Johnny Cash -- American II?

Call me slow, but I finally got around to listening to Johnny Cash's American III (don't ask why I started with III). It was enough to convince me to pick up the other ones, but... Am I missing something? I see "American Recordings" (presumably American I) and "American IV: The Man Comes Around," but where's II? Given the choice between searching around through the six billion Johnny Cash releases, and the fact that nothing else seems to come up searching for "cash and american" on amazon, can anyone point me in the right direction?
Cash's releases, in order, on the American label are:

1. Cash: American Recordings
2. Cash: Unchained
3. Cash: American III: Solitary Man
4. American IV: The Man Comes Around
5. Cash Unearthed

And then one release with Willie Nelson:

Cash/Nelson: VH1 StoryTellers

Regards, Rich
Thank you, thank you. Knew this was the place to go.
I own all the CDs except the Cash/Nelson and they are exceptional. The Man in Black could hold his own with anyone. The new box set, provides excellent reading and insight into this music with 5 state of the art (for Rubin/Cash) recordings.
I agree with Sgr, "Unearthed" is outstanding! Just purchased it last week and have played it everyday since.
Cash Unearthed box set available at Sam's Club,smokin' deal