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Medium Mass or Low Mass Tonearms?
By some manufactures and other industry professionals, medium mass tonearms are defined as having an effective mass between 9-25 grams.  That would put VPI tonearms at the very low end of medium mass and that would account for their wide compatibl... 
Best 845 tube out there?
Below is a more updated version of the Psvane / Shuguang relationship and history. There are a few contradictions to ecll80’s post. 
The SLP-05 Ultimate Upgrade
@smokenjo that is not normal.  It should travel the full range using the remote 
Cary SLP-05 with Pass Labs X-250
@dpac996 What you are hearing are the stock Electro-Harmonix EH-6SN7 tubes.  Tube rolling is the Cary yields great results 
Why are so many Infinity IRS beta systems for sale the past year ?
I would assume that a lot of original owners have reached retirement age and no longer have the room, plus stereo integration into the common household living area has changed significantly since the late 1980s 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
@Bar81, just because we disagree, does not make me wrong. I don’t mind Audiotroy’s post and I don’t mind gpgr4blu post - when they post independent of one another. What I do dislike is the constant back and forth bitc$ing between the two that di... 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
If @gpgr4blu and @audiotroy would just refrain from responding to one another, threads of this nature would not be necessary.  Their disagreement is not about policy or posting etiquette, it's personal - take it off line 
Dealers hijacking the discussions
Audio is just a hobby/past-time for me, therefore, I try and keep things in perspective and don’t get worked up about insignificant issues. Also, I don't need anyone to censor content, I am more than capable if doing that myself based on my person... 
Which do I keep?
Why not just keep the amp that sounds the best?  
Which do I keep?
The one that sounds the best.  Is this a trick question? 
Are tuners still popular
Internet streaming tuners have relegated my analog tuner to my basement storage to keep my cassette deck company.  
Always long for (upgraded) first love: Sonic Frontiers Line 3
@goldeneardoc, as a former owner of a Line 3 who then had it upgraded all the way to the SE plus status, plus I rolled countless number of tubes in all positions, the Line 3 retains it original character as you follow the upgrade path as a very ve... 
Why do turntables sound different?
@lostbears, take a spl meter and measure the acoustic energy in the corner, you will be very surprised how much energy is concentrated in the corner compared to other locations in your room 
Why do turntables sound different?
@lostbears I have my turntable in the corner on the opposite side of the room from my speakers. It sits on a 3" maple block which sits on a VPI turntable stand filled with sand. I have all my front end equipment in that corner as far from the spe... 
Cary SLP 05 - When To Replace Tubes?
Assuming you are running fully balanced, you can change out the tubes in 2 steps. 1,2,4,5 as a matched quad and 3 and 6 as a matched pair.