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Speakers 10 years old or older that can compete with todays best,
I’m rocking an over 12 year old pair of speakers, whose designer recently stated that it was the speaker he was most proud of. The designer: Andrew Jones. The speaker: TAD CR1.  
Velodyne DD15 - worth repairing the plate amp?
@m-db i’m a little late to the discussion.  Are you saying there is new firmware for the DDplus series?  Can you elaborate? Early this year my pair of DD10plus subs weren’t responding to the remotes, so I sent them to the amp man.  I wish I had k... 
TAD Speakers
I know quite a few months have passed since @letitbe1306  posted, but I’ll add that one of the most unique qualities of TAD, at least the reference series (I own CR1’s) is the amount of inner detail, that makes ordinary (but good) recordings sound... 
Mastering legend Bernie Grundman explains why the measurement crowd has it all wrong!
This is a fantastic point!  Seems these gurus have been shown to measure the wrong thing on some occasions.     
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Years ago I auditioned the Salon 2’s at a dealer and met a fellow audiophile, Journalist Carl Bernstein, the one who investigated the story about the now quaint seeming break in, called Watergate. Funny I consider my TAD CR1’s as keepers. Even if... 
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
Just to add, as a former MKI/bridge 2 owner, the “noise” PS mentioned about the bridge card, I don’t think was audible noise.  People on their forum were finding the MKI sounded better with the bridge card removed, hence the thought that a Dac sou... 
Wayne's Audio Turntable Periphery Stabilizing Outer Ring
I’m a huge fan of the TTW periphery rings.  I find it makes LP’s sound better, with lower distortion.  Never tried Wayne’s, but is his a clone of the TTW?    
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
@dcpillai thanks for the kind words.  I lifted the ground on all the inputs (I only use usb) and while I didn’t a/B it yet, I think it sounds slightly better.   I had some friends over last night for a birthday party and one friend requested Kraf... 
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
Just got my MKII up and running a few days ago.  It’s plugged into a a Niagara 7000 and I am am hearing a slight hum with my ear about 1” from the DAC, however it’s dead silent though the speakers. I’ll have to try plugging in straight to the wal... 
FUSE BOX delivers perfect protection and superior sound
Looking forward to your findings.    
PS Audio Direct Stream MK2 DAC
I have a MKII on order.  PS Audio has been fantastic about repairs, etc.  One of my monoblocks ran warmer than the other, and since they were such early units, they paid for shipping both ways for both units to check them both out and make any pro... 
FUSE BOX delivers perfect protection and superior sound
Can you explain further how a 6 amp protection circuit can protect a part of the equipment rated for only 3 amps?   Also I might suggest making some comparison recordings made with the Fuse box and without.   Positive Feedback did an article incl... 
FUSE BOX delivers perfect protection and superior sound
I just got an email from a dealer selling these.  I have a question about if it will work with equipment that has more than one fuse.  Would love to read about someone trying this.  
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
Maybe this Should be renamed  “What’s Worst Forum”  
Has anyone heard the PS Direct stream mk2?
@andynotadam it would be interesting to hear your thoughts eliminating the iso regen.  I’m going USB for the first time ever, but since my Mac Pro is in another room, I need about 40 feet of cable, bought an optical usb cable for the run.