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Overhead speakers for Atmos 5.1.2 system
I just finished a home theater renovation, but I decided against the additional Atmos ceiling speakers.  My ceilings are only 9 feet, and I thought extra overhead hardware would be unsightly and of limited use for most movies in the near future. F... 
Help wanted spending money and improving my system.
If vinyl is important to you, think about an upgrade to your turntable//cartridge/phono pre rig.  
Right speakers for big room limited to small room placement options
Check out my setup. My room is smaller (15 x 21 x 9), but it works. For your room, I’d add subwoofers to my system. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/4415#&gid=1&pid=1 
Cartridge options going forward
I’m liking the Lyra Kleos SL.  My first Lyra, and it is a *little* better (but def. better) than the less expensive Dyna XX2MkII, IMO.  Kleos SL is less than 5K. 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Sending Al deep gratitude for being the best kind of audio mensch in these parts.  Always gracious, always smart, always wearing his tech knowledge lightly and modestly. I learned a lot from your many wise posts. Best wishes to you and yours. See ... 
Analog Upgrade - Phono Preamp or Cartridge?
VPI has better options and better upgrade paths than Rega IMO. Consider VPI for longer term goals such as speed control, better tonearms to optimize better cartridges, heavier plinths, etc.  
Analog Upgrade - Phono Preamp or Cartridge?
If you are not sure whether LP playback is for you, try listening to a top flight LP system. Maybe you won’t like it, but at least then you’d know.  Rega is not representative of top LP playback, so that would be a factor to consider. In your shoe... 
Looking for phono preamp suggestions
Lots of good suggestions, to which I will add the ModWright PH-150 Reference Phono. This is a tube MC/MM unit with two inputs: single ended and balanced. Running a Lyra Kleos SL LOMC with excellent results. Service and advice from Dan Wright are a... 
Vandersteen 5a - Setup help needed
Vandersteen will be able to answer your questions best. But do you have the proprietary crossovers made by Vandersteen? You will need them for the 5A’s.  
Tube rolling McIntosh c2600 preamp?
With the system you list --- and the lack of soundstage you report --- I'd again be looking hard at the room arrangement.  Wondering if you have sufficient sound treatment, etc.  Digital source is a question mark (just don't know enough about Camb... 
Tube rolling McIntosh c2600 preamp?
You and I have pretty similar McIntosh preamp/amp combinations.  Soundstaging is more likely a room+speaker issue IMO.  But I've switched my McIntosh C2300 preamp to Gold Lion tubes with good results.  Don't see your other components listed, so it... 
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Jazz makes more sense when you know something about how it’s evolved over maybe a century. Get out of that Steely Dan and Van Morrison mindset for a while, and try listening to what they listened to, jazz wise. Dig up a copy of the Smithsonian Col... 
Great country recording
Steve Earle, “The Mountain”Emmylou Harris, “Wrecking Ball”Kasey Chambers, “Wreck & Ruin”Doc Watson, “Pickin’ the Blues”Gillian Welch, “Soul Journey” 
Old school vs new school audio???
Oh, Sony source. Sell that too. 
Old school vs new school audio???
First thing I’d do is sell or give away the NAD components.  Stick with the Mac receiver for now, along with your Paradigm speakers, which you like. Then: what is your goal, and what is your budget? You don’t mention sources. Analog or digital or ...