversation?  
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
As one can see in my Escape From NY system in the speaker forum, I am putting together a small sustem while away from home. Last night I started looking into power conditioning, and upon finding the AQ Powerquest line, I thought that would be the ...