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Mcintosh Meter color help, it's Is it faded, not blue? Is it faded?
Check with Audio Classics.  They may have an LED bulb upgrade kit for your amplifier.  Those + translucent "blue" inserts are what provide the color for McIntosh meters. 
WAF Speaker suggestions
Bring your wife with you to Axpona or similar show.  Since you’d like her to pick, just let her pick the speakers, but not without hearing and seeing some alternatives.  
Turntable isolation for bedroom floor
First floor? Basement accessible?  Or upper floor?  If it's an upper floor, a wall mounted turntable is a possibility.  For first floor with basement/crawl space access, you could put a jack(s) under the floor for support. 
Help with picking new integrated for under 3k
If, like me, you're a "slowly upgrading" type person, why not consider a substantially upgraded amplifier to go with your Cambridge pre?  You mention McIntosh integrated, but if you're going to keep on upgrading, why stop there?  Have a look at, s... 
Budget cartridge for SOTA Moonbeam TT.
Another vote for Nagaoka MP-110 as a budget cartridge.  I use it in my office/vintage system and like it better than the Ortofon 2M Red. 
5A Vandersteen
I’ve been running the 5A’s for a few years, and they are keepers. Definitely would go to Vandy 7’s if finances allow one day, although I’d have to go second hand, almost certainly, and it’s hard to imagine anyone upgrading from them.  Might be alo... 
Trying to reduce noise while listening to tube phono
+1 @lewm Who, unlike me, may have the technical expertise to explain *why* dedicated AC lines helped with noise issues. Thanks for your cogent summary of the way AC lines can be a factor.Agree that phono stage design is likely a culprit in the OP'... 
Trying to reduce noise while listening to tube phono
Dedicated AC lines eliminated noise problems from my system. Just a thought ... 
Turntable for My McIntosh C2600
Since the McIntosh preamps have both MM and MC inputs, and the phono stages built into those preamps are very good, so you can use pretty much any turntable you wish.  Everything will "match."  Under $1000 for a turntable is a tough price point to... 
Phono Preamp Question
I use the same Dyna XX2MkII cartridge with a ModWright Reference Phono PH-150 (tube phono stage).  Plenty of gain, and it sounds great. 
A new chapter has begun.
Always nice to hear positive news.  But without having your system page posted, it’s hard to understand what sort of system you’re working with. 
Worth the change?
IMO tone controls and Balance control are good reasons to stay with McIntosh, especially in your situation (similar to my own). 
Does anyone care to ask an amplifier designer a technical question? My door is open.
Roger— thank you for sharing your expertise in this thread.I would like to know your opinion of ideal amplifier type (and your rationale) for the following loudspeakers:  Vandersteen 5A/5A Carbon.  As you know, this product is relatively inefficie... 
One Only Please- Your Favorite Track from which album and Artist please
“Revelator”Time (The Revelator)Gillian Welch 
Power Conditioner for Amp
PS Audio P10 power regenerator works for me.