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Another person going digital and full of questions
Lots of good stuff out there for that Budget. The Lumin U2 mini I am sure will be suggested at $2.5K The Moon Mind 2 is proly in the same class as the Lumin for $2.5K Saves cash to put toward a new DAC. If your open to used that opens the Door... 
To Roon or not to Roon?
Little clip of the iPAD functioning as the Roon controller and Endpoint. Qobuz-->RoonCore--iPAD-USB-24/192-->DAC-->AudioEngine   https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8yls87g0358a7u/IMG_5190.MOV?dl=0    
To Roon or not to Roon?
I tried Roon on my MAC Mini  as a trial.  Didn't like the setup with all the MAC updates and the flaky behavior of my old Mac Mini (slow).  I work with DB servers as a living and have affinity for dedicated hardware.  So I jumped in with both feet... 
Streamer Recommendation
Used BDP-2 goes for around $1.5K.  I have seen used BDP-2 with the upgraded board for $1.7K.  Later you could set up Roon and use the BDP as an endpoint.   
Bryston Bda3 vs 3.14 Streamer
What streaming service you got? Manic Moose only supports Tidal and Qobuz but a bunch of internet radio. Any locally stored files or interest in that? Any interest in playing CDs or ripping them to storage.  Any interest in exploring ROON?  
New Transformer
I live in a 60 year old mid century home with the power line running down behind all the houses on the block.  I have always been amazed at how reliable our power has been the 25 years I have lived here.   But over the last 12 months we would hear... 
Turntable noobie...what advice do you have?
Okay, so what all would you recommend for someone just getting into this hobby? Bail, and spend your money on dialing in a digital setup and a music service before you waste good money on crappy recordings and overpriced new releases.      
Streamer on Office WiFi?
This day and age , at  my company , bringing up a personal device on a corporate  network is a huge no.  Even plugging in a USB device to a laptop is grounds for disciplinary action.   Threat vectors abound.      
RIP Touch
@mahler123 The point with the touch is having access to a vast library that you check out to a mobile device with the ability to quickly and simply change it then take it offline. It works with iOS, I have tested it on my iPAD and iPhone, see li... 
Best free Apps for music....
Radio Paradise   Public so if you listen to it fund it  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
How is the PS Audio Gear? I had S300 for several years.  Sounded great.  Ran cool and powerful for a $1.5K amp. Not ever a problem.   Only sold it to try class A/B as I had always ran D.  Might try the mono blocks someday.  https://www.stere... 
Competitive class D amp suggestions
PS Audio is now having a sale on all their class D amps.    Pickup a couple M700 mono blocks for little over $2K.   
How do you make a final decision on a DAC
You might take a look at the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.   Its FPGA based and they have a purdy good reputation for service.  They used to have a try and buy (satisfaction guarantee) and  I  think they will take existing equipment on trade if your... 
Getting lossless Apple Music to my dac
Should be able to use this I am actually doing it now as I type. QobuzApp->.Lightingportdigitalcameraadapter->USB-A-USB-B-cable-->DAC   https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7t5u4f28f82jt3/IMG_5088%20Medium.jpeg?dl=0 Movie https://www.dr... 
Where/how to start?
Here is a little movie of the Qobuz app on my ipad connected directly to my DAC via the adapter and USB.  you can see the 96K on the DAC display.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/gs5s6q50x5jopy3/IMG_5089.MOV?dl=0