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Help with Marantz NR1510
Yeah thats what we did.  tried the assignable analog in section. Figured it has to be a setting in the configuration.   
Moving on from Parasound P5 Dac or Preamp
For separate DACS Have a look at: Bryston BDA 3 Benchmark Dac 3 over on tmraudio wyred4sound v2v    
M1200 PS Audio
M1200 PS Audio
might shed a bit more light https://www.stereophile.com/content/ps-audio-stellar-m1200-monoblock-power-amplifier  
Best Direction/Product Combo DAC/Streamer
Moon Ace might do it.  
PS Audio S300 amplifier- tube preamplifier recommendation
Yet another note: As other peeps on here have said and I concur The IcePower units (S300) sound much better after being on for about 48 hours.   
New Class D amplifiers
If I am not mistaken the IceEdge module is of IcePower.     
New Class D amplifiers
PS Audio has Ice power Class D monoblocks. S1200 and 700 models Rogue Audio has a Hybrid Tube/class D integrated.   
Streaming Services
Just realized I did not put the link in to the ROON overview.   Again, that classical overview starts around the 4:30 mark.    
Streaming Services
Phase I: what  @lalitk says. Phase II: what @testrun says about Roon.     Here is Roon overview.  Advance to around the 4:30 mark to see how it manages classical music.   
Integrated amp recommendation
Musical Fidelity over on TMR for $1k and a Cyrus for $1.2k  
PS Audio S300 amplifier- tube preamplifier recommendation
The other thing you might consider is , if you go for the Rogue, is getting the serial number from seller and asking rogue if the number has the upgraded front PCB. Early models like mine had the volume control issues and they upgraded the board i... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
My speakers are about the only thing exposed most everything else enclosed (sans pre on top and TT).  GFs tribe here for xmas and was nervous ++.   I moved them back closer to the wall and I think my GF warned her outfit of my sensitivity.  Everyo... 
DEEZER data breach
Based in Paris been around as long as Spotify and Qobuz.  Had a exclusive license with Sonos initially as one of the first to stream CD quality to Sonos.   
PS Audio S300 amplifier- tube preamplifier recommendation
I have posted this on here many times.  I ran a Rogue RP-1 with Mullards and the S300 for years with happiness.  Only reason I sold it was I got a good deal on a QUAD Artera amplifier and wanted to try that.   I just contacted Rogue a couple weeks...