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What sort of upgrade from Rega Brio to go with my Dynaudio's X12?
Consider the Heaven 11 Billie integrated amplifier mentioned above.  Not pushing it, just very satisfied with it. Complete with DAC and phono.     Rich    
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio - 'In Full Swing' Many different styles, all cuts well recorded, especially the Jane Monheit ones.   https://www.amazon.com/Full-Swing-Mark-OConnors-Trio/dp/B00007I2KT    
What sort of upgrade from Rega Brio to go with my Dynaudio's X12?
Did not mention in my response that I used the Rega Brio (newer, half sized form) for several years and was never enthralled with it.  I chalked it up to the speakers that I was using (Omega single drivers), which tend to do better with tubes.  Sw... 
sibilance in system
Hi - What are your thoughts on your main speakers ... the Omega Super 6 Alnico floor standers?  Omegas take forever to break in.   The Omegas are praised for how well they do vocals, yet I never warmed up to the Alnicos.  I have owned a number o... 
What sort of upgrade from Rega Brio to go with my Dynaudio's X12?
Went through a few after the Rega Brio.  First the Croft integrated amp (never warmed up to it) and then the Rogue Sphinx v3 (too noisy).  Also two different sets of speakers, Omega Compact Alnico monitors and GoldenSource BRX monitors. Not cheap... 
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
About a year or so ago, I went with the PS Audio Perfect Wave SACD transport.   I have a good sized record collection.  But, I own a lot (and I mean a lot of CDs and SACDs) and was concerned about having quality players available to me, as I am g... 
For city apartment dweller audiophiles. Have you ever had neighbors banging on your walls?
Coop Board President in NYC (Queens) for 14 years.  Safe to say, all manner of noise complaints have been brought to me for resolution.   Granted, so much depends on the building structure itself.  Prewar, wooden floor  joist buildings are going ... 
Record Store Day 2024?
RSD has become quite the money grab.  I went with the ''Talking Heads Live '77' and the 'Yardbirds B sides' titles.  Other items looked promising, but were prohibitive in their pricing.  Unfortunate.   I didn't bother going to Rough Trade Records... 
Moving into an apartment with wood joist floors - worried about neighbors hearing
It will become more a question of at what days and what time(s) of the day you do your listening.  Your choice of music will also figure into this.     If you are listening at 2PM on a Wednesday, it is not going to matter all that much.  It gets ... 
Trading the Zu Audio Omen Def MK-II
Any interest in the Zu Audio bookshelf speakers? https://www.zuaudio.com/loudspeakers/p/dwx Best regards, Rich   
Need a new integrated, what say you?
Heaven 11 Billie Amp.  I have been using this amp for the last few months with some Zu Audio Omen monitors and PS Audio SACD transport/ DAC.  Comes with a built in phono input.  Is a tube hybrid.  Very nice sounding.       
Troubleshooting Rega Brio-R Amp Issue
You have the loss of sound in the right channel.  Is this the case for all the amp's inputs? As I remember the Brio, the first input is specifically for the phono.  Are you experiencing the loss for the other inputs. Rich     
Marantz 22xx AM section Diagnosis and Repair -- Help Required
Any chance you are working around florescent fixtures & lights or light switches with dimmers?  That would be the cause of buzzing. Rich     
Venus 30th aniversary hybrid sacd 11 SACDs
Here is the track listing - Got it off of an eBay listing - https://www.ebay.com/itm/115939954658 Number of configurations | 11 pieces Track Listing: Disc 1 1. So In Love/Sir, Roland Hanna Trio (C.Porter) 2. Blue Sky/New York Trio (I.Berlin)... 
Pioneer SX-251R compatibility question
I believe you will be using both remotes.  The 251 remote for the basic set of commands and the M50R remote for the changer. I am also thinking that there aren't a lot of working cassette changers out there anymore (this certainly isn't 45 years ...