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Jay's "Ugly Truth" video
If you have an expensive system, well that's awesome. The real question is what do you do with it?  Does the music that you play uplift the spirit? Is it played at volume levels that others in the house are comfortable with? Do you get other famil... 
What is the science behind audiophile fuses?
Well, I have not auditioned or replaced any fuses in any of my systems. I have, however, tried and attest to the positive effects of many of the high-end tweaks out there including some of the products from Synergistic Research. As such, why would... 
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Dunlavy(s)...just get it done no matter what the change of electronics, tweaks or anything else that have come down the line. I feel fortunate to have made the connection many years ago and have not looked back.   
Has Your Hobby Changed?
@ boxcarman Streaming has basically changed everything both for audio and video. Qobuz has been awesome and Netflix, Paramount Plus ...gets it done 'pretty well' on the video side. I've been in and out of retirement for the last 15 years, but fin... 
How rare is an audiophile
An associated question might be, how rare is an Audiophile who is also a Videophile? I was intrigued/invested as an Audiophile long before incorporating video in the mix. The custom home that we now live in has both an optimized audio room and a s... 
The difference between Qoboz stream vs purchased songs
Streaming on Oubuz can be totally awesome. From what I can tell it is the equal of any other source. Maybe I'm cheap but having to own stuff rather than accessing it from the cloud is basically like throwing money away. If there was a true quality... 
Audio Research equipment for sale.
I had a full complement of Audio Research gear a few years ago. Sounded great but felt that there were other options which were their performance equals at much better price points. Also, just the size of the Audio Research gear was challenging to... 
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
Make the aesthetics of the system a beautiful part of the home. Get her involved in auditioning new music. Let her choose the next live concert. Get her opinion on new 30-day loaners as to whether you keep the item or not.  Chances are that if yo... 
Looking for advice, recommendations
Before making changes, I would recommend Synergistic Research products which will make vast improvements to your equipment and room. It might sound so good that you don't need to make any equipment upgrades.  
Audio Research in Receivership.
For so long the Gold Standard. Very sad. Hope they pull through.  
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
The profit margin for high end American Cables must be astronomical. I went for  Nordost and Kharma cables from AliExpress and the results are truly amazing. Are the American cables better? I honestly don't care. All I know is that paying thousan... 
Songs with excellent advice?
Most recently: Toby Mac - Life after Death  
Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?
Thorstein Veblen coined the concepts of 'conspicuous consumption'. Look him up. His theories read like a copy of Absolute Sound.  
Making speakers “disappear”…..
Whatever your decision, I would pull in some HFTs from Synergistic Research. I've been playing with these the last several days and it changes the equation on what you can achieve and where you want to place your speakers.  
The best part about MQA bankruptcy..
Tidal vs Qobuz on my system:    Qobuz🏅