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Mark Levinson 334 Question
I can't speak to the 334, but the 331, 332 and 333 were all affected. 
Test Equipment vs The Ear
Test equipment tells me how something measures whereas my ears tell me how it sounds.  To me, the latter is more important. 
Furukawa power cables
Furukawa is a Japanese company that is licensed to produced Ohno Continuous Cast Copper wire. This is the same company that supplies Audio Sensibility, Audience, Audioquest, Furutech, Oyaide, PS Audio and some others.  Whether this is the same com... 
Hum in Cary cad 805 AE
Is the hum still present when you disconnect the left channel interconnect?   
Why don't amplifier Companies use high end fuses?
To answer the OP's question, all one needs to do is read the responses.  Over half of audiophiles do not believe that fuses and power cords make a sonic improvement.  Since fuses and power cords do not require a modification to the existing equipm... 
CARY SLP05 - tube configuration?
Mullard GZ34 are consider one of the best rectifiers made and are typically considered as a substantial upgrade over the stock JJ 5AR4. I use a 1960 Mullard GZ34 "fat base" rectifier in my slp05. NOS Mullards run between $100 - $200 depending on y... 
CARY SLP05 - tube configuration?
The best tube compliment/combination will vary based on the mode of operation.If single ended from input to single ended output, you only need to concern yourself with tube positions #1 and #2.If you are running single ended inputs to  balanced ou... 
The SLP-05 Ultimate Upgrade
It's a logical upgrade path but only after you rolled the the 6SN7 and GZ34 tubes first. 
counterfeit CDR copys of Original Jazz Classics
Selling "copies" of recorded music is a copyright infringement, therefore, illegal.  Report the seller(s) to Amazon. 
Mark Levinson 23.5
The 23.5 runs in Class AB and there is enough idle bias which results in the amp being warm, not hot.  Former 23.5 owner. 
VPI is bringing back the Magic Brick!
$299  http://http//  
New Technics SL 1200 GAE
@stringreen wrote.   I’m always entertained how everyone thinks what they own is the very best..... You forgot to complete your sentence..... "what they own is the very best for them" 
Cable manufacturers?
The Wan Lung factory in Taiwan is licensed to produces UP-OCC Copper and UP-OCC Silver for the Audio Sensibility, Acoustic Zen, Atlas Cables, DoubleHelix, Harmonic Technology, Neotech, XLO, Analysis Plus, MIT, Purist Audio Design, WireWorldFurukaw... 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
According to the manual, the BAM prvovides 5.2dB of boost at 35 Hz with a Subsonic bass roll-off below 27Hz.  Although Bobby M didn't like subs, he did recommend not using the BAM if using subs since the end user will be crossing the speakers over... 
Upgrading path from Merlin VSM black magic
If you integrate the Funk audio 18.0 master/slave sub-woofers into your system you can do away with the BAM as the subs will take over the frequency band in which the BAM attenuates.  Have you looked at the Coincident line of speakers?