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Getting into tubes
I use a Cary SLI 80 F1 with Merlin TSM speakers in a secondary system and the combination works very well. With the choice of triode or ultralinear at the flip of a switch, plus a tube rollers dream, you can tailor the sound to your specific prefe... 
Call Atma-Sphere directly.  They have one of the best customer service in the industry. 
VAC Phi 300.1a Single Channel Ground Loop Hum
You mentioned that you tried swapping the L+R input tubes but did you try swapping the L+R output tubes?  This will isolate whether it is a bad output tube or not.   
Looking for not too expensive Turntable
What's your budget.  Big price difference between a Pioneer PL12 and a Technics SP10 Mk2 
Popping when kids are jumping
Do you use a CD transport?  It could be the laser misreading. 
***SET***What Is Your Experience With Different Flavors***
I have heard "real" triodes (300B) and pentodes wired in triode (EL34) both sounding great and both sounding poor.  It is very hard to generalize as many factors come into play such as negative feedback, circuit design, power supply, capacitors et... 
Anybody watch the Grammys tonight?
I am not surprised by the underwhelming Audiogon responses (including me) to last night’s Grammy’s telecast.  I would hazard a guess as to the reasoning is that the targeted average Grammy demographic is significantly different than the average A... 
Terminals spade type loosening the binding posts
brf:"Try a touch of thread locker (Loctite Blue) on the binding post threads."I think that is obviously a terrible suggestion that is offered here you do not want to use automotive repair materials on your Music Reproduction System materials s... 
Terminals spade type loosening the binding posts
Try a touch of thread locker (Loctite Blue) on the binding post threads.   
Room color opinions
A nicely decorated room will have the same effect on your perception of sound as does a well presented fine dining meal.  In the culinary world, there is an expression that "we eat with our eyes", I believe that also holds true for sound reproduct... 
Analogue-free system
In audio there is no best, only a best for you.  I may disagree with your premise, but that does not make you wrong.   
I wonder if Ortofon will be releasing an 100th anniversary A100 cartridge? 
Accuphase pricing Japan vs. USA
Its not just distributors marking up prices but duties and taxes. plus insurance, warehousing, setting up a distribution network, marketing and advertising, trade shows, dealer support and warranty repairs........... 
Where can i find out what voltage this takes VPI HW19 mkiii?
Take the bottom off the table to expose the motor.  The motor should be stamped with the electrical specifications.  In addition, if it is wired for the UK, it should have a type G plug.   
Tri-Planar & Customer Service Excellence
Simply put, Tri Mai is and has always been first class!