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Aries 1 JWM 10 Tonearm replacement or upgrades?
@melm, my comments are in reference to the 10 series of VPI JMW tonearms.  If you have an original or later production JMW 12 metal arm, you may have to change out the fluid reservoir pivot point for the newer spiked pivot point to be compatible w... 
Aries 1 JWM 10 Tonearm replacement or upgrades?
Just a couple of points of clarification to a few of the above posts. The original JMW 10 with the threaded counter weight is shorter than the new JMW 3D tonearm, therefore, it will have a different spindle to pivot mounting distance. Although the... 
Aries 1 JWM 10 Tonearm replacement or upgrades?
FYI, the new JMW 3D printed tonearm is not a drop in replacement for the original JMW 10 tonearm as the new 3D is 10.5 inches whereas the the original JMW is 10 inches.  You will need to purchase a new VTA tower if you plan to upgrade the arm.  Th... 
Manley Chinook with (very) low output MC ZYX?
The nice thing about the 4BSST is that you can change the input sensitivity to 1 volt.  You will need approximately 72db of gain to drive your amplifier to full gain using the 1volt input setting.  The Manley can provide 60db of gain coupled with ... 
CLEARAUDIO Ambient Turntable compared to a VPI scout II
What’s a “hyper” model?   
My Art Audio Jota wants 32B tubes but I can't find them....
IIRC, an Emmission Labs 300B-XLS is a direct replacement for a 32B 
Internet radio "only"
A simple and affordable option is to get an Amazon Alexa and use the analog outputs to your dac.  
What is this odd little box I've been storing for years?
No input/output jacks? 
Re-terminate cardas speaker cables DIY?
Cardas uses a litz wire construction (most of their cables) which has each individual wire strand coated with an insulating enamel.  To properly re-terminate a Cardas wire, you will need a solder pot which creates enough heat to melt the enamel co... 
News cables wouldn’t work with my Turntable
Turntables "typically" like shielded cables.  Did your custom WE cable have a ground wire? 
Cartridge, set up, phono stage settings.......  There are a lot of factors that affect turntable performance.  
First impression: Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp
Gain structure he has. Lyra Etna SL 0.25mV > Herron 64db > Lightspeed 0db > Gryphon Antillion 30db > Wilson Sasha 90db The amp's input sensitivity of 0.975v sure helps.   
insurance and shipping with UPS
UPS does advertise themselves as Packing Experts.  From the UPS website:  Trust The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® Let our packing experts do the job for you so your items arrive safely and intact We are trained in advanced pac... 
Questions about VPI Turntables and rotational speed
I believe what you are experiencing and measuring is the uneven distribution of mass around the axis of rotation caused by putting an iphone on a balanced platter.   
Outer ring - who uses and what are your findings
@invictus, if you are referring to the SME Type 20 collet clamp, it does not flatten poorly warped records as proven numerous times by my friend who owns a SME 20 with said clamp. BTW, bowed shaped records are merely a small sub set of warped reco...