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Why No Love For Peachtree Audio?
what @simao said. I had the iDAC, great little piece. I sold it to one of my buddies and he still tells me how much he likes it. Some great deals on their amps on the used market. 
Focal Aria 936 compared to Legacy Signature III
I like my Focal 926 with a Tubed Pre and Ps Audio Amp , I compared them to Quad ribbon tweeter  and Sonus Faber (Sonetto III maybe)  and stuck with the Focals. Although I did like to the Qauds very much , S3 I believe. Would love to have 2nd pair ... 
MM Phono preamp under $200 Recommendations
I got a NAD I will sell yah 
Best Server To Run Roon Core
+1 on the SGC ST.  I run one without any storage.  Tidy maintenance free little package.You could start out like many do and  run a Roon trial on a PC/Mac.  Then  Its easy to move the core to another machine. 
Question on Streamer/Dac and Roon
+1 on the SGC Sonic Transport. I moved off a Mac Mini to that and have been purdy happy.   I am a believer now in getting the Roon Core onto a dedicated music server device.You could do this combo for fairly cost effective Roon server,endpoint.htt... 
Searching for a Integrated Amp under $2K
I demoed this in my system and its a good amp for $1.8khttps://listenup.com/hegel-rost-integrated-amplifier-w-dac-white.html 
preamp and dac volume
I tested both ways.  Got to turn the DAC only up to about 33 to get the same level as the pre turned up to about 22 & DAC at 88.  DAC only sounds a little more analytic than with the tube pre in the mix.  I like the sound of John McGaughlin's ... 
preamp and dac volume
DUHStrait from the Wadia 321 owners manual:" Volume LevelTo change the Volume Level of the Wadia 321, press the Front Panel VOLume + Push-button to increase the Volume or the VOLume - Push-button to decrease the Volume. The Volume Level may also b... 
preamp and dac volume
I got vinyl source as well. The DAC is a Wadia 321 , Made by Mcintosh group at the time and very similar to the D100. 
preamp and dac volume
I have done that before.  As  a matter of fact I can go balanced in that config.    I got the Pre in there cause it's got a decent phono stage and Mullard Tubes.  I give it a try over next couple days and get back here.  
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
These mono blocks are right at $6K and I am sure they will take the Mac in on trade.  In home audition for a couple weeks I believe. They gave me good money for an old Rotel amp when I bought my Steller 300. Interesting custom ICe Edge/ Tube hybri... 
Colapse to Hegel
Yeah in the end I decided to keep my current setup. Save my coin for a dedicated amp. 
Looking for a tube Preamp new or used for under $2000...
I have a Rogue RP-1 and likes it.   Stock tubes crapped out after a few years but I put in some Mullards that sound nice.  The guys at Rogue are good as well, always answer the phone and up for a chat. Phono stage is well regarded.  Only knock is ... 
Killer used integrated for
Look on ebay and craigs for older Peachtree and Rotel.   Like thishttps://www.ebay.com/itm/Peachtree-Audio-iDecco-Integrated-Amplifier-w-iPod-dock-Black-Used/27455114... 
Worth it to add streamer to Hegel H390
I dont have any experience with it but the the Simaudio Moon 280D is a nice looking unit. Has all the farkle covered. DSD,PCM,Tidal,Qobuz,MQA, and Roon Ready. Might do some investigation on its merits.   Its comes in at about $3.5K, leaves a coupl...