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Would tonearm with same pivot t9 spindl
Be careful, just because a tonearm has the same P2S distance doesn't mean it can use the same mounting hole location.  The pivot on the origin live illustrious mk3c is located in the middle of the arm mounting base which would correspond with th... 
Turntable recommendations around $2500
A friend just bought a EAT C-Major replacing an aging Oracle. Very well made, sounds excellent, looks great and represents excellent value.Btw, VPI makes gimbal tonearms in addition to their uni-pivots 
RIP Dave Wilson
Some people love Wilson speakers, others not so much, but one thing that both parties have in common is everyone loved David Wilson the man. My condolences go out to his friends and family  
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
The 10R is 864,000 yen and the 1000R is 1,728,000 yen.  Just for displaying my passport I would get 10% off and maybe more of a discount than that. Shipping would add back some significant expense. But I’m just sayin’.... I had to look up the... 
BaerWald vs VPI setup protractors
Vpi tonearm is a clever designed which allows user to adjust the P2S distance very fast. You only need to turn the elbow a few degrees to get the correct distance. (If your tonearm has the adjustable base for vta) This is no longer the case wi... 
Cartridge Recommendations
Turntable Consolidation. Is it a Consideration?
Why not get one of your tables re-plinthed with the ability to accept more than one tonearm? 
Brass Pulley for My TT
I would hazard a guess that the friction of mylar belt is polishing the brass, therefore, leaving a slight residue.  This is not a bad sign as the smoother the brass surface becomes, the better molecular adhesion.   
Talk but not walk?
@cleeds No, I still believe that you are confusing hypothesis with theory. A hypothesis is a suggested solution for an unexplained occurrence that does not fit into current accepted scientific theory. If the data does not support the hypothesis... 
Talk but not walk?
There are also those who believe they are exempt from proving their claims because science is already on their side. That may sound absurd, but it’s a common claim, as evidenced by the post from @brf just above this post @cleeds, scientific th... 
Talk but not walk?
In some instances, knowing the theory allows one to make an informed prediction as to the outcome. There are certain laws in physical science that cannot be avoided.    
Why bogus retail price from some sellers?
Harbeth charges a premium for some veneer finishes and that "could" account for a quoted MSRP difference.  The market dictates the resale value of an used item, not the former suggested retail price, therefore, I personally do not see it as a big ... 
What is meant when someone says a component is lacking soul
It simply means they don't like it.  Same as saying the food is bland. 
How good is the Artisan Fidelity Lenco 75??
IMO, $6000 for a Artisan Fidelity Lenco 75 with the Origin Live Conqueror MK3 tonearm is a fair asking price.  Artisan Fidelity tables are works of art and there is a premium price associated with that level of fit and finish.   
Tube test numbers - what exactly do they mean
Call Tube Depot they are very accommodating and they are one of few Dealers who have a proper 845/211 tube test that applies over 1,000+ volts to the plates.