This is pretty funny and probably true for most of us


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Absolutely true, and very funny!


you can always have a custom coffin built to accommodate your gear!

That is the way I will be going out...
Even my wife laughed at this ... and she knows how much my stuff costs. :)
Than is funny! As i am not looking to make major changes in my system I am just hoping to outlive most of it's value.
LOL!!!  Lying always catches up bro!  But I am a firm believer in always telling the truth unless a lie works better!
So you left off a "0" after the price, what's "0", nothing. Right?
"0" = zero
My wife never asked how much my audio system cost but after acquiring  most of the components she decided she could have a major item as well and purchased a very expensive mountain bike. Needless to say, I didn't complain!
let me know when you guys plan on kicking the bucket so I can swoop in and take it all off your wifes hands!  I can even shed a tear or two while doing that for you!

Happy Lisening!

I've got just the thing. Bose surround sound coffin system. Tuned for your sized eternal resting place and continuously plays your favorite music. You'll never tire of it. 
tgrisham, sounds like a potential 'audiophile hell'...

First thing that would happen is your spirit/ghost decides on an upgrade.

Second, a potential 'system glitch';  something 'skips', a 'locking groove', 'stutters', 'hummmmm', power your terror, it may await you.

Third, warranty coverage.  I don't know of any techs that make 'house calls' to crypts....and who might make that call for service, anyway.  I can hear That Call already, and the response on the other end of the call...

"You want us to do What?!"

It's like getting parts for the flying saucer in my garage....the parts are cheap, but the shipping is literally out of this world...;)
My wife knows what everything costs and she doesn't care as long as i enjoy it which i do.
I usually tell my wife the real price of gear I take down to the Man Cave. But... I always have the total for my wife’s non-essential spending for the most recent quarter on hand. She is a sport-shopper, spending thousands on stuff we don’t need, because, you know, it was ON SALE! So, when she asks how much that new DAC costs, I tell her, "less than you spent at Kohl’s for the last three months." Boom. That’s the end of that conversation.
A customer of mine, who had a vintage Ferarri in the garage, was not shy at all about spending money on audio stuff. He mentioned that whenever his wife asked how much such and such cost he would tell her the cost but without the last zero. She still complained bitterly.

Okay, this was funny.
My Dunlavy SC-Vs are coffin size already!
very funny brauser, by the way,  is the second one a spare? 
minorl, yeah, 'gallows humour' can only go so far......;)

That is too funny!!
LMFAO!  Fits perfectly.  I always start stupid low but end up coming clean eventually......she came with me to THE SHOW in Newport....completely yanked my covers.   I still find it more prudent to "seek forgiveness rather than permission".  She has a rough time with the cable thing.....has cost me a lot of high end purses and shoes. :)
As long as a big heavy box leaves before another big heavy box shows up, she doesn't seem to care...  

Don't ask, don't tell survives.
A lot of stuff may be on the market soon.  I went to a demo event in Denver at ListenUp last night.  It had to be 99% male and the average age had to be ......well old.  Audiophile types are old dudes.
Well my girlfriend would definitely sell my stuff. Main complaint: takes too much space.


Better put in a will for my son :) 
Funny thing (kind of)

My preamp/amp are from dead audiophiles 1st owners

Funny and true. Two nights ago my wife asked me at dinner "what am I going to do with all your stereo stuff when you die?"

I promised I'd put price tags on everything the next time I get a cold.
I have 2 kids and they are NOT interested. iPhones! Yech.
You mean we can't take it with us?!?!

I love posts like this.  What a hoot. 
If you can't come clean with how much your system really costs, (and lots of us can't really divulge that information), write a note, seal the envelope and tell your wife - upon my death, please open this envelope.  That way if she ever sells, she won't get ripped off.....

Funny, when I was married, I had to sneak my new gear into the house and set it up in the man cave when she wasn't around.  Once it was in my system, she never seemed to notice what had changed.  Now, my new girlfriend likes my hobby and is happy when I get new gear.  What a gal!
Does she have any sisters
Very funny, though true in many cases.

My wife and I have a "Do not ask, Do not tell" policy when it comes to our discretionary spending.
She has never asked what anything I buy costs, and I feel no compulsion to bring it up.
I do likewise with her "toys" of course.
She may occasionally bemoan the aesthetics of some of my purchases (WAF), but money is a non-issue.

Hopefully I get some time to "get my affairs in order". At least long enough to tell my sons to Google 'Hifishark', find the value, and sell it. If not, so be it.

I have seen many times where the woman would just haul the whole rig to a used audio store and get 5 cents on the dollar for the value.
They are still happy, the fellow is still dead. So I suppose it makes no difference.
@68pete , you will notice that lou_setriodes said "new girlfriend", not "wife".

I think most fellas will find girlfriends much more accommodating, in many ways, than wives.
Girlfriends still follow the 'what's your is yours' mantra, whereas many wives change over to the "what's mine is mine; what's yours is mine" mantra. ;^)
My daughter is a professional musician.
She'll probably inherit mine. 
I miss "don't ask, don't tell."  :-)
All of the above married girls too young. when you were 20 get a 30 year old. gone by now along with your hearing. then get some arm candy with all your dough. case closed.  
This is hilarious!  But on the female side, my daughter has been told to look up the cost of my system if anything happens to me.  To my husband's credit, I think he might continue to enjoy the system if I die before him.  He doesn't know the exact prices I paid, but he appreciates the quality of what he hears.  Only thing is, I'd better leave instructions how to use everything (though I think my oldest son could help him figure it out).
Put everything in a spreadsheet and give it to your attorney or accountant. No will, shame on you. Best $500-$1,000 you will spend, other than maybe a Nordost PC.

Funny thread.  I've seen a couple of funny things in this regard.  One time, when I visited a local store, I overheard an elderly gentleman talking with the store owner about making a fake invoice for the purchase.  I proceeded past the pair into a listening room where an elderly woman was listening to the music.  We struck up a conversation and she informed me that, at this moment, her husband was trying to get a fake invoice that he planned to present to her.  She said that explained that her husband feels guilty about buying expensive gear so she plays dumb because he worked so hard all his life and she wants him to indulge in his hobby.

I know another couple whose husband has a top end Naim system.  What he particularly likes about the Naim gear is that from bottom to top of the line, the stuff looks the same.  As he "replaced" gear moving up the line, his wife would have no idea as long as he moved into the system when she was not at home.

Life can play cruel tricks on us. For many of us, by the time we die the system may actually be worth what we told our wives it cost. Perhaps worse than this is my wife -and her new boyfriend- listening to my dam system that took me years to perfect.